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Strategy and Tactics: Survivor Mode

Survivor Mode is stressful, you need a very versatile Deck (or a plan B) to survive, especially when you're low on Pillz...
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Wednesday 16/03/11

5 messages
English 2481181251319 - last answer from M-Bison, Wednesday 16/03/2011, 01:42.
I need help !

This is my deck:


I was hoping to get 9500 clintz in survivor mode and then replace Leo, Sliman, and Amelia with No Nam, Gatline, and Ed 12.

But then I started playing Survivor mode....
It's filled with level 40s and 60s with minus opponent damage cards and stop opponent bonus cards and..I just can't take it anymore! I can't get more than 1 win in a row... I was so excited thinking my deck would be super awesome with 4 1kos....2 of which i already have..but they're all so strong! And I can't play Elo mode because my level exceeds 25.

Someone tell me what to do! D:
Sunday 13/03/11

12 messages
English Wraith_ - last answer from BlitzAssassin, Sunday 13/03/2011, 05:32.
What decks/clans do you guys use ???
Mono or two clans ??? (why)
How many wins ?
Why T2 and not Elo ?

Bluffing etc.....

I mostly use Nightmares!!!(14 wins)
Tuesday 08/03/11

2 messages
English El Lupo - last answer from card king 123, Tuesday 08/03/2011, 18:04.
Friday 04/03/11

6 messages
English Jaannsen - last answer from Saveroftime, Friday 04/03/2011, 07:03.
Somethings messed up with my deck

When i made a t2 survivor deck and saved it and went to survivor t2 suddenly i had a completly different deck than what i had set, it wasnt even more than 25 stars.....
Then I thought i fixed it but next time i joined t2 it went fine untill i got into the room and pressed quick challenge buttom and then it said that my deck didnt fit the t2??!!!

Then when I got back to My deck I saw that on my collection another deck was the only 1 i had but that was t1 deck and it said on My deck(where i had the right cards) that i had 33 stars.

i dont understand anything, and when i try to remove the wrong cards it says that i cant cuz i only have 8 guys, but when I try add the cards i had in the original (t2) preset it says that i dont own these cards, so now i cant use them

Please help me fast, plz
Tuesday 01/03/11

1 message

I'm completely new around here, currently running a mono-Sak deck.
But, would like too switch too dual Sak/Vortex and begin playing Survivor Elo mode.

I need some advise on a reasonably priced set of cards.
This deck: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1443546

Looked rather appealing.
I already have several of the cards in there or cards that I could replace and still get the desired affect.

Im aware that Vortex is weak too SOA.

Oh, and willing to buy credits.
Would this dual be successful?
Would I be able too make this switch without spending an excessive amount of money?

Thank you.

3 messages
English Cypherax - last answer from Cypherax, Tuesday 01/03/2011, 07:51.
Okay, I'm a newbie at Survivor T2 and I came up with this Ulu Watu/Sentinel Deck. Any suggestions?

Miss Chloe

Ulu Watu~
Wee Lee (obviously can't afford Tan-Man or he would be here)

Any future with this deck?
Monday 28/02/11

1 message
My New T2 Deck is Half Nightmare and Half Sakrohm. With a Leader of course.
But I don't have an Ambre yet


Please comment, rate, and help me out with some suggestions.
Sunday 27/02/11

Saturday 19/02/11

Tuesday 15/02/11

5 messages
English ShadowDreamer - last answer from ShadowDreamer, Tuesday 15/02/2011, 20:25.
This might seem like a stupid question, and I might just be looking a gift horse in the mouth, but I figure I will ask anyway.

Last week I got a survivor streak of 21 (T2) on late Saturday/Sunday morning. It put me at first for the day and 10th for the week. I figured by the time I got up in the morning I would probably be bumped from the top 10 of the week, and I was correct. When I got up in the morning someone had gotten a 29 streak putting me at #2 for the day and #11 for the week. No surprise.

However, at the end of the day when prize emails were sent out, I got 2nd for the day, and I also got 8th for the week. Was this a glitch, or does the survivor system actually give credit for ties and doesn't just cut off using time as a tie breaker (like a DT)?
Thursday 10/02/11

4 messages
English XCRollingStar - last answer from Jobys Revenge, Thursday 10/02/2011, 05:24.
7 messages
English 1(Me) - last answer from Raptor WMD, Thursday 10/02/2011, 01:18.
I need some help for making an Survivor pussycat deck. if you have any idea please leave an comment !!
Tuesday 08/02/11

8 messages
English Umbrawitch67 - subject is closed
Need help with Kristen's missions in Survivor mode. Any ideas?
Monday 07/02/11

6 messages
English IM_Disizrey - last answer from 1(Me), Monday 07/02/2011, 06:00.
19:44 Survivor you almost won against USBallas52_OK, Organized Konfusion (3-5): Survivor 0
19:41 Survivor you won by forfeit against Byakuyacr, Piratas do Atlântico - Guilda de (15-1): Survivor 4
19:38 Survivor you won by forfeit against Enlightenstorm (8-10): Survivor 3
19:35 Survivor you won by forfeit against r1 boss (16-: Survivor 2
19:30 Survivor you won by forfeit against ESC-RALAROLO, Os Escolhidos (4-5): Survivor 1


Please Rate and Comment
Saturday 05/02/11

4 messages
English Kate - last answer from Kate, Saturday 05/02/2011, 00:49.
I've been trying to plan a Rescue deck but I keep getting hung up so if you guys have some survivor Rescue decks I can look at and possibly post an estimate on wins that would be great.

Also, if I hit with Ash on turn one, so I still have 12 life, will I start to be healed once I go below 8?
Friday 04/02/11

4 messages
English Leoniss - subject is closed
The introduction of new cards Bonnie Ld and Ahkab gives some new possibilities here is a deck i made deleted note that Zack is there (and not Jackie Cr or Hawk) because i really need a SOA this week, Piranas are crawling in survivor, and i want that Ulu Watu bonus activated most of the time. Also note that Lulabee and Serena are anti Pirana / Nightmare (but only if they have their bonus).
7 messages
English suggsie baby - last answer from Neon-chan, Friday 04/02/2011, 14:09.
I want to reach 20 in T2 survivor mode, i know this will take a lot of grinding away but im willing to put the time and the clintz into it. What i wanna know is what sort of deck is it that gets to the 15 - 20 level in survivor mode. Is it simply the realm of the giants where the big 4 stomp on the puny mortals or could i put together a deck to challenge them on a budget of say 500k ? If anyone's managed what i aim to do then id love for them to share their wisdom with me. Thanks
8 messages
Português All-GioYNWA - last answer from E10din, Friday 04/02/2011, 05:44.
Works well with SkrumxxT too (I reached 19 using him). Other leaders may be used too
Wednesday 02/02/11

4 messages
English Lids-TCA - last answer from ibtd, Wednesday 02/02/2011, 08:50.
Can I get some help. I am trying to make an Elo Survivor deck with any combination of Sakrohm All Stars and Skeels. I have no idea what to do. HELP!

Monday 31/01/11

2 messages
English FuRiAx_HoA - last answer from Neon-chan, Monday 31/01/2011, 17:42.
R&C deleted and deleted and Splash The Monsters 2


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