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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Thursday 16/12/10

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what you guys think?
Wednesday 15/12/10

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English Pachenkov - last answer from Pachenkov, Wednesday 15/12/2010, 13:16.
I would like to suggest UR developer to keep the NO SOA week for ELO. As proven by last week, it did boosts creativity and increases gameplay difficulty. It is nice to finally see the usage of so many different cards with variety of abilities being used.

so,i would like to start a petition on maintaining the 'NO SOA WEEK for ELO' executed of once a month interval. Post here if u agree.
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English Chiyeung.Lau - last answer from mhoward_LoA, Wednesday 15/12/2010, 07:49.
What is a competitive Elo deck for 50-55k
is it possible to break 1300+ with such a deck, i know its not only the deck but also the player.
what clans would be suggested, or are there any suggested presets
Tuesday 14/12/10

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English xNipple - subject is closed
I need help building this deck for elo, and its the last few cards i need help with:
Wakai **
Eris *****
Petra ****
Na Boh **
Ohshitsune ****
Azgroth/Glorg? **** (maybe a 3* here and a 3* instead of one of the 2*'s?)
??? **
??? **
PM me please
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English xNipple - subject is closed
Heres my new Sakrohm and Nightmare elo deck. It uses some of the clans major staples!
--Intergalactic Doom--
R+C. Also, can anyone try it out so i know if its any gud, cos i cant play for the next day or so, thanks

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Cops and (Bang)ers

I would explain a little bit, but if you go to the preset, you'll see what's up. Comment, rate honestly, and if you're interested in working with someone like nemisis9876NA, get in touch with him... he's one of my favorite deck designers that I've seen in the game.
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English AC DarkStar - last answer from Bigogre, Tuesday 14/12/2010, 01:05.
I have a Wardom and Miss Twice Cr
But i don't know which to use
Monday 13/12/10

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This is my new type elo La Junta deck i think there is just something that is not right i ususally do quite good but with this deck i just cant do any good

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English jviper360 - last answer from redeemeraz, Monday 13/12/2010, 17:56.
I had a Rescue deck, but I find them pretty vulnerable to Piranas, Montana, and Nightmare. But I hedged against SOB with Kerry, and Sledge. Now with Elvira, Kerry, and Sledge banned, I think Piranas will destroy my Rescue deck. Do you think that Rescue is playable this week?
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English Chiyeung.Lau - last answer from Viser LoA, Monday 13/12/2010, 06:15.

Do you think a deck like this would do well in Elo? What would your strategies be for this deck? I am currently 41/51 with this deck , but i feel like i don't know how to use it as well yet.

Is this deck better than Rescue? I was planning to make a Rescue deck involving Glosh incase Uppers get banned or Vortex gets banned. Which clan do you think is better?
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Deutsch ht86 - last answer from progheal, Monday 13/12/2010, 03:48.
Well I guess Copper and Rolph are so good they got DOUBLE banned this week. Did anyone else notice?
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English Riqochaii - last answer from Bigogre, Monday 13/12/2010, 03:01.
I need help fixing this deck because I feel like its missing something I only have 10k to spend atm
Heres the deck

Pan 3*
Orlok 3*
Ielena 5*
Mawpin 2*
Eadh 2*
Dieter 3*
Nerfeniti 3*
Sargh 3*

24* deck
Sunday 12/12/10

Saturday 11/12/10

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English AC DarkStar - last answer from MABanator, Saturday 11/12/2010, 19:12.
2* - Arkn, Elke, Ludmilla, Morlha or Z3r0 D34d - 2 of these
3* - Luba, Darth, Dolly, Astrid, Mini Mund or Strynge - 3 of these
4* - Methane, Draheera, Nina or Dr Saw - 2 of these
5* - Wardom, Miss Twice Cr, Vladimir - 1 of these
For the five star, I could also put in any Leader up to Eyrik
Sold My Ambre
I also haven't involved any of the ELO banned cards
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Got me to 1300 in 46 games!
Friday 10/12/10

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English UM_ralph4ever - last answer from subclavianHoA, Friday 10/12/2010, 16:41.
What clans do you normally excel in using at elo?
Which clans do you normally have trouble with?

I'm kind of undecided as to which clan(s) to use in elo. I want something with a good success rate since I dont want to invest my clintz into something that's not so good. Answering the questions above will not only help me, but also other people who read the topic.
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English ChaosTheoryUltr - last answer from KitsuneKatsumi, Friday 10/12/2010, 12:10.
Was just wondering, I have been creating half decks, but would like to go to a full Skeelz deck for Elo. Was wondering for one if this was a good idea to begin with (or if not where would it fit into better, t1, t2 ect ect) and two, who to use for this deck. General stratgies would also be appreciated. Thanks.
Wednesday 08/12/10

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English ShazamFTW - last answer from ShazamFTW, Wednesday 08/12/2010, 07:24.
Reading up on ELO and what not, one thing I overlooked was the potential of underleveled cards (i.e. Level 1 Wanda, etc.)

Do characters level up when playing ELO? If they do, how do people deal with that? Do they just stock up with like 100 Level 1 Wandas and just swap out every time? That seems insane...
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Continue to find new ideas for under-rate clans.
Focused on selecting and combining the best cards from Ulu Watu for Elo.
High power, high damage with Janice to balance up SOA weakness.


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