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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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English KoreaRepublic - last answer from Jamox360, today at 20:14.
Design a card! Let your imagination flow!

Design a card by it's:

Be unique!

Timeline of post creators of the "If you will be making a card in this game, what will it be?" series:

-6SimS-Sven (Original Creator, Part 1)
-Mr Intelijent (Part 2)
-Edon EG (Part 3)
-SadisticCynic (Part 4)
-Six Nations (Part 5)

Post away, fellow Urban Rivals players!
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English ChangeIsGood - last answer from I am Titan, Wednesday 24/09, 08:35.
Ever wonder how much total clintz your collection is? Here's a helpful tutorial for all players of Urban Rivals.

1. Go to this website: http://ur.xephon.org/ (Yes it is French)
2. On the right panel, above the facebook icon, there is a button under Mon Compte Section that says Connect with Urban Rivals. Click the Button.
3. You will be redirected back to the Urban Rivals website, and Kate will ask you to Authorize or Refuse this 3rd Party Application. Click Authorize. No, it has not scammed anyone's cards.
4. You will now be Redirected Back to the ur.xephon.org website.
5. Under the Mon Compte Section where the Connect with Urban RIvals button originally was, there should be a function labled "valeur de ma collection". Click it.
6. You will be linked to a new page under Ma Fortune, where it will display your collection value in clintz. Note that this number is calculated from the number of cards you have in your collection * their lowest market price currently. This means that certain lots will be reflected on a lower value towards your collection.
7. Enjoy! And try to increase that value.

Post your findings here of your collection value if you wish.

I hope everyone enjoyed this tutorial. Please do not hesitate to send me any feedback!
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English KoreaRepublic - last answer from KoreaRepublic, Thursday 03/07, 19:21.
Hello fellow members of the Urban Rivals community. As you play Urban Rivals as a beginner or expert, you tend to ask questions pertaining to the game itself. This is where this guide shall help you, whether the problem is technical or you simply need information. Therefore, I have created an informational guide to help all players whether new or old. This guide contains information pertaining to the rules and how to get help from the staff.

~ Table of Contents ~
Post 1: Table of Contents
Post 2: Customer Support
Post 3: Game Rules and Frequently asked questions
Post 4: Game Rules and Frequently asked questions
Post 5: Moderators
Post 6: Terms and conditions of use
Post 7: Terms and conditions of use
Post 8: Extra Notes
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English wasteroftime - last answer from Kironchi, Wednesday 14/05, 15:27.
One of the most common questions posted by new players on this forum is how to get UR rich quick.

The reality of most games is that in order to get rich quick... you can simply spend real money and buy all the packs you need until you are content with your collection. Easy enough.

The reality for a lot of players is they do not have to funds to be spending a lot (or any money) on a game. No worries though, the gap between people who spend lots of money vs those who spend very little is big only when it comes to UR wealth, but when it comes to gameplay the difference is more than manageable

To give you an idea of how much credits the "veteran" credit using players are using in order to maintain their collection I'll share my personal experience. I am currently at 98% of the collection. The 2% is always the newest cards (12-15 of them) that i dont buy until they are much cheaper. I invest in a few cheaper cards here and there, but for the most part i earn clintz from packs and playing ELO/DT in weeks i am active. And i am able to maintain 98% using anywhere from 60-100 credits every 2 weeks.

If you do are an active player and can afford to buy credits once in a while, then eventually you will see your collection grow, allowing you to play competitively in every format and nearly all events.

However, if you are an active player buy have no funds then you may want some tips on how to earn clintz and credits as fast as possible

Tips will be listed below
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English MasterfuI - subject is closed
“Clint Fighting,” which we now know as Urban Rivals, has come a long way from how it first began. Many cards were released for innovation, diversity, and for the sake of balancing the game. While some cards’ stats were tweaked, others were ELO unbanned, banned, and unbanned again. Even the artwork of the infamous Kate was changed to what it is now at some point (Listed in this timeline!). New features were added and many were changed or improved to make Clint City as vast as it is fun. I compiled this historic chronology of the awesome game that is Urban Rivals. Enjoy my fellow fans, and be amazed at how far this great online manga trading card game has come!!!

This Timeline lists...
- UR's original characters (listed BEFORE the dated timeline)
- Card release dates (and the names of some) I.E. “Danger from the Heavens”
- When cards became “Collector” (CR)
- Various "firsts" introduced. (I.E. Gheistling intros: “Poison” )
- Introduction of new UR features, memorable events, comics & milestones
- Asterisked events in the Dated Timeline, which indicate that the full story is available in the News Archive

Are the event descriptions in this timeline too vague? You want more detailed info?

Then go deeper in time by checking out my "UR Int'l News Archive" which shows DETAILED past events from the news feed & the staff mb posts
[Link in post #2]

Dated Timeline Format:
121 messages
English MasterfuI - subject is closed
This news archive lists Staff mb (Message Board) posts & events that have appeared on the public UR news feed

User Guidelines:
- Each event is listed in chronolgical order, descending from the past to most recent.
- Multiple events that happened on the same day are separated by number
- The first line shows the title of the event.
- The next lines show a summary. (The 1st few lines of the event)
- The last line is a link/URL to the full story. (IF a URL exists)
- The URL gives additional insight because the info in the discussions usually clarify anything seemingly unclear by the staff.
- Unfortunately, the Staff mb doesn't have an archive of everything that happened on the public news feed
(I.E. Some character & CR release stories are missing)
- I only included events that affected UR internationally, hence "UR International News"
(I.E. Character stories, new features, CR stories, comic releases, etc)
- I did not include: technical bugs/upgrades, new payment options, staff promotions, scam warnings, country exclusive events, etc

I used my best judgement on what to publicly reveal. But worry not! I keep a personal copy of the RAW, uneditted archive from the EN staff board & public news just in case major edits/additions are needed for future UR Int'l News Archive drafts.

News Archive Timeline Format:

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English Jamox360 - last answer from - Elkas, today at 20:24.
Post your pack results here!

This can be used to find average price of packs, rarity quantity etc.
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English DragonRage1124 - last answer from 69_Chaos, today at 17:28.
Any card is eligible! Even dare I say it Diego. In my opinion if I'm going cheap Platinum is pretty good if I'm going expensive I can't even decide what are your picks?
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English joseph_27 - last answer from Six Nations, today at 14:25.
So just now, I went 8th place in DT, so you'll get 1 bronze,silver and gold token. And since i was kind of jumpy and excited to use tokenz, I used my only gold token and i was surprised that a gold notification of myself that i won a Manon Cr. I am so happy that i just won a million clintz [kinda useless] collector card. I should probably be doing more dts.
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English TheOPG - last answer from 69_Chaos, today at 08:34.
Welcome to Menace in the Northern Mountains!

The list of players and their characters:
HarleyxQuinn - Krash
69_Chaos - Tiwi
ChangeIsGood - Thormund
hutson01134 - Dr Saw
UM_AaaBattery - Emeth
neo_08ms - Chiro
Spikey 13 - Chan

Here is the thread we'll be using for any out-of-character (OOC) conversation: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=2497462&subject_page=0

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English - Elkas - last answer from Daxose, yesterday at 20:35.
So as we all know,DM will soon no longer exist,and I don't care pretty much but,what about its missions? Will they disappear from the missions tab? I'm asking this because I struggled so much with the "Party pooper" Mission ( Beat 250 players who have a winning streak of 3 or more) that it took me 2 years to complete ( i think) and now I'm like "Um well since that mission no longer exists I played DM for nothing"

Its not a big deal I know,I'm just curious.
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English Saga - last answer from Thoazol, yesterday at 20:31.
I'm carrying out a quick survey to see opinions on fantasy rivals.

Please send in pm the following:

Why aren't you playing fantasy rivals? (is it because it's hard for new players to start, no friends feed etc.)
How can fantasy rivals be improved?

2 random players on tuesday who have answered the questions will receive a B Bazooka
Saturday 27/09/14

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English 69_Chaos - subject is closed
I do t know if this is allowed , I guess it's allowed since I'm not selling avatars but if it's not please close the subject

I'll be making free avatars for everyone who wants them , just post which charcter u want below
Friday 26/09/14

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English TheOPG - last answer from TheOPG, Friday 26/09, 21:10.
A while back, I created a thread to test the waters for an Urban Rivals RP on these forums. I got some support, some anti-trolling, and the thing has now faded from memory. Now I'm back, and ready to get the party started!

The premise is simple: the Nightmare clan is launching an assault on the La Junta's secret base in the Northern Mountains! Its sole defender, Isatis, cannot hold off the invasion force by herself and has called in reinforcements from La Junta soldiers in Clint City. Will her comrades arrive in time to save the base, or will help arrive from unexpected sources?

If there is a character you want to RP as in this game, post him/her/it below! You can play as any Urban Rivals character regardless if they are legendary, collector, banned, etc. There are a few restrictions, though. I can’t allow clan leaders, Kolos, Mechakolos, and Uchtul for various reasons (PM me if you want to know why). I will also reject characters that wouldn’t make sense being in the Northern Mountains at this time (Striker or Havok, for example). At this time I'm hesitant to let people play as the Nightmare, but if we get enough interest I'd love to make it a PvP game.

If you'd like to play in this, let me know what you want your character to be below. If you have any questions about this endeavor, post them below as well!
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English Daxose - last answer from Pilluminati, Friday 26/09, 00:40.
Rather than repeat the same exact LD missions (and cards) year-after-year, why not create additional LD cards for each clan? You could release a new LD on the Friday NB cards aren't released along with a previous LD (ie: new LD card with 'x' missions and give missions for Bonnie Ld as well in case someone doesn't have her). If you have the two LD cards be part of separate clans then you'll have a week full of varying decks rather than coming out with Harrow Ld and having half of the decks be All Star decks.
Thursday 25/09/14

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English GreenLeaf-FIM - last answer from GreenLeaf-FIM, Thursday 25/09, 22:08.
I'm going to make this to the point. I am a player who has no strategy and looses most every match. I currently am using a small La Junta deck and would like some help on what a good strategy would be. Please add me as a friend and I can discuss any further information, thank you.
Wednesday 24/09/14

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English wasteroftime - last answer from 69_Chaos, Wednesday 24/09, 06:54.
We as a community need to keep our forums a bit tidier.

The forum needs to be helpful to new players that are looking for information and advice from the rest of us.

Please post off topic discussions in this thread.

thank you

edited by UM_AaaBattery Friday 25/04, 12:19
Tuesday 23/09/14

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English Not_Sure - last answer from Wakayama3, Tuesday 23/09, 21:34.
Cards are often described as "Walls" , and sometimes they have the ability to "Fork". Can anyone explain these terms to a noob. Thanks!
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English HarleyxQuinn - subject is closed
I had 1 bronz tokens and I spend it because I dont play DT very often. But I won 5 tickets but because the slots will dissapear you dont get any tickets. So I spend my ****ING bronz token for nothing? Can the staff maybe fix it because this is unfair....

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