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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Wednesday 25/08/10

6 messages
English williebobo - last answer from DrTravelerLoA, Wednesday 25/08/2010, 17:42.
Having struggled coming up a new deck for this week's ELO. I finally find a solution that bring me back to top100 - Sol Hona! It is perfect in so many ways and I have never fought against anyone who also use it this week.

- 8 damage, can't ask for better
- Ability isn't situational
- Isn't too vulnerable to SOA
- Best of all, it is the ideal card against Ongh. Ongh needs 2 extra pills to beat Sol Hona, this 500 clintz will be the best investment you ever made!

I thought I would share this with you guys
12 messages
English wasteroftime - last answer from wasteroftime, Wednesday 25/08/2010, 12:45.
With the bans i believe making solid ELO decks has become cheaper than before. In this post i will go with reviews of most of the clans and their cheaper ELO playable cards. I`ll focus on half decks since they are more versatile and should be able to adjust to the weekly bans quite easily. For the sake of argument lets define cheaper as approximately 4000 clintz or less for a half deck. Which means you get a decent deck for around 8k

Bangers - Chlora, Loocio, Bball, Massiv

AllStars - Alexei, Stacey, Kang, Randy

FPC, LaJunta - currently a budget option is tough with the new popularity of this clan

Freaks - another tough one to play competitively on a budget, but a small support half deck can be pieced together using Hula Esmeralda, Harleen, Piotr, Olga Noel, and Mira --- the other half of your deck will have to provide most of the ooomph

GHEIST, Nightmare, Sentinels, Vortex - tough on a budget

Jungo - Mindy, Wendy, Radek, Pegh, and Askai are affordable options.

Junks - Gibson Dreen Veenyl Onik and Sentagon

Pussycats - Brittany, Muse, Noemi, Ella and even some of the big dangerous cats like Veronica and Jeyn can work. Svelthlana can step in a much cheaper filler than Gwen or Wanda

Roots - Amanie, Rico, Yookie, Noodile, Jeto, Miken Moose Jeena , Roots will be dancing around the bans for weeks to come. With no one card that makes them the powerhouse that they are, shutting them down completely in a particular week is hard to do.

Sakrohm - hard at this time but Murray Corrina Wakai Naboh and Jautya are all decent options

Skeelz - Mandred Greem Redra Deebler Zeke Clay Danae and Chwing are all good or decent cards... but their top cards have always been expensive. You`ll need a half deck that will pair up with them well

Ulu Watu - Nanook Stanley Janice George Kirk Taigo Lin Bee and 1 star Warren give you a few options with them

Uppers - Oxen Samantha Wendel Wayne Stark Frankie Hi Harold Glenn and Nellie should give you affordable options

Rescue - will have to dance around the bans... but i do believe 8000 clintz decks are possible, just dont expect to dominate

Well there you go, have a look at that selection of affordable ELO competitive cards, put some together, and win a bunch of games
Tuesday 24/08/10

9 messages
English Furyouss - last answer from PL_LP, Tuesday 24/08/2010, 14:58.

Is This Deck any Good in ELO coz i got to 1150 in 1-2 Hours

Comment Please
2 messages
English Furyouss - last answer from Signomi, Tuesday 24/08/2010, 13:41.
I Was Wonderin if this Skeelz Deck was any good in ELO


Rate and comment please!
9 messages
English Buckeye4 - last answer from Denouement, Tuesday 24/08/2010, 10:10.
Was wondering what other clans fit well with All Stars in a half deck for ELO? Or is it better to use them as a Mono deck?
1 message
Just like with my last ELO poll simply vote for what you think is the most played clan this week.

Link: http://poll.pollcode.com/lUij

You can vote on the poll once a day and you can see the results here:


This week? I haven't a clue to be fair. I played 3 games this week (failed...) all against Vortex hands (considering Dagg is gone...).

maybe Piranas but I need to play for ELO to know truly...
13 messages
English calvin_0 - last answer from Wombatz, Tuesday 24/08/2010, 01:27.
I play Elo to stay away from CR, i couldnt be more wrong as today i get trash by Kerozinn Cr by some lv.70+ player. that 8/8 -1 opp power is really depressing. I almost want to DCed when i saw that card T_T
Monday 23/08/10

4 messages
English lordorgg - last answer from Denouement, Monday 23/08/2010, 22:11.
I am torn between which 8th card to include in my deck, so I made a preset with both cards.

Do you like the version with Andsom (1.0) or the version with Ulrich (2.0) better?



Thanks for any help.
5 messages
English MABanator - last answer from URHunter, Monday 23/08/2010, 12:44.
I just can't decide im leaning towards Sharon but some ffed back would be nice
4 messages
English CHEEZlorde - last answer from CHEEZlorde, Monday 23/08/2010, 03:28.
This deck consists of: Bruce, Bryan, Naginata, Trish & Arno, Jeena, Jeto, Yookie

Sup every1 i just wanted some feedback on this deck, it does really well against other decks but i just have trouble with some decks like Piranas and All Stars. In the future ima switch Bruce to jane ramba.
Even some of advice on strategies when using these cards would be helpful
I pretty much just try to finish the match in 2 turns and reduce the opponents damage, a lot of the times bluffing with the La Junta cards work and just use Jeena or Yookie to finish it off.
Sunday 22/08/10

6 messages
English Cardz Ruler - last answer from Cardz Ruler, Sunday 22/08/2010, 18:48.
Please rate and comment on this deck: Stopping the Power
4 messages
English all41n14all - last answer from Fanta Pants, Sunday 22/08/2010, 03:28.
So i need to make an event elo deck thats 23*, must include 4 2*cards 2 3*cards 1 4*card and 1 5* card
i decided to make a La Junta/Bangers deck because of their good 2* cards.
The deck is Wardog, Dean, Emeth, Trish, Shogunn, B Ball, Loocio, and Graff.
Any advice, changes, etc.?
Saturday 21/08/10

7 messages
English y ddraig tywyl - subject is closed
On making an elo deck, i absolutely suck at it, i have 18k and i would prefer to play a mono deck that has good power and damage..... and one that ISN'T Montana, they're way too common to me if i use Montana i go against Montana, i use some other clan i only go against decks of them... ugh.... please someone help me :/...
2 messages
English Somedutch - last answer from yk-lyss, Saturday 21/08/2010, 22:06.
Been experimenting around with a Nightmare/Vortex combo, it's been a pretty fun deck so far, but what does everyone else think?

2 messages
English y ddraig tywyl - subject is closed
Do they make a good elo deck?, even without their staples?... seeing as the staples (which are mostly needed) were elo banned? :/...

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