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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Friday 06/08/10

8 messages
English Ardiyna - last answer from Jin Kisaragi, Friday 06/08/2010, 22:42.
I having a major elo loosing streak from 1300-1072 this is not fun what should i do i cant seem to win at elo anymore by the way i play Nightmare any suggestions please comment
Thursday 05/08/10

1 message
Unable to use the original ELO deck, I made two slight changes in response to the ELO bans.
Rate and comment!
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Z4KALW3 - last answer from DrTravelerLoA, Thursday 05/08/2010, 20:10.
Taljion's Slightly Lesser Targe

Highest I've been, and even though it's a lesser version of my previous build, the new ban system has worked in my favour it seems.
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Any suggestions would be appreciated
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English Ardiyna - last answer from deathbychips, Thursday 05/08/2010, 17:39.
There going to be some serious changes too elo as showned here http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=1524773

how would this effect your strategy i want to see your opinions below

well my opinion is i don't care it dint affect me anyways i can easily make a strong Skeelz/montanas and get 1300 with ease just look at this Redra , chiara , Tomas and Liam 12 stars Skeelz half deck with Mona , Ottavia , edd and Sharon 13 stars you cant tell me that deck is weak alot of people are getting pissed there just over reacting that will just force them too stop using mono and think of half deck options Fpc and Freaks still wont be usible i tried both of them it was nearly impossible to get too 1200 elo i kept pushing with no luck even mono Skeelz can get that high with ease and they dont even have a bonus Freaks are pretty solid thay just need a better 2 and 3 stars.

so my theory is montanas , Bangers , Nightmare and Skeelz and La Junta will dominate with there clans at there lowest the reign of GHEIST and Roots domination is over so players instead whining start building decks around the meta or play deathmatch Type 1 and dialy tournaments instead besides there more rewarding.

5 messages
English rogueSleipnir - last answer from Puddin Tame, Thursday 05/08/2010, 17:31.
It looks amazing though .

Chiara's Gambit.

Having heard of the new ELO rules, Chiara sneaks out onto GHEIST to help out her mom's friends.
Manfred also joins her, thinking it would be fun to cause some serious trouble.
Redra was sent by the headmaster to watch over the two...
10 messages
English Krahhl - last answer from Krahhl, Thursday 05/08/2010, 14:55.
My previous deck was
Arkn, Leviatonn, Methane, Bristone, Pan, Azgroth, Glorg, Phyllis
However, with the ban on Leviatonn and Bristone, I decided to replace them with Dolly and Luba. Are these the best cards to use? Possibly Z3r0 D34d and Anibal?

Should I forget GHEIST and go mono Nightmare? Something like the cards mentioned above and Mawpin, Azel, Dieter and Sargh? Though since I already have Glorg, Dieter may be limited in usefulness. Sargh also only has three damage. Should I drop one of them and add Nerfeniti for the DR? Or maybe take Eadh and replace Azel/Azgroth with a five star?

Please give feedback!
5 messages
English I Am Pain - last answer from Somedutch, Thursday 05/08/2010, 13:32.
I want to see who can find me the best Elo Format Deck...One that gives the top deck competition..or is a top deck

Because I have no idea what to use or what to make..I'm just a mess

I would appreciate it if they were posted in sticky form too!

Thanks a lot..
10 messages
English -sCapeg0d- - last answer from Somedutch, Thursday 05/08/2010, 01:34.
Tthis is my first ELO week after quite a while and this deck is particularly helping me well (guess all the chaos over the new ELO mode is profitable ).

The matches have been quite easy and straight-forward but lack of DRs make it very much vulnerable to La Junta Mono deck or any heavy damage dealers for that matter

rate and comment


PS: somebody please create a sticky for ELO deck ideas, ty
Wednesday 04/08/10

3 messages
English IM_Disizrey - last answer from IM _Miterman, Wednesday 04/08/2010, 21:58.
Can someone please help me on what to choose for my next deck that can fit 25 stars? If so please message me and I have alrdy used Fang Pi Clan Pirahnah and La Junta

Im thinking of Ulu Watu But I cant find a good combination to use in Ulu Watu
28 messages
English MABanator - last answer from Ardiyna, Wednesday 04/08/2010, 17:09.
15 messages
English peter1568 - last answer from Ardiyna, Wednesday 04/08/2010, 17:08.
The worst part of it all is that I just got Eklore yesterday and I was so excited, now i'm not. Now GHEIST is officially dead twice over cause they don't even have a chance of getting anyone through and i will say the same thing about the All Stars especially because of Jessie. Sakrohm was left relatively untouched, but still, OUCH.
1 message
They made my main ELO deck banned and the whole week I have been using everything then I finally realised the whole time I could've changed it slightly -
New School Bangers/Roots ELO
1 message
I used to have a really bad Junks/Montana deck that I made with my starting deck and 3000 Clintz. I was pretty nice and I was able to get to the 150ish position on DTs with some efford and 1150 ELO.

But then I decided to move up one level and bought some cards and made a Fang Pi Clang / Montana Deck that was absolutely useless with Linda / Chan / Kati / Windy Mor being the FPC half and Rosa / Sharon / Simon / Spiaghi being the Montana Half.

Now that Spiagh is banned, and this deck was even worse.

Now I had those ideas of deck and I would like to see if it was possible to someone more experienced to tell me witch combination would be better before i start to buy them.

The Freak Half: 13* for 6.5k

4* Grudj
2* Hula
4* Wolfgang
3* Olga

The ALL STAR half: 12* for 5.5k

4* Loma Noju
3* Robb
2* Stacey
3* Randy

The Montana half: 13* or 12* for 6.5k

4* Rosa
4* Edd
2* Prince Jr
For 13* = 3* Ottavia (to combine with All Stars)
For 12* = 2* Friccanaso (to combine with Freaks)

I have something around 15k to buy everything So I can buy any 8 cards of those to make a deck. But I can change for some other that you may sugest.

If you think I should use any other of combination, I`m open for suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
Tuesday 03/08/10

28 messages
Z4KALW3 - subject is closed
First we group all cards into tiers. Now don't bicker with me about who should be in which tier, this is literally just a quick example to show you what I mean:

GHEIST Tier 1 -
Rolph, Toro, Leviatonn

GHEIST Tier 2 -
Bristone, Methane, Wardom, Anibal, Z3r0 D34d, Arkn

GHEIST Tier 3 -
The rest.

Now, we simply add two new conditions to Elo deck building rules:

Your Deck can contain no more than 2 tier one cards.
Your Deck can contain no more than 4 tier two cards.


- All types of cards get used. No Longer will we simply see the same old from every clan.
- No mass bans need to happen.

- Potential disagreement about which tier each card should sit it.


Discuss, feedback, and so on...
2 messages
English Agito_King - last answer from Agito_King, Tuesday 03/08/2010, 14:38.
Here is an ELO deck I randomly came up with!
Post suggestions... and yeah I know, Hiki to Lulabee is a viable option (even if you have the money, Lulabee can sweep up any pesky bonuses)
Ulu Watu join the Circus!

If my hyperlinking is wrong,

Comment and Rate (Up)
5 messages
English epayne WMD - last answer from CB-SirElric, Tuesday 03/08/2010, 10:30.
When your opponent is aiming to hit a 2HKO always put a life manipulator and your opponent will always put all in on his second card....

9/10 people put 2 pillz on a decent two-star card, be clever, put 3 pillz on another card.

What are your trends/patterns you see when playing UR?
1 message

coments and green faces pls
Monday 02/08/10

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