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Strategy and Tactics: Survivor Mode

Survivor Mode is stressful, you need a very versatile Deck (or a plan B) to survive, especially when you're low on Pillz...
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Sunday 18/07/10

19 messages
English Aveira - last answer from GsomZoom, Sunday 18/07/2010, 06:40.

Everyone claims to get over 10 victories with this deck, however i have never gotten past my 2nd victory...
I have also tried switching Fifty with leaders like Bridget, or Eyrik.. but i still lose

Am i just a bad player? =
Friday 16/07/10

4 messages
Română uc3n1cul - last answer from MABanator, Friday 16/07/2010, 03:02.
I need a Survivor deck with La Junta i dont have the crs,Nahomi,Wardog,Thormund,Uxoh and jane and Bryan pls i need to do 10 row
1 message
Here they are:


I can't believe I actually got 7 wins...
Saturday 10/07/10

3 messages
English ChainGate - last answer from Fanta Pants, Saturday 10/07/2010, 09:58.
How come it keeps saying ur deck cannot exeed 25?
Friday 09/07/10

25 messages
English XC 1984 - last answer from mortish, Friday 09/07/2010, 14:28.
Post your survivor decks here as well as your streaks
here you can share your deck ideas and how you got far in survivor ELO and type2

here are the decks i use

ELO: Angelo 1570 - i got 14 straight wins with this deck (strong Morphun support and the GHEIST bonus means no DR can get in the way of you
type2: surfers aliens! - i got 14 straight wins with this as well (using Ambre this time but a nuke/block deck. play it safe and use ambre's strength and you should be able to win. Lots of defence as well so you won't be taking much damage).
Thursday 08/07/10

5 messages
English T0mBombadill - last answer from T0mBombadill, Thursday 08/07/2010, 08:42.

Post back with your views and suggestions to improve this deck thanks Cybertron18
Tuesday 06/07/10

7 messages
English M-Bison - subject is closed
Im not that good at survivor, i'd like to get some personal advise from people.

Also any clans which would work better then others, and how to play when you have 8 pills.
Friday 02/07/10

1 message

My Survivor deck, Comment/Rate.
Thursday 01/07/10

12 messages
English RedPopsicle - last answer from CB-SirElric, Thursday 01/07/2010, 11:09.
Whenever I start reaching 3 wins in a row, I keep thinking more and more about how I'm going to lose, until I eventually do. Taking a short break doesn't seem to help either because the pressure is still on my mind. I haven't been able to make it past 9 wins yet, but I would love some advice from people that know what they are doing to overcome this problem. If you want to, you can add some advice in general for success in Survivor mode too
The T2 deck I used to get to 9 wins:

I know this deck has 9 cards in it, but I don't really like playing a 4-3-1 deck. But maybe I should man up and learn to play it if everyone else is getting good results with that style.
Tuesday 29/06/10

13 messages
English Glowstick1717 - last answer from Cardz Ruler, Tuesday 29/06/2010, 21:58.
Im not saying i do this or not, but what so people think when someone takes a fall after seeing you on like 10 pillz? good or bod thing?
Sunday 27/06/10

9 messages
English TheDarkOrc10 - last answer from TheDarkOrc10, Sunday 27/06/2010, 01:16.
There are three schools of thought
1. Bridget - with extra life your opponet will not be able to reduce you to zero and 1 strong hit gives you a chance
2. + x pillz Leader (dont know the name) - 3 more pills would work well in a deck with high powered cards
3. - x pillz . Your opponet having 3 less pills would work well in a deck with attack and or power manipulators plus if you face some one with 8 pills for them to have effetively 5 pills to beat you, so 5+1 pillz makes it easier to predict different pathways they might try.
Friday 25/06/10

5 messages
English Khalil_Rules - last answer from _wise_, Friday 25/06/2010, 08:34.
Does anyone else see where the playability for Vortex may lie
because the more u win the less pills u have while u have more life
if ur Vortex were to lose u would get pills back, making it easier to win
2 messages
English Aveira - last answer from Endracer, Friday 25/06/2010, 04:47.

I was wondering which Leader i should use...
im on a budget so the only choices i have are Hugo, Timber, Bridget, Eyrik, and Ashigaru.
Thursday 24/06/10

3 messages
English FLooLY - last answer from Jesuela, Thursday 24/06/2010, 08:49.
i dunno i made this deck thought it would be good but i just think im missing something or doing somthing wrong please tell me your opinions
Wednesday 16/06/10

10 messages
English Blue Teddy - last answer from nonameTBBA, Wednesday 16/06/2010, 14:55.
Deck so far is :


Suzie or Benson? Or any other suggestions?
Monday 14/06/10

12 messages
English HB-911(CG) - last answer from CDG213, Monday 14/06/2010, 19:00.
My deck http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1329938

i only can reach 4 survivor elo

your advice plsss.

sorry my english is bad
Saturday 12/06/10

6 messages
English AiR-GeaR-Ikki - last answer from AiR-GeaR-Ikki, Saturday 12/06/2010, 19:01.
I've made it to 14 wins in Survivor T2 so many times, with atleast 6 different decks, this was the deck I just used Star Power Survivor -_- any advice?
5 messages
English BlackCat1103 - last answer from SoPunny-Zack, Saturday 12/06/2010, 01:09.
I just need suggestions for cards. I have Adler, Askai, Buba, Ronald, Bridget, Amy, Owen, and Zdrone.
Monday 07/06/10

3 messages
English BlackCat1103 - last answer from Mr Intelijent, Monday 07/06/2010, 09:58.
I use Jungo and Sentinels as a bi-deck and Bridget. Do you think that is good? The cards I have is Adler, Askai, Boohma, and Buba. Sentinel is Owen, Amy, and Zdrone. For Leaders I have Bridget.

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