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383 messages
English Goralion - last answer from Taxaviz, Tuesday 22/07, 11:02.
Hey everybody,

We are currently tracking and correcting several issues. In the meantime, feel free to write here any technical problem you experienced, so that we can check and correct them also.

Let's keep this topic clean. Also, when you report an issue, please add the following details :
- through what device do you play UR (Iphone, Android, our Facebook App, our website, Kongregate, etc.)
- what browser do you use and its version
- what OS do you use and its version

I'll also keep a clean list of the reported and known issues on this post, to avoid posting the same issue several times.

Thank you for your help.

Known issues :
- buying / selling a card, the card / clintz may not appear immediatly in the collection ; obtaining a NB card may not unlock immidiately its NB mission(s)
- Iphone - Duel : can play over the 10 fights limit ; no alert shown when the daily card in obtained
- Iphone : full screen option not working through Chrome for Win 7 (on old and beta website)
- Iphone : Huracan do not use the correct projectiles (Leader's instead of Huracan's)
- DT : check for performance issues (Cf. post 18 )
- ELO ban vote : Mechakolos is already permanently banned
- Deck switching through flash (Cf. post 24 )
- Other player profile, competition tab : the best ELO rank displayed is the rank -1

edited by Goralion Thursday 12/12/2013, 10:34
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English Goralion - last answer from Fun OK 6 9, Sunday 13/07, 23:09.
Hey everybody,

We have been pretty quiet on UR since too many months. We know you have a lot of questions and concerns left without answers about the game you (used to) love.
Not everything we have done those past months and year was good. We know this, and we are not afraid of rolling back about those features. You are waiting for changes, updates, corrections ; I am going to give you some of our plans for the next months about UR.

- bug / issue corrections. If you want to help us by reporting issues we may not know about, please check this topic : http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=2412404&subject_page=0#answers

- DT gameplay rollback : we will go back on our old and beloved T1 & T2 DT's, and slightly tweak it to achieve a good competitive balance

- DT prizes modification : I cannot go deep into the details as it is not completely defined yet, but here is a little description :
-> no more Cr lottery, we will add a Cr token system
-> you will win Cr tokens according to your rank in a DT / performance
-> you will be able to spend your Cr tokens on Cr packs
-> 1 pack = 1 random Cr
-> there will be several Cr packs ; the higher Cr pack's price, the higher value of the Cr you will obtain by opening it
-> Cr tokens will most certainly NOT be sold in the shop, which means you will have to play one way or another to get a Cr pack
-> a Cr pack will be expensive, so it will take time to get Cr's this way
-> what issues this Cr tokens system solves : a lot less randomness in DT's prize awarding (thus more fairness) ; Cr's (a bit) more accessible, as you will unavoidably get one at some point

- Pack shop rollback / modification : the newest packs we made half a year ago (new Nb, etc.) were controversial. Thus, we are studying a new pack shop, combining the strength of the old and new pack shops to provide you a better offer with a large price range

- a surprise for the beginning of the new year, which will be the starting point of UR's rebirth time

So this was what is coming for sure during the next months. More will come. What is for sure is that UR is going to evolve in many ways and catch up.

edited by Goralion Friday 13/12/2013, 00:15
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English LOA Daigon - last answer from facaletzu, Tuesday 03/12/2013, 11:31.
Greetings. ;-]

Good players, intelligent players, sometimes end up on the wrong side of a bad situation.

Please make sure your accounts are "confirmed". This allows you to change your email address and password, from inside your UR profile. Without this ability, you will have a very difficult time reclaiming your account, should anyone else ever manage to access it.

Go to your player page, here:

Make sure you see "Your account is confirmed and secure." in black bold print, above the tabs.

IF YOU DO NOT, simply click on the link on that same page, to have the confirmation email sent to your registered email address. Click on the link in the email, and you're done.

IF YOU CAN'T access the email address you used when registering, then you MUST send a note to Customer Support.

Use this: http://www.urban-rivals.com/staff/contactus.php

Tell them the old email address, and the 'correct' email address. It would be helpful if you could confirm the last time you purchased credits, by approximate date and amount. They will send you a link to the new email address. Click on it, and you're fine.

1) Avoid less secure free mail clients (i.e. - Hotmail & MSN)
2) NEVER click on suspicious links. Especially those promising something for nothing.
3) Don't give your password to ANYONE. Not your friend, not your guild founder, not a moderator. EVER.

Save yourself the headaches, friends. Confirm your account today. ;-]


P.S. - Once you confirm your account, you may wish to delete any emails with login and password information. This info is best stored offline, in case the email account itself is ever compromised.
15 messages
English Force Majeure - subject is closed
Please read the GAME'S RULES..it will answer most of your questions and will help you in the game..

Where can I get my free Leaders?
-when you reach certain levels, you get free Leader/s, you can check the link in your homepage to get them

Can I create a dual-account or a multi-account?
-that's a big "NO"..duals and multis are not allowed here, we will deal with them as appropriate..using duals and multis for cheating purposes will likely get the duals banned and for repeat offenders, banning of all the accounts will be an option

What are blacklists and how do I avoid them?
-blacklist is a form of sanction you'll be getting when you cross some lines..(you will not be able to send messages, post messages, talk to friends, communication with you will be blocked)
-the most common forms of blacklistable offenses are: direct insults, DT cheating, ELO cheating, scamming, card theft, fixing fights, multi-account usage and others more (basically, the usual negative things that people do, for more info regarding blacklists, contact one of the Mods)..depending on your number of offenses or how big the issue is..we can move further by banning the account..but..as much as possible, we don't want to go there

What is Customer Support and where do I find it?
-suggestions, technical problems, SMS codes, Alopass codes, credit code and card theft problems, are to be directed here
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English Force Majeure - subject is closed
There are several websites out there that promises to give you free clintz, cards, or credits in exchange for your username and password.

here is an example (it was from a Spanish website, translated to English)

Urban Rivals

We have developed a program to create clintz (Urban Rivals of money)
but we have decided quedarnoslo us and not upload to the site by
people who may be abusing the program.

If you want to get clintz free all you have to do is put your data in
the form below with the amount of clintz they need, five minutes later
(which is what it takes to run the program) will have as many as
clintz have.

But there is a ceiling can only be put up 10,000 clintz per day (that
is so that there is no much difference between players of urban
rivals not being noticed much difference).

Username Urban Rivals
Pass Urban Rivals
Number of clintz necessary

-this thread was made to inform you that never under any circumstance do we here at UR would take your username and password for any reason.
-such sites are not from Urban Rivals and it is no way attached to us.
-we do not promote websites such as this and we strongly do not recommend it.
-if you post your Urban Rivals username and password in such a website and you get hacked or the website owner steals your account, you do so at your own risk and we will "NOT RETURN" your losses.
-this is a website likely created just to steal your password.
-for questions and concerns, please contact any of our game Moderators.
2 messages
English TnT_MeRm - subject is closed
Due to the growing number of presets created in the English community. It is just fair for us to state the rules that we follow in regards to them.

This is to clarify why we create presets. Lately, alot of presets have been created for these purposes: Auctions, CR predictions, showing off your collections and etc. These are NOT acceptable.

Presets should ONLY be created for one single purpose. That purpose is to propose deck ideas in the community and use the description to specify the strategy behind the deck.

In the comment page, it is expected for the public to give suggestions, comments and reactions about the deck itself. It shouldn't be used for overly spamming (Discussion that are not in anyway, related to the deck idea).

Presets which are not specifically designed for this purpose will be deleted. If offenses were made in the preset, such as insults in comments, inappropriate titles/ideas and etc, sanction will also be given.

By saying this, we are going be more flexible and allow the following aswell:

- Events/challenges/trivia decks

- Themed decks (Such as tribute decks and fun deck formats --- PROVIDED the actual deck is playable. The players can use the description to do the tribute and fun informations BUT they should also add a bit of information about the deck itself)

- Interesting concept decks (Artworks, difficult star limitations and special abilities, and the likes)
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English Euzebe - subject is closed

Some players are spamming messages giving a link to a website promising clintz, cards and credits.

On this site, people are asked to give their user name and password first.
This kind of sites are ALWAYS created to scam players and steal their password.
If you try to use this kind of sites, you will never get free cards. It's a lie !!
Your own cards will just be stolen few hours after you gave your password.

NEVER give your password to anybody.

168 messages
English Espectroscuro - last answer from Meseta, today at 13:45.
The list of ELO banned characters will be updated on July 28th 2014.

This list may be subject to amendment until Friday 25th.

Click here to view the provisional list of characters banned in ELO mode. Summary of the changes below.

The following cards will be permanently added to the list of ELO banned characters:

Freaks: Bogdan

Jungo: Ongh (up for discussion)

Rescue: Campbell

Pussycats: Diana (up for discussion)

Ulu Watu : Daddy Jones (up for discussion)

The following cards will be permanently removed from the list of characters banned in ELO:

Ulu Watu: Wee Lee (up for discussion)

The proposals take into account the various ELO-related topics in the community forums. They also take into account the mode’s Top 50 most played cards.
5 messages
English Espectroscuro - last answer from 0 Reisuke, today at 12:47.
When Peter kidnaps young Sue and demands a ransom in return, all the Rescue crew members are on red alert! Fortunately, one of Cliff’s new recruits is there to save the day… Well that’s if the Piranas' helmsman manages to get past the Reef of Violent Death on the Koalampur Crash with Bloodh’s vessel.

Below ground, the Riots’ engineer Geo will bring you light, while in his office Proffer Man will plunge you into darkness.

Help Rescue tracker, Wolf, release Sue from the clutches of Raskal, the Piranas’ insane helmsman!

23 messages
English Espectroscuro - last answer from Poison Ivy89, yesterday at 17:58.
A new menace hangs over Clint City: citizens are disappearing…and not coming back. Suspicions weigh heavily upon certain groups, but how can the truth be outed?

Help Mercury, the Pussycats’ renowned photographer, unravel the mystery: are the Riots using Lindsey's snail machines to kidnap them? Could the Vortex Empire be making off with citizens to construct super soldiers in the image of Karnor Ved? Or is it that the Root's strange witch, Nova, has somehow or other bewitched these innocent victims?

Get these characters in the shop's packs

5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Newblood missions by clicking on the Missions tab.
Wednesday 23/07/14

11 messages
English Espectroscuro - last answer from TCA Sollux, Wednesday 23/07, 09:02.
Back from the dead (or very nearly) after some All Stars fans buried her alive for stopping them from putting laxatives in the opposing team’s bottles, Valentina Ld will do everything in her power to put these trouble-makers behind bars. Closely followed by Katja, she is on the trail of the hooligans polluting the Clint City stadium before they spark off a war in the stands.

Valentina Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock its last mission before 21/09/2014 11:59pm

edited by Espectroscuro Friday 18/07, 10:21
Tuesday 22/07/14

160 messages
English Espectroscuro - last answer from TheDoomBug, Tuesday 22/07, 09:25.
EDITED : Here is the list of additions to the list of characters who will be penalized in the DTs, Cards already on the list will stay on the list:

-10 pts




La Junta:


Emeth Cr











-5 pts :


This is a provisional list of changes and may still be subject to amendment from now until Friday July 4th.

This list is based on the DTs +150 points mode of the meta game. In order to make our selection, we consulted hot topics of discussion relating to the DTs as well as data on the cards belonging to the top 50 most played cards in T1 and T2.

Every card in the list has been chosen because it gave players a crucial advantage too early on in the game and in the tournament as a whole.

edited by Espectroscuro Friday 04/07, 10:30
Sunday 20/07/14

50 messages
English elocau - last answer from KronzeZ, Sunday 20/07, 12:56.
It’s time to call on Paul the Octopus or uncover your hidden talents as a bookmaker! It's time to make your predictions and place your bets!

The event will be divided into two parts:

First of all your predictions will be recorded in order to increase your final winnings in the event!
Then you’ll need to play in the designated fight rooms to attain the winnings at the end of the World Cup!

You can place your bets for the final results of the World Cup until July 3rd, then score GOALS until July 12th and win prizes!

edited by elocau Friday 27/06, 16:14
Sunday 13/07/14

175 messages
English Mac_Leod - last answer from - Elkas, Sunday 13/07, 17:42.
Tokenz will give you access to Collectors via the Tokenz wheel.
For the time being you will only be able to win Tokenz in the DTs.
Tokenz can be divided into 3 categories: bronze, silver and gold.
Each category will give you access to a certain number of prizes on the wheel.

Other prizes available on the wheel:
- Common/unusual/rare cards.
- Battle Points
- Clintz
- Free spin
- Xp per character

To try your luck on the wheel, there are 2 betting options:
- 1 Tokenz = a chance to win either 1 Collector or many other prizes.
- 100 Tokenz = 1 guaranteed Cr from among those available in the category selected (bronze, silver or gold).

How Tokenz will be awarded in the DTs:
- 1st: 6 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze
- 2nd: 5 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze
- 3rd: 4 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze
- 4th: 3 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze
- 5th: 2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze
- 6th to 10th: 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze
- 11 to 25: 2 silver, 1 bronze
- 26 to 50: 1 silver, 1 bronze
- 51 to 100: 2 bronze
- 101 to 150: 1 bronze

Happy gaming to you all!

edited by Mac_Leod Wednesday 09/04, 14:32
Thursday 10/07/14

13 messages
English Espectroscuro - last answer from Poison Ivy89, Thursday 10/07, 18:44.
Since the arrival of the Riots in Clint City, strange fashions have hit the streets and all manner of smoking contraptions have taken to the roads. With the Clint City football season in full swing, you might have thought morale in the city would be running high and so it would, were it not for a hooligan on wheels who has taking it upon himself to create all sorts of chaos and commotion. Fortunately, the Sentinel clan are keeping a close eye on things.

Get your hands on the two new Riots characters revealing new technologies from the depths. Challenge Elmer, the raging Berzerk recruit, and confront the rule of Judge Scare, the Sentinel member without a please or thank you to his name.

Get these characters in the shop's packs

5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Newblood missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

edited by elocau Friday 27/06, 15:02
Saturday 05/07/14

4 messages
English Espectroscuro - last answer from Steel X_HoA, Saturday 05/07, 14:23.
Recently shady looking guys have been discreetly sizing up the apartment blocks. Apart from the Riots’ strange contraptions, you can also see Scott Ld spending a lot of time way up high having a fine old time of it thanks to Cliff’s inventions. So Kerry, who could never stand a shirker, has had watchtowers installed so her nephew can spot the innocent victims of the GHEIST and Montana heavies. But given the explosive character of Scott Ld, it’s more likely that he’ll swoop down on the criminals like an eagle rather than go to the Rescue of their victims. Scott Ld is watching over you, citizens of Clint City… well, kinda…

Scott Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before 9/7/2014 23:59:00
Monday 30/06/14

111 messages
English elocau - last answer from Carnage_Time, Monday 30/06, 23:34.
It has just turned ten in the morning and the construction site of the new subway is deserted. Strange machines have begun to emerge from the depths of the earth and Clint City looks on its way to becoming a new center of merciless fighting! Whether you fancy Classic Alley, the ELO District, Tourney Boulevard or the Survivor Skyscraper as your battle-field, the choice is yours!

Dr Van Wesel Ld, legendary character from the Riots clan, is now available for unlocking! Four paths are open to you. Select the one you wish to take to win the new legendary card!

Dr Van Wesel Ld is a new legendary character now available if you carry out one of the four mission options associated with him.
To obtain this character, you must unlock the last mission of one of the four possible options before 07/27/2014.

Don’t forget that once you’ve obtained the LD card, you can still carry out the missions of another option to win new prizes and 10 credits on completion!
Saturday 28/06/14

174 messages
English Mac_Leod - last answer from jerromy, Saturday 28/06, 11:10.
In recent years we’ve simplified the character leveling-up process.
However, in order to make it more interesting, we’ve decided to
introduce a few new changes.

From now on, the XP gauge will only appear after level 20.
The XP increase in this gauge will be limited to 5% of the XP accumulated by fully developed characters.
XP increase for all characters will be significantly reduced
irrespective of their level. In exchange, you will be able to use Clintz
to buy XP.

Why have we made these changes?

Firstly, we think that character leveling-up is one of the most interesting aspects of the game.
However, over the years we had simplified it to such an extent that leveling-up was no longer of any real interest.
This simplification had also had repercussions on the Market, leading to a drop in card values (particularly 5 star cards).
preventing you from accessing the XP gauge too quickly and by making it
harder to fill, we are hoping to reignite your interest in leveling-up
your characters.

We very much hope this boost to XP wins has the desired effect.
Friday 27/06/14

30 messages
English Espectroscuro - last answer from Poison Ivy89, Friday 27/06, 00:53.
With new sporting tournaments taking place all over Clint City despite the recent unrest caused by the Riots, new champions are claiming the limelight in the high-status bowling and volley-ball events that until now have always been in the hands of the All Stars.

Get Fuzzy June, the new Ulu Watu champion and Bridge, the Jungo’s new bowling record-breaker. Will the ancient invasion of the terrible Grouchy make you shake in your boots, or rather the mechanical army of new Riots engineer, Alexandrea?

Get these characters in the shop's packs
5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Newblood missions by clicking on the Missions tab.
Thursday 26/06/14

15 messages
English elocau - last answer from Steel X_HoA, Thursday 26/06, 12:25.
With his last performance having not satisfied Dregn, Fhtagn Ld has sought advice from Heegrn Cr, back in the future. She has sent him to liberate the strength contained in the flag but to do that he must reach the depths of the Valley of Suffering, the Cave of Terror and the Bloody Altar to perform the strange Shagnrgl ritual. In a pitiful but still living state, Fhtagn Ld once more resumes his place on the front line to guide his brothers and perhaps at last manage to make the enemies of the Empire quake in the boots, or at least a little.

Fhtagn Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before August 24th at 11:59 (GMT +2)

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