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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Thursday 30/01/14

Wednesday 29/01/14

Tuesday 28/01/14

8 messages
English EAClintFighter - last answer from EAClintFighter, Tuesday 28/01, 10:54.
How do you change the preset link to it's desired name?
Monday 27/01/14

Sunday 26/01/14

Thursday 23/01/14

3 messages
English EAClintFighter - last answer from DUC-j00p, Thursday 23/01, 00:34.
Tuesday 21/01/14

8 messages
English Project Soul - last answer from troll4663, Tuesday 21/01, 01:03.
I need help figuring out the best possible clan to use with fang pi
So far i use:
Marlysa Cr
Monday 20/01/14

Saturday 18/01/14

Friday 17/01/14

7 messages
English WP_Woody 81 - subject is closed
I am going to stop playing elo for this week i am 1373 elo now how much i am going to stop at sunday
how many points will i lose
Thursday 16/01/14

2 messages
English DA_Banana - last answer from troll4663, Thursday 16/01, 23:37.
9 messages
English HoA-G0mby - last answer from Thoazol, Thursday 16/01, 18:48.
I want to make a deck with Jungo Jean / Pegh / Rodney and i need to choose 1 4 *

I don't know wich one to choose between Niva - Moegura - Benicio

I already have 2 dmg reductor (if you want to know)

Wich one would be the best between those 3 4* Jungo ?

Thanks !
Wednesday 15/01/14

5 messages
English 0 GURU - last answer from 0 GURU, Wednesday 15/01, 06:49.
Help with this deck, recommendations green ratings etc. deleted
4 messages
English EAClintFighter - last answer from HoA-G0mby, Wednesday 15/01, 03:29.
Tuesday 14/01/14

1 message

So far i've had trouble against Nightmares and Piranas in low star hands. Any advices on this week's Elo?
5 messages
English misterjones - last answer from wasteroftime, Tuesday 14/01, 09:24.
I am aware how Oshitsune can affect games, undercutting 7-powered cards and creating insurmountable pill/life gaps. For example, in a hand of all 7-powers or less with no DR/SOA, you can safely put 4 pills on any character in round 1 and still have enough pills to overcome a full-pill play with Oshi.

But good luck finding that hypothetical in competitive ELO. Berzerk, Montana, Junkz, and Jungo all have at least 2 staples with either SOA or protection: power, and nearly every clan (notable exception: Bangers) has some combination of SOA, attack manipulation, and multiple 8+ powered cards that can go pill-for-pill with Oshi.

No other card that is frequently ELO banned is so easy to counter-- it's not difficult to build a deck where half the cards neutralize Oshitsune in some way. So, my question is... why do people still spend their ban votes on this guy, when much more solid choices are barely acknowledged?

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