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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Sunday 13/07/14

1 message
deleted really nice elo deck
Friday 11/07/14

4 messages
English HoA - Frozen - last answer from jerromy, Friday 11/07, 08:08.
Root of the Party

R & C.

Has the perfect combo.
Thursday 10/07/14

18 messages
English teeheemancer - last answer from Pingerz, Thursday 10/07, 02:34.
How viable is Raven in ELO atm? Or Junta in ELO atm. As for Skeelz with Dounia in, does she make much of an impact? And is MONO Skeelz and Vortex any good? Seeing alot of half decks and some 2 card fillers with these two clans so was thinking if it can compete with the meta if played MONO.
Tuesday 08/07/14

4 messages
English IM_Nem8 - last answer from -DT-Lordgaby-, Tuesday 08/07, 05:24.
Is there a reason Brody is not there anymore? Just wondering...
Sunday 06/07/14

1 message
English 0_Pwned - subject is closed
Saturday 05/07/14

3 messages
English WP-Vortex - last answer from Pingerz, Saturday 05/07, 02:55.
Thursday 03/07/14

16 messages
English davennat - last answer from Spikey 13, Thursday 03/07, 22:51.
I am using
Dao Wang

Frankie Hi

This deck is going ok but i was wondering how i can upgrade it? thanks
I have about 7000 clintz in back
11 messages
English Drizzt1414 - last answer from noland63, Thursday 03/07, 02:45.
I'm a Fang Pi player, moved to Berserk to try them out. I've tried some decks, got almost all cards of them (Cortex is way too expensive to get in a week). BUT...I don't feel comfortable with the attack of the cards, i feel like i lose too much rounds, sometimes by a pill. WIth Fang Pi i go for 2HKO, use Frozn and Skeelz too and don't have that problem, but Berserk isn't that intuitive for me.

Can u help me realize why my cards doesn't win decisive rounds?
Wednesday 02/07/14

24 messages
English bOCneehog - last answer from Soiuku, Wednesday 02/07, 18:09.
Freaks. Enough. Be creative
3 messages
English Dobbs Ld - last answer from Cyber, Wednesday 02/07, 02:26.
In the game rules, it says that after a "few days" of not playing any matches your ELO score will "slowly" drop to 100

Does anyone know how long a "few days" is and the rate that your score will drop?
Saturday 28/06/14

6 messages
English jerromy - last answer from jerromy, Saturday 28/06, 12:45.

well plz comment an rate but i think its pritty good. with GHEIST
Friday 27/06/14

5 messages
English CB Gab - last answer from jerromy, Friday 27/06, 05:49.
So I saw that Bogdan isn't banned this week, so I wanted to make an Freaks ELO deck.. What clan should I use? Could Freaks + Vortex work? Like:
Bogdan - Shazam - Liona/Madelone - Bertha and Jordygn - T Gaank - Cyb Lhia/Vektor - Deea/Qorah
I'm not an ELO player so I don't know if it would work.. What do you guys think? What clan should I use with Freaks?
Wednesday 25/06/14

6 messages
English _brenden - last answer from DUC-San, Wednesday 25/06, 15:29.
So i am really bad at building deck and I'm asking for help and just have a couple questions.
My first and probably only question is about situational cards.

The first situational card I want to talk about are the stop cards.
So normally i would think just run one stop card for those SOAs that pop up randomly, but what if Rolph and Brody are both unbanned should i run two stop cards?

The second situational card would be courage/reprisal.
so i think reprisal is a better ability than courage. I'm not sure if the reprisal cards that are out are really good. The only cards that have courage that I could think of that i would run would be X-0DUS and maybe Shaakarti because that are SOA and SOB. Now that I'm thinking about it the only reprisal cards i have run are Carmen Heartnett and Curlix. I guess my question about them is which one is better and should i run them?

I believe the last situational cards are confidence/revenge.
When we think of revenge cards we probably think of Chiara Cr and she's good for mono Skeelz half deck Skeelz and even a splash. I think these are the best situational cards in ill have one of them in every deck i make. Are the abilities really that good and should i even run them?
Sunday 22/06/14

14 messages
English jerromy - subject is closed

i made this elo deck an its with old cards but they still pack a punch even more now with the new cards added to them.

i havent had one bad hand with it yet i have lost buy a 1 pill woopsy hear an there. but what you think about it?
Wednesday 18/06/14

8 messages
English troll4663 - last answer from ((TinyGlitch)), Wednesday 18/06, 20:32.
Why is Lizbeth still banned when Louise exists? o.o
Monday 16/06/14

5 messages
English MS-Razerus - last answer from troll4663, Monday 16/06, 00:48.
I have made several tweaks trying to balance the deck but... Is This A Practical Elo Deck?

Stompah (4)
Rahanpah (4)
Tsuka (4)
Annuqa (3)
Haaken (3)
Mahimatah (3)

Boomstock (2)
Kenjy (2)

Sunday 15/06/14

18 messages
English 0 Crow - last answer from XC Tree Frog, Sunday 15/06, 01:10.
Do you lot think they gonna be top?
Tuesday 10/06/14

14 messages
English LB_Un67 - last answer from Pingerz, Tuesday 10/06, 09:32.
I've done some tinkering and I've come up with this deck, is it practical for Elo?

Uranus (U) 3* (Can be switched out for Murray is banned)
Jautya (R) 4*
Wakai (R) 2*
TrinmkkT (U) 4* (Can be switched out for Grax if not banned, would need to save for that)
Askai (C) 5*
Radek (C) 3*
Mindy (C) 2*
Pegh (U) 2*
1 message
Charlie's Wrestlers
Here is my deck, can you guys suggest what to change or how my deck fares? Thank you
Wednesday 04/06/14

43 messages
English - Gino - - last answer from Kefalo, Wednesday 04/06, 16:58.
Card hasn't even been out more then a day and the LD has pages of responses and opinions. Its the first base 9 power card. Whats everyones opinion and will it eventually see the permanent ban, weekly ban or just over hyped?

From my perspective i see it as a spashable card that can be used in any mono deck because of that amazing base power and a very good ability. It suffers to Pussycats and Rescue.

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