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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Tuesday 20/07/10

2 messages
English v1p3rau - last answer from Zincomega, Tuesday 20/07/2010, 07:08.
Hey guys,
I've tried searching for this question but I can't find it. What's the link or page to the place where u go to vote for characters to be banned? Furthermore, how does this process actually work?

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English owButtacup Ld - last answer from LB_Un67, Tuesday 20/07/2010, 04:04.
I my current half deck for Roots is
Miken Moose

It was originally gonna be Lou to Amanie and Jeto to Rico, but then i decided i need the life gap. on the other hand, i needed a card with high damage so i thought i should change to lily. but i thought Lilly was to weak so i wanna know ur opinion. Should i go with Lily to counter power manip cards. Or have Amanie for the life gap?
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record of every single match w/ the deck is posted up. Specific card choices for this week. rate and comment!!!
Monday 19/07/10

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Česky Sharelock - last answer from Sharelock, Monday 19/07/2010, 21:53.
I wonder about this deck for Elo any way how to improve it?

Teams: Pussy / Nightmare
Main idea : reduce dmg to you + heal self to have more HP then opp. at the end of match
Healers : Kenny , Ditha , Cassio , Hel
dmg red : (pussy bonus) + Charlie , Nerfeniti
rest : Mawpin , Wanda

Atm I wanna have all with full stars but what about if I set Wanda or Charlie -1 star ( Wanda should be better becouse its only -1 dmg (Charlie -2dmg)) and change Hel to Pan.

Thanks for help with this try to build deck xP
3 messages
English Mozza_19 - last answer from Mozza_19, Monday 19/07/2010, 18:13.
Well i was wondering what clans to create my deck with! Currently im using Ulu and La Junta! But i also have a few decent Pang Fi cards. So could any one suggest which 2 i should use?
1 message
I just got my Tessa Cr, so i was wondering what goes well with them out of the following decks:
Sports Authority

Please rate and comment on these presets. good or bad
1 message
I just got my Tessa Cr, so i was wondering what goes well with them out of the following decks:
Sports Authority

Please rate and comment on these presets. good or bad
2 messages
English LetheanTears - last answer from LOA Zeus, Monday 19/07/2010, 17:55.
Tier wise. I can get 1300 extremely easily with Skeelz and can do it with most anything with Skeelz too. I never really tried to go past 1300 so I'm not too sure if I just know most strategies and tacts from 1300 and below or if I'm just good with them.

So here I am, what do you think of Skeelz in ELO?

P.S. - I'm mostly looking for opinions on them WITHOUT Caelus, it's obvious he makes them top tier.
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English calvin_0 - last answer from calvin_0, Monday 19/07/2010, 10:06.
So to tell the truth, i'm still quite new to UR, i didnt play much because i cant play most of the time, i find UR quite fun.

this is my deck.

Lv. 5 Avola
Lv. 4 Rosa
Lv. 3 Mona
Lv. 3 Sharon
Lv. 3 Ottavia
Lv. 3 Oscar
Lv. 2 Prince Jr
Lv. 2 Spiaghi

to tell the truth, i dont really know what my deck are capable, i just put them together because i just like some of the art (Avola, Rosa, Mona, Sharon and Ottavia). the rest are what people told me are "good" cards (Prince Jr, Spiaghi and Oscar).

the problem i always have is i have no idea what to do in round 1, i offen use Rosa with one pill, it work great in 15-20 rooms, people always put thier SOA or large amount of pill, but it doesnt work in Elo (maybe i'm facing better player?)

i also often let 2 rounds pass, work great with room 15-20, but its doesnt work in Elo because i always open myself to 2hit-ok, i learn that the hard way.

so can anyone give me some advice in opening (round 1 and 2) and bluffing (i have no idea what other potential bluff card that i can use other then Rosa), i know i can learn that by playing, but i just want some pointer to get started, I also have trouble facing other Montana, Upper, Sakrohm and Pill manipulation deck.


PS: i have Don and Edd in case i really have to do what most people told me too, swap Avola and Rosa for Don and Edd.
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English Jungo SR_OC - last answer from H zerOrez A, Monday 19/07/2010, 09:44.
2 messages
English Shakz_95 - last answer from owButtacup Ld, Monday 19/07/2010, 03:27.
Can anyone tell me how to use this deck properly deleted

1 message
Lol any suggestions?


My friend helped me on this one. I wanna see if i can find any space for more improvements.
Sunday 18/07/10

1 message
Ocean Vortex

I've wanted to find a deck that allows both Selma and Dalhia for some time now, but I've never found a half that either has the lower star card power and/or the synergy to make the deck an overall success.

With the new Vortex cards I've finally found just that.

4 x 2* may seem far too imba at first, but /look/ at those cards. If all are drawn the hand is still very powerful:

Hawkins, Tula, Cyb Lia, C Wing.

And then look at the most powerful:

Dalhia, Selma, Deea, Dagg.

Everything in between is extremely playable. And it'll be rare you don't draw one of the decks more powerful cards.
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Deutsch JeryBee - last answer from SoPunny-Zack, Sunday 18/07/2010, 22:11.

Elo is fun. either u draw Ghumbo or u dont. Ban him !

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English jojotehhead - last answer from Z4KALW3, Sunday 18/07/2010, 17:49.
With the new Vortex cards you can get a pretty supportive half deck for about 9-10 stars.
Cyb Lhia
C Wing
Any Level 3 or 4, with your best options being Deea, Sunder, or Dagg.
This leaves you with 15-16 to work with. If you pair it up with Piranas you could run something like this:
Just a thought...
2 messages
English Aimerd - last answer from all41n14all, Sunday 18/07/2010, 15:57.
Hi this is my first week doing elo and i consider myself a beginner in skill.

I hoverd aroun 1240-1280 for a while this week for around 30 games.

finally i got a small win streak going and got to 1305 i believe.
Should i push for 1400 to try and get a collector card or
should i just be happy with 10 credits from 1305 that im afraid i can lose by going under

is going to 1400 from 1300 really hard?
3 messages
English dada450 - last answer from LetheanTears, Sunday 18/07/2010, 09:20.
4 messages
English ExtremeDemon - last answer from GsomZoom, Sunday 18/07/2010, 06:31.
rate up and comment

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