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Strategy and Tactics : Deathmatch Mode

This brand new mode is exciting but which ultimate deck will rule all Deathmatches? Share your best combo and tactics here.
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Monday 21/02/11

4 messages
English BlueNile - subject is closed
Ok, I'm a noob and I know it.
But I need a few wins for the legendary mission, AND it's a bloodbath every time I join.

Can anyone suggest me a deck for T1/T2, starting from these cards and maybe buying something not expensive (up to 7k Clintz, I'd say). I could sell my other cards but I enjoy trying something different from time to time, so my budget is low.

I promise: you won't see me anymore in deathmatch after the legendary mission. Maybe.

Andsom Cyan Deadeye Ector Gran Vista Greesh Hawkins Noel Katan Kristin Puff Scubb Sliman Taljion Trey Tyd Ulrich
Saturday 12/02/11

3 messages
English XC Sawyer - subject is closed
I beat my personal DM record points and straight wins one!!!!

10 straight wins and 630 BP!

12:58 Deathmatch you crushed sucaOver (12-0): 630 points
12:56 Deathmatch you crushed CRUZ-Rip, R-I-P (12-0): 565 points
12:54 Deathmatch you beat Hendrix MuA, Marvel Ultimate Alliance (9-0): 495 points
12:52 Deathmatch you crushed supsun, Ninjas in Pyjamas (12-0): 430 points
12:51 Deathmatch you crushed CRUZ-Rip, R-I-P (12-0): 365 points
12:49 Deathmatch you crushed Jmenbaslek, Les missionnaires (12-0): 300 points
12:47 Deathmatch you beat WildC4rd, 2 Furious (4-0): 235 points
12:44 Deathmatch you crushed Irithrien (12-0): 170 points
12:41 Deathmatch you crushed DonDuy, Vietnamese (12-0): 110 points
12:39 Deathmatch you crushed DonDuy, Vietnamese (12-0): 50 points
Friday 11/02/11

1 message
English Saveroftime - subject is closed
I am mainly a fang pi user . but i am also interested in all starts.
My life 1st allstarts deck -
Please rate green
1 message
English Saveroftime - subject is closed
Believe me, this time no Praxie / Gil / Leaders is in my deck.
Now my preset is fully Clean Fang Pi Clang.
Please rate green face - http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1748549&list
7 messages
English A Unicron - last answer from A Unicron, Friday 11/02/2011, 05:01.

Soathon: 2nd, 233 points - 3/0/2

Rate green if you like it.
Thursday 10/02/11

1 message
English Saveroftime - subject is closed
I have a Funny deck which helps me a lot:


9 caracters from 5 clan .
Please rate gree
7 messages
English Saveroftime - subject is closed
Tsubame gone too much with Praxie. But no more. Her dad has came .
Rate and comment - http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1746065&list
5 messages
English Eogran - last answer from Neon-chan, Thursday 10/02/2011, 13:04.
This is the deck I have been using. http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1717169 I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to make it better.
Wednesday 09/02/11

38 messages
English Saveroftime - subject is closed
Yeah, that's right. my Praxie + 7 fang pi.
6 wins& 1 lose in a row and stood 1st in that deathmatch with 430 points.
Monday 07/02/11

2 messages
English Tikikala - last answer from Tikikala, Monday 07/02/2011, 09:24.
So when the orange ! appears, it means that the game is halting any more fights to finish everyone's fights and to tally scores, right?

is it possible to leave and go to another room or something? I see no point in waiting lol.
Sunday 06/02/11

Saturday 05/02/11

15 messages
English Jobys Revenge - last answer from xNipple, Saturday 05/02/2011, 21:09.
I can level up cards, (says error on page), game says "waiting for opponent" for over 5 minutes and when I finally exit out, it goes as a strike against me.

Then in the middle of a match, the fight screen goes dim, I can select a card and it times out on me!!!

Why is it that the game works perfect trying to penalize me, but is failing by bugging up and screwing me?

Needs to be fixed.
1 message
English Saveroftime - subject is closed

It need green face. and good comments. Come on guys rate and comment.
4 messages
English BA_Mihir - last answer from BA_Mihir, Saturday 05/02/2011, 09:13.
I currently use a deck consisting of : Willy, Shann, Bodenpower, blaaster, Ambre,Wee Lee, Hikiyousan, Stanly and Serena
wud it be advisable to sell these Ulu Watu cards nd buy Pesth, Katan Bloodh and Selma in place of dem?, coz dese 4 r mre stronger 2gether nd put wid Bangers de cud create havoc, cudnt de?
Wednesday 02/02/11

9 messages
English sirwyst - last answer from suggsie baby, Wednesday 02/02/2011, 14:36.
Been playing with some Rescue deck in Deathmatch and lost one or two times agains 1HKO deck and Kolos kind of cards which was very upsetting to be honest . So I decided to try 1HKO and bought some powerful cards, aded Timber to get +1 damages and ...I loose almost all my games....

Sure there must be something I do wrong in the way of playing, any advice ?

The struggle i have is I dont see how I can benefits from multiple 1HkO cards in one deck. Regardless of what I try to do, opponent might have advantage.

If the guy has SOA, SOB or damage reducer, I can not play full pillz then I play 1-3 and either it goes through but most of time, I loose first round which makes me in very difficult position on second round to know if the guy will try to kill directly or bluff.

If I pill first round and go through, without putting 12 pills, I can only damage 11 (if Timber not here and if Kolos not here as well) which leaves me open for his damages. Lost a couple of them.

Frustrating, might go back to Rescue, more versatile and stable.

Any idea guys ?

deck here http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1727572
Monday 31/01/11

Sunday 30/01/11

7 messages
English Kate - last answer from Eogran, Sunday 30/01/2011, 11:06.
I've been running Sentinel since I started. It seemed to be Rescues cheaper cousing so I thought it would be a good starter clan. (Rescue owns me everytime.)

I'd like to turn it into a tournament/deathmatch deck but I have managed to observe several flaws in Sentinel. 1) Lacks enough 2hko ability, which is kinda a problem because it also lacks enough solid damage reducers. I cant always be expected to win 3/4 rounds. 2) Just lacks general synergy it seems.

So theres my dillema. Maybe I'm missing something. Help?

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