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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Saturday 06/11/10

14 messages
English TH_foxfire - last answer from Medivh, Saturday 06/11/2010, 16:21.
Juz askin to the experts if what clan dominates aas of this week?
i mean because of the certian bans on GHEIST and other "ELO" clans that is commonly used by people?
23 messages
English redeemeraz - last answer from cnetboss, Saturday 06/11/2010, 10:59.
First of, these comments are strictly my own opinions. I have been playing Rescue since I started UR. I do not claim to be an expert, but I do believe I can evaluate cards reliably, as most of my decks seem to do quiet well. Rescue as a whole has a lot of very solid cards. I rated the cards out of 5, but even the worst Rescue cards, I had difficulty giving them a 1/5 (I think only 2 cards)

Hopefully this can help both new people and experienced when trying to either play as or deal with Rescue:

5 Stars: Rescue has some great 5-stars, unfortunately they tend to get banned, requiring most to depend on the average 5 starts.

1. Cliff: The best Rescue card bar none. SoA is the best ability in this game, and add it with an 8 damage, that’s huge! 8 damage that can ignore all damage reduction (barring Pussycats) (5/5)

2. Sledge: Sledge barely looses out to Cliff. Sledge is a rock solid card that can handle SoA or SoB without flinching and dish out the damage (5/5)

3. Aurora: Great power, great separation (5 damage + 3 life for a separation of Very solid 5* when Cliff/Sledge are banned. Solid card. (4/5)

4. Hax: Great power when courage comes in, but very subpar damage, that with any DR makes it worthless for a

5 star. With the 3 cards above, Hax is useless. (2/5)

I will post the rest when the thread appears. Apparently there is a limit to how many characters I can have in a post.
5 messages
English ITs punchit - last answer from URHunter, Saturday 06/11/2010, 08:20.
3 messages
English Gene Genie - last answer from -DustStorm-, Saturday 06/11/2010, 06:02.
What do you get for someone quitting on you, i just got 9 pts cause someone quit on me. I think it's kind of funny considering i just lost 18 for losing a battle right before that. If someone quits do i get less pts for the win? I've never only got 9 pts for a win which is why i'm asking because that seems unfair for me, i know he gets penalized losing more pts but do i also get less pts for the win?
1 message

50% of a 2hit hand.
High power, high dmg and reasonably strong DR.

Pls rate up if you like it!
Friday 05/11/10

6 messages
Deutsch vapm - last answer from silencerX, Friday 05/11/2010, 02:14.
I just need something against SoA and SoB clans, cause its really hard to play against them.
but i also want an SoA staying in my team. maybe someon can help me (sry for my english)

Wednesday 03/11/10

1 message
Yeah , No 5 stars cards next week .

No 5 Stars Cards xD

plz rate if you like it and tell me if it has any change

thanks mod
Tuesday 02/11/10

2 messages
English jviper360 - last answer from jviper360, Tuesday 02/11/2010, 18:11.
I know almost nothing about Piranas, but I tried to make a half deck to go with ulu. What do you think?
1 message
Pussy Cat for Elo


Forming as many under-rated clan Elo deck as possible!

Pls rate if you like
1 message
21:55 Elo you lost against 0 mars, Boot Camp (1-7): 1128 ELO
21:55 Elo you lost against 0 mars, Boot Camp (1-7): 1139 ELO
:/ please fix.
1 message
Im making a Vortex Pirahnas deck and can't decide on a 5 star pirahna to use

Any suggestions
3 messages
English Nakedsquirrel - last answer from Nakedsquirrel, Tuesday 02/11/2010, 04:18.
I will be sporting
Rate and comment please

My new toy is part of the deck
Monday 01/11/10

7 messages
English beattz - subject is closed
Pls help me out, I barely have clintz. And all my cards are only under 500. Pls help by privately selling to "beattz" it would be greatly appreciated, thank you
4 messages
English wnbe - last answer from Overman Cr, Monday 01/11/2010, 03:32.
2 messages
English Divine_Light - subject is closed

feedback is always welcome
Sunday 31/10/10

1 message

Anything you'd change in this deck?
6 messages
English Gene Genie - last answer from Zincomega, Sunday 31/10/2010, 15:27.
Can someone tell me how the draws work....i've consistently drew 3 2* cards and one other card from my deck for 8 straight hands. Unlucky is not even the word for this, what is even worse is that my opponent always has at least 1 5* and 4* card, to say the least i have been getting over powered easily...this is just funny at this point.
2 messages
English nutzalmond - last answer from Vinyl-Scratch, Sunday 31/10/2010, 14:06.

Another preset of under-rated clan after my Freak preset.

Kinjo as 5 stars filler in view of coming week 08/11 elo ban.
Overall high power and att manipulation with the potential of 1 hit k.o.

Rate up if you like!

Saturday 30/10/10

2 messages
English infinity888 - last answer from Puddin Tame, Saturday 30/10/2010, 19:58.
I want to make a Freaks deck with Bridget I was wondering if some of you could help me figure out the best deck possible with this.

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