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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Saturday 05/06/10

6 messages
Česky MrParan - subject is closed
There is written: "If you don't play ELO for a few days your ELO value will slowly go back to 1000" in rules. What does it mean "a few days"? Does it mean that it will decline after one, two or how many days? And how quickly does it return to 1000? Thank you.
11 messages
English Louie D - last answer from Winter Dark, Saturday 05/06/2010, 00:32.

Just wonder what you think.

Friday 04/06/10

1 message
Yeah wat u guys think of this?

Hate it? Love it? Want it?

Pls suggest

Thursday 03/06/10

12 messages
English TSmanateeater - last answer from Endracer, Thursday 03/06/2010, 06:17.
Hey i have 15,000 clintz that i want to spend on possibly a good mono deck but all suggestions are accepted, what do YOU guys think would be the best deck i can make with this amount of clintz possible. also can you give me a good strategy with the deck.
6 messages
English HippieStyles - last answer from 0 Anderson, Thursday 03/06/2010, 06:14.

i was wondering if anyone can help me. i want to make a poision / life gain deck....
Wednesday 02/06/10

4 messages
English Wispy - last answer from Z4KALW3, Wednesday 02/06/2010, 16:00.
I was thinking of making a deck of mono Piranas:

Smokey Cr
Tyd / Andsom
Selma / Dalhai

So i was wondering which cards should i use Tyd / Andsom and Selma / Dalhai (or others) and would it be effective?
6 messages
English On3- Zecueid - last answer from LoA-Heitah, Wednesday 02/06/2010, 04:16.
I finally got a Caelus. However I don't seem to be winning games with him. might be my deck problem. Can anyone recommend me decks that have gone 1300+ ELO points with Caekus? Mono / half decks? half decks with wat clan?

Thanks in advance.
4 messages
English 7Chanster - last answer from - Wiseman -, Wednesday 02/06/2010, 03:52.
As the title infers, i would like some help with making my Junkz deck. The cards i own are:

Tuesday 01/06/10

2 messages
English rogueSleipnir - last answer from SoPunny-Zack, Tuesday 01/06/2010, 17:51.
6 messages
English dada450 - last answer from SoPunny-Zack, Tuesday 01/06/2010, 17:43.
I need the best elo deck for 40k
1 message
English 0 3MiN3M - subject is closed

You can use Kang for Robb/Randy if you want it to counter Caelus.
Monday 31/05/10

5 messages
English Hellun - last answer from SoPunny-Zack, Monday 31/05/2010, 22:21.

just made this preset and im curious whut ya all think about it some changes maybe?
2 messages
English HippieStyles - last answer from SoPunny-Zack, Monday 31/05/2010, 22:20.

how can i improve pls comment and rate. keep in mind im a newb
2 messages
English Overmannus - last answer from Ravenmaniac, Monday 31/05/2010, 00:29.
This is a budget GHEIST + Piranha deck idea.


I would really appreciate any feedback from more experienced players.

I plan to replace Platinum with Z3r0 D34d(U) and Hawkins Noel(C) with Hawkins(U)
2 messages
English Mystic Ranger - subject is closed

Suggest Improvements......
1)Should i swap a Morphun somewhere
2)Should Toro be used?
3)Any other suggestions

I started this deck only this week....It got anyway 1300 in ELO....
Sunday 30/05/10

Saturday 29/05/10

3 messages
English Son of Loki - last answer from torny101, Saturday 29/05/2010, 00:26.
Hey all, wondering if you would do anything diff to my Skeelz/GHEIST deck. I have had moderate success with it and what i am really wondering is if I should replace danea or Platinum and with who. Though i am open to other suggestions =)
2 messages
English TrueRescue - last answer from TrueRescue, Saturday 29/05/2010, 00:01.
Trying to find a good deck to replace not being able to use Sledg in elo so tell me which u think?


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