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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Tuesday 21/09/10

3 messages
Română -Razvan- - subject is closed
So I was thinking about this now
Ulu Watu: Nanook, Gaia, Janice, Lulabee/Stanly (he may be better because of the 2 hko with the other part of the deck)
Roots: Arno, Noodile, Yookie, Rico.
So.. opinions and changes

Thanks in advance
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Português All-GioYNWA - last answer from All-GioYNWA, Tuesday 21/09/2010, 11:46.
Is there even a pattern to what cards go into the election? Because last week Rolph was missing, and now both Morphun and Caelus are hanging around over there, even though they are staff banned.
3 messages
Română -Razvan- - subject is closed
I was thinking at something like this:
Dorian, Nellie, Wendel, Burt lv2
Lulabee, Gabrielle, Nanook, Taigo/Gaia lv2
I'd appreciate some opinions if this will work and how could it be better =)
Monday 20/09/10

2 messages
English DrTravelerLoA - last answer from bulbulita, Monday 20/09/2010, 06:02.
I'm thinking about trying out this deck for ELO this week:

Natural equilibre" target="_blank">http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_Natural equilibre

If the link doesn't work its:

Lou, Noodile, Rico, Gertjan, Nahi Cr, Jeena, Arno, Yookie

It doesn't have a lot for bad hands, but I am worried I'm going a bit overboard on the damage absorption. Yookie, Arno, and Jeena would be kinda rough as I'd have to win with Yookie and the 4th man.
2 messages
English bulbulita - last answer from swagmaster420, Monday 20/09/2010, 05:01.
5 messages
English Snowman LoA - last answer from DrTravelerLoA, Monday 20/09/2010, 02:43.
For elo whats the best
Sunday 19/09/10

21 messages
English Johnnae - last answer from Toxica, Sunday 19/09/2010, 21:59.
I feel really bad for them because any clan have their bonus eventhough i don''t use them so yeah what do you think people
7 messages
English PrairieStorm - last answer from Vinyl-Scratch, Sunday 19/09/2010, 21:16.
Could someone explain to me,about what exactly is Ello?
14 messages
IM _Miterman - last answer from swagmaster420, Sunday 19/09/2010, 07:15.
People think that just because there bonus is lower than Uppers that Sakrohm is bad
WRONG Sakrohm is so much better
Here is why
Half deck with Montana
Best elo with the deck :1259
Sigma is a win
Sigma is a must win so play her with about 5-7 pillz and spend the rest on life gainers
Tip 2
Octavia is not just a DR
Octavia is a soild 7/3,Don't forget that
Tip 3
Juatyu is common
Juatyu is a very common Elo card and people pill him about 3-6 so that makes himm a great bluff

Full Sakrohm
Tip 1
Nemestic is better than you thought
Nemestic is commonly played with 0 pillz so it's easy to get his 2 damage by using 1-2 pillz
Tip 2
Petra is deadly
Petra is a great card,so great people wil probly play 1 pill or 6 to beat her so if it's not necisary to win play about 4 pillz
Tip 3
Wakai is underatted
Wakai is a more of a attacker than Nenestic but People still play him with 0 pillz so play him with 2 and he will most likely win

Well thats all folk's
2 things we've leared
1:Sarkrohm is better than we thought
2: i just wrote 1213 words!!!

Your friendly neighborhood miterman
Saturday 18/09/10

6 messages
English Kantimplora - last answer from Six Nations, Saturday 18/09/2010, 20:18.
I mean, I want to get used to a specific deck, so I can develope all my skills (in case I had) with that particular cards. Too many changes with the deck (or with the clans) prevent me to take out the full potential of each card.
But I am not sure how to check that the bad results come for the weakness of the deck or for my lack of skills. Or, even, that the good results mean that the deck is good or just that I have had a lucky streak.

For example, the deck I'm trying now (a mono Pirana one) contains: Selma, Raeth, Andsom, Taljion, Tyd, Ulrich, Spcyee and Tula.

Thanks for your advice.
3 messages
English Myztyrio - last answer from Myztyrio, Saturday 18/09/2010, 20:14.
My new ELO deck, please help by rating up, and making fixes. It works very well:

5 messages
English PsyrenJ - last answer from bulbulita, Saturday 18/09/2010, 10:55.
I was curious to find out what your thoughts are now that the Cats have lost Wanda and Charlie?
Friday 17/09/10

6 messages
English bulbulita - last answer from Lunien, Friday 17/09/2010, 07:19.
I'm kinda confused with this deck. I want to replace Rubie with Oxen but I'll have 2 starters with -life and high minimum (Phyllis and Oxen).
1 message
Yes i know im going to get bitc*ed at for having 2 five stars but please help me make my deck better
Thanks in advance everyone
Thursday 16/09/10

3 messages
English GRIM D16 - last answer from redeemeraz, Thursday 16/09/2010, 18:51.
Just played 23 battles in a row, 16 hands I had a 3 star and three 2 star cards, hard to pull off a win when the opponent has at least one 5 star and one to two 4 star card on the draw.
All 7 other battles I got one 4 star and rest either 2 stars or a 3 star with two 2 stars.
Now I remember why I put four 4 stars in a deck instead of a 5 star card!
This isn't the first time this has happened to me, whenever I build a deck with a 5 star card in it, the 5 star comes up so rarely that I might as well build an all 2 star deck.
I think the UR gods hate me for some reason.
Always putting me up against 5,4,3,4 deck when mine is 2,2,2,3 or 2,3,2,3 . (balance?)
1 message
Ive seen comments about "Grats this is deck of the week" or some sort. Who decides the deck of the week, and where are these results posted?
1 message
Hi, i'am a new player (22) i have played this deck in DT whit some good result (top150 record 97), but i can't reach 1100 or more in ELO wath can i change?

the deck is : Eadh - Pan - Dieter - Sargh - Veronica - Ditha - Muze - Brittany
i want to change Charlie over Ditha and Yayoi over Veronica, do you have other suggestion how is deck?

sorry for the english

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