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Sales, purchases and trades

Business men and women talk here.
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English UM_AaaBattery - last answer from BlUe_GunnEr, Monday 13/10, 18:41.
Hi, Whilst the Secure Trades are under maintenance please feel free to pm a Moderator to help with you trade.

If you want us to help please include the cards you want to trade and a hyper link to the other players account. We can then pm the other player to ask if they are ok with the trade.

If everything is good then both players private sale the cards to the moderator and we then private sale them back to the new owners.

Please remember that we are real people though so we will reply as quick as we can but it won't be instant.

Wasteroftime's addition:
Feel free to use me for this. However, I would request the BOTH players should pm me stating what they are trading for and with who and then private sale me the appropriate cards. If i see two pms and two sets of cards that have matching information I will complete the trade. enjoy

edited by wasteroftime Monday 28/04, 13:48
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English Euzebe - subject is closed
A messy forum is really unpleasant to use. Please, follow the rules below and all your subjects will be validated.

For an user-friendly forum, all subjects must have a tag in their title.
Your title must catch the eye of the reader so Don’t write long ones. You’ll give more information in the post itself : [BUY] Cheap Kolos

Tags :

[SALE] = sale
[BUY] = buy
[PURCH] = purchase
[EXCH] = exchange
[AUCT] = auction

edited by ArtemisBZ Sunday 13/10/2013, 04:52
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English - Yoh - subject is closed
Hello everybody,

I'll give you a translation of each topic you can about the French Forum (forum, topic).


For a sale:

Title: [VTE] "The name of the card.".

Text: Bonjour,

Je souhaite vendre "name card (Kiki Cr for example)" que j'estime à "XX XXX clintz (estimation of your cards)"

Moyen de transaction: ES (Secure trades) ou VP (Privates Sales)

A vos offres.


For an auction:

Title: [ENCH] "Name of the card"


Je mets aux enchères "Name of the card" (if you put in auction only ONE CARD) / ou le lot de "XXXX name of the
card" (if you put a lot of cartes).

Pour cela, je recherche les cartes suivantes (cards purchases):

- Name of card: Estimation
- "........"

Son prix de départ (a start price) est de "X XXX XXX clintz".

Date de fin (a deadline): 07/08/2035 (for example).

A vos offres.


For an exchange:

Title: [ECH] "Name of card who I exchange"

Text: Bonjour,

Je souhaite échanger mon (male) / ma (female) / mes (a lot of cards) "Name of the card" que j'estime à "X XXX clintz (estimation of your card)".

Pour cela, je recherche en échange (cards purchases):

- Name of the card: Estimation. Example: Gaia 0xp: 3200 clintz
- Name of the card 2: Estimation. Example: DJ Korr Cr: 10M clintz.

Moyen de transaction: ES (secure trades) ou VP (private sales).

A vos offres.


For a purchase or buy:

Title: [ACH] "Name of the card (who you want to buy)"


- This is for only one card.


Je souhaite acheter tout vos "Name of the card (you want to buy)" à "X.XXX clintz (estimation)". Je vous propose que du cash (only cash).

Moyen de transaction: ES ou VP.

A vos offres. Merci

This is for a lot of cards:


J'achète les cartes suivantes directement en VP ou ES:

- Name of the card 1: XXXX clintz (estimation)
- Name of the card 2: XXXX clintz (estimation)
- ...

A vous. Merci.


edited by Cyber Thursday 25/07/2013, 04:10
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English StormWhisper - subject is closed
It is not appropriate or acceptable to start rumors about what cards will become CRs. Stop this Immediately. Staff will create CRs when they feel like it is time to do so. All messages pertaining to CR rumors will be removed.

CRs are very special cards, and we put a great deal into thought about who will become one, and when it will happen. Only select members of staff have this information. I am not one of them.

This is to stop. Immediately.

edited by -CALLOUS- Friday 26/07/2013, 00:42
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English TnT_MeRm - subject is closed
There's been an increasing amount of Pfull - Prefull threads in the forum lately. Unfortunately, we are not allowing these threads to be posted anymore. These transactions are forbidden all over Urban-Rivals' forum.

All existing thread about Pfull - Prefull will be closed and all future post will be deleted/refused.

Our aim in doing this, is to protect the buyers from possible Pfull scams.
Prevention is better than cure so before these scams happen, we will do our best to not encourage this kind of threads any further.

If you wish to continue with these transactions, it will be at your own risk. You can continue with your sales and contacts with other players selling/buying/trading Pfulls through PM and not through the forum.

It is hard for us to check for scams involving Pfull(s) so the best thing we can do is to either prohibit them or ask players to do them at their own risk. This means, we will not intervene if you do it through private contacts.

This information will also be posted under the rules thread for the "Sales, purchases and auctions".

Happy trading/selling/buying everybody!

Thank you,

1 message
I got soooo many Larry in the market right now you guys should buy like...100 of them!
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English arcueid_14 - last answer from arcueid_14, today at 06:51.
I have :
Robb Cr
Swidz Cr
Chiara Cr
Copper Cr
Rhed Cr
all full xp
looking for :
Tanaereva Cr
Runescape gold
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English syg_chaos - last answer from syg_chaos, today at 04:39.
Hey guys im looking for Jeena( 8.8K) Ratanah ( 25k) and Arno ( 13k )

i offer :
Thormund ( 4.1k )
Chiro ( 2.9k)
Oscar 0xp ( 4.9k )
Gatline ( 5.7k )
Rey Mono 0xp (1.1k)
Scotty 0xp (2.3k )
Milena ( 3.1k )
Laurens 0xp ( 550 clintz)
Masamu ( 300 clintz)
James 0xp ( 850 clintz)
Radek ( 550 clintz)
Dolores Boss ( 400 clintz )
Lena 0xp ( 1.7k )
Lindsey ( 5.7k )
Carmen ( 2.1k )
Harvey (2.7k)
Havok(9k )
Irene ( 1.3k)
Lehane ( 5.6k )
Luke ( 250 clintz )
Martha ( 1.8k )
Morgan ( 200 clintz )
Sammy ( 6.9k )
Tobbie ( 350 clintz )
Westwood (563 clintz )
and i have 2.8k

choose what you want and sent me an offer , only trade for the above 3 cards and nothing else
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English Faint Man - last answer from Faint Man, today at 04:17.
5x Marco 0 exp and 1 full and 3 Edd Cr (full)
I'm only interested cr because I don't like bulk of nonsense prices......
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ελληνικά Guts - last answer from Faint Man, today at 04:13.
Good evening,
I am looking to exchange(ONLY, I am not selling them for clintz at those prices) my collector cards.
I happen to own:
1xTanaereva Cr 0exp ~330k
1xNahi Cr 0exp ~290k
1xOmbre Cr 0exp ~420k
1xVickie Cr full exp ~700k
1xJane Ramba Cr full xp ~62k
1xJackie Cr full xp ~250k
2xCopper Cr full xp ~95k each
1xEdd Cr full xp ~40k
1xCaelus Cr full xp ~220k
3xNoodile Cr (2x 0exp, 1x second form) ~23k each

You are welcome to combine any of these for any of the following collectors I am looking for:
(Note: Older copies have a priority so I would suggest that you sent a screen with the collector you are willing to exchange while you have your collection sorted by date,so that I can see the address bar entry of your browser)

Sigmund Cr 0exp preferably but if an older full xp pops up I will take him. This applies to every other cr I am looking for. ~500k-550k
Sum Sam Cr 0exp ~1.1M
Elya Cr 0exp 550k-590k
Lao Cr 0exp ~800k
Diyo Cr 0exp ~75k
Dragan Cr 0exp ~750-800k
Melissa Cr 0exp ~350k
Jim Cr 0exp ~280k
Also willing to buy these collectors in clintz around those prices.

I will take their fair value into consideration and the fact that they are all un-playables when valuating them.
As an example, you simply can't tell that Elya Cr is as easy to exchange as a Vickie Cr. The two cards are in a whole other league concerning liquidity. So I will have to reduce what is considered Elya's current market price accordingly.
Don't bother with lots.
My Personal messages are open

12 messages
English - Pillman - last answer from - Pillman, yesterday at 23:29.
Hi everyone,

I want to trade my A Award Cr 0xp which I value at 320k + 280k cash for Lamar Cr (preferably 0xp) which I value at 600k

P.S: I know that he costs way more than 600k because of the inflation,I just want to see if its possible to get an offer,if not I'll close the thread!

Thank You!
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English 01 NaNo - subject is closed
Hi, i trade my Guru Cr (9,1M) :
i'm searcing many Copper Cr 0xp i value 85k/each in lot of 10+
anyway i accept all crs of 90k+

Lyse Teria Cr 6,7M
Marlysa Cr 1,4M
Manon Cr 1,3M
Scarlett Cr 1,4M
Sum Sam Cr 1,2M
Armanda Cr 1,4M
Lao Cr 1M
Flavio Cr 955k
Shawoman Cr 900k
Aldebaran Cr / Dragan Cr 930k
Rass Cr 890k
NDololo Cr 875k
Berserkgirl Cr 850k
Vickie Cr 620k
Splata Cr 800k
Lamar Cr 825k
Jackie Cr 230k
Caelus Cr 175k
Dounia Cr 270k full /300k 0xp
Kalindra Cr 180k
Tanaereva Cr 320k

Waiting for offerts
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English RAMZYxUK - subject is closed
I have Florida Jane

the cards i am looking for:

PM me with what you have and what you want from the list!
1 message
Jackie Cr ---- 234K
Kerozinn Cr 0 exp ---- 688 k
Manon Cr 0 exp ---- 1344k
Scarlett Cr 0 exp ---- 1418k
Vickie Cr ---- 673K
---- Miss Twice Cr 418K
Looking for: (example) Vickie Cr x 560K +2 Kolos.
1 Cash.
2 Other letters.
3 I do not look for lots of cards.
1 message
As the title says i value her 100k any xp
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English Axis-Mundi - subject is closed
My Sigmund Cr 650k

I'm looking for

Dalhia Cr 100k

Miss Twice Cr 280k

Kenny Cr 80k

Ongh 57k

Romana 40k

Gil 31k

Rowdy 37k

It adds up to 627k which should make up for the +- of the market. If you can't do all these deals then clintz s fine 650k .
7 messages
English Jamox360 - last answer from eleos83, yesterday at 15:43.
Hi all,

I have;
Kerozinn Cr Full 720k
Dwain Cr 0xp 350k

I am open to all offers, as I'm not particularly looking for anything

Please post all offers below, not through pm
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ελληνικά -Tatsumaki- - last answer from -Tatsumaki-, yesterday at 11:11.
Looking fcor 440 k cash..no bulks no crs only cash
5 messages
English syg_chaos - subject is closed
I offer 1.8k+Oscar0xp+ Rey Mono
5 messages
English -Legendatwork - last answer from -Legendatwork, yesterday at 10:03.
Hello, I'm looking to trade my Dwain Cr (330k). I'm looking for lots of new blood cards. My pm's are open,


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