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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Monday 20/12/10

2 messages
English rogueSleipnir - last answer from UM-omom, Monday 20/12/2010, 15:51.
Is the ELO penalty the same when you lose a player or forfeit the match?
or does it fall a fixed value on a forfeit?
3 messages
English Felujera - last answer from Lunien, Monday 20/12/2010, 09:40.

any improvements i can make to the deck or any suggestions?
1 message
I used this deck for this week, so far so good.

12:24 Elo you beat malutiger, (6-0): 1076 ELO
12:19 Elo you beat nahuelmanda, Los Exiliados (9-0): 1061 ELO
12:15 Elo you beat Dalek Ld II, Basically Amazing (5-0): 1046 ELO
12:09 Elo you beat necoheart (6-1): 1032 ELO
12:05 Elo you drew with faya78, School furious and fun (4-4): 1016 ELO
12:01 Elo you won by timeout against zorro1337 (12-6): 1016 ELO
Sunday 19/12/10

8 messages
English (UE)Daddy - last answer from xNipple, Sunday 19/12/2010, 21:01.
Hi all. I decided to give ELO deck-building a shot, and as I'm still wandering my way through the Bangers missions I further decided to give them a try. What does everyone think about this?

B Ball

If I'm thinking this through correctly, this SHOULD help to stop some of the Uppers/Montana clan bonuses I seem to encouter every other game. Further, I'm half-tempted to swap out Saddy for Kreenk Ld (7/2, dam=opp dam, pow +2), but I'm not sure. (I'm going to avoid the whole "Legendary cards suck!/Legendary cards rule!" debate, and just say that I see possibilities with the card.)

So what does everyone think? Comments are very welcome.
11 messages
English sorgster - last answer from Captian D Ark, Sunday 19/12/2010, 18:17.
I recently created a Freaks elo deck. I am not sure if it is good or not. The army is:
Olga Noel

Is poison stackable? In the only match so far I played with this army I won the first match with Esmeralda, the second with Hula, and lost the third with Piotr, and won the fourth with Olga Noel. The poison did only 2 damage on the third and the last turn. It turned from 7 health to 5 at the end of the fourth turn.
1 message

can u R&C what do i need, to get ELO grow faster!
Saturday 18/12/10

3 messages
English Shakz_95 - last answer from Shakz_95, Saturday 18/12/2010, 21:42.
I tried thinking outside the box when creating this deck here the link


ive replaced Yookie with Burt for now cause his banned and still managed to get 1300 elo pts
what do you think about the deck is it good can i make it even better somehow

will appreciate the advice
6 messages
English BritRivalry - last answer from vexedvox, Saturday 18/12/2010, 21:18.
Question says it all and I was away since September.
I heard there were major changes in ELO and any huge shifts in the clans being used in ELO as a result?
6 messages
English sunbunman - last answer from Lunien, Saturday 18/12/2010, 19:12.
Basically runnin pill manip (duh) and some 2hko with Katan whenever i can, just not passing 1250


I'm pretty fond of Dalhia/Hawkins combo every1 else is up for deabate
4 messages
English Pachenkov - last answer from Pachenkov, Saturday 18/12/2010, 17:25.
It is proven by my record. i just reached 1300 first time today using this deck. Check my stats for evidence.
Rate it good guys. It is a mono Bangers deck whenever blaaster is banned.

2 messages
English EZwinningS2N - last answer from UM_Fox, Saturday 18/12/2010, 16:58.
Just makin decks 4 fun deleted
1 message
Can anyone suggest any changes with this deck?
Belgosi SUCKS
thanks in advance!
5 messages
English calvin_0 - last answer from calvin_0, Saturday 18/12/2010, 11:08.
Here is my deck. (i used to use Montana but i decide to switch to Nightmare because i finish most of the Montana mission, and its alot hard to get used to without -12 bonuses)

5* Nistarok
4* Azgroth
4* Azel 4* Oshitsune (if not ban)
3* Pan
3* Sargh
2* Phyllis
2* Mawpin
2* Eadh

i dont have Glorg.

i put Oshitsune because he is what normally people ask me to put in, but i have no experience of using him. how do people normally use Oshitsune? i mean how do you pill him.

i also used to use Kenny instead of Azel, but i found Kenny is alot harder to win compare to Azel, maybe i dont know how to use him wisely.

any advice and deck fix is welcome, thanks.
Friday 17/12/10

4 messages
English death knightx - last answer from amgtheblaze, Friday 17/12/2010, 23:47.
15:03 Elo you almost won against Skrachmo Wax, Western Atlantic Subterfuge (4-5): 995 ELO
15:03 Elo you almost won against Skrachmo Wax, Western Atlantic Subterfuge (4-5): 1007 ELO

it counted my match twice and charged me twice
Thursday 16/12/10

2 messages
English CEO Rolfe - last answer from neo_08ms, Thursday 16/12/2010, 10:32.
I have reasonably good junks/Bangers deck i get around 1200-1300 and never pass 1300 and i always get beaten by slightness like 1 pill or same attack but stars
2 messages
English rogueSleipnir - last answer from rogueSleipnir, Thursday 16/12/2010, 08:42.
Brothers in Blood

theme deck, but still playable i guess.
rate up! thanks
1 message

what you guys think?
Wednesday 15/12/10

20 messages
English Pachenkov - last answer from Pachenkov, Wednesday 15/12/2010, 13:16.
I would like to suggest UR developer to keep the NO SOA week for ELO. As proven by last week, it did boosts creativity and increases gameplay difficulty. It is nice to finally see the usage of so many different cards with variety of abilities being used.

so,i would like to start a petition on maintaining the 'NO SOA WEEK for ELO' executed of once a month interval. Post here if u agree.
5 messages
English Chiyeung.Lau - last answer from mhoward_LoA, Wednesday 15/12/2010, 07:49.
What is a competitive Elo deck for 50-55k
is it possible to break 1300+ with such a deck, i know its not only the deck but also the player.
what clans would be suggested, or are there any suggested presets

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