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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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English TnT_MeRm - subject is closed
Rules: ELO

** Must be Level 15 or over**

1.) Deck composition: 25 Stars Max

Deck composition in ELO is very important in order to succeed in the game. You can either play using a mono-clan (single clan) or bi-clan (two clans). The option is very open and wide for you to pick from, so let your imagination go wild.

→ 1.1) Mono-Clan deck

Many players will go with a mono clan deck if some of their cards are support dependent. What does this mean?

Support ability/bonus - If your card have Support ability/bonus, it will benefit from having other cards from the same clan in your draw.

If using cards like John with ability "Support: Power +1" and you have 3 other card from Sentinel clan in your draw then John's Power increases by 4

→ 1.2) Bi-Clan / 2 Clan decks

In order to make a good deck using 2 different clan decks, you need to ensure to have a well balanced combination. For this to be effective, consider factors such as ability, power, bonus and clan combinations.

Let's explore on this a bit more, Many ELO players I've seen would use combinations like Freaks / Pussycats , Roots / Sakrohm , GHEIST / Sakrohm and many more.

The big question is - how do I know which clans work best with each other?
Unfortunately, there's no specific answer to this question. As I always tell players, it all depends on the strategy when using them.

For example:
[ Freaks / Pussycats ] Strategy: Poison + damage = reduces opponent's life to atleast 3, therefore, Freaks will be used as offence, while the Pussycats will be the defence. Add the ability of cards like Malicia (with + 1 life max 15 when defeated)then you MAY have a good advantage over your opponent

I can go on and on about deck combinations and still would not be able to help everybody find the right combo for them. It would be best if you seek specific advice by posting here in the forum. That way, the other ELO players may be able to assist you with your queries.

→ 1.3) Remember the ELO banned cards: Staff + Player voting system

All cards banned for ELO will be listed here http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/elo/banned_characters.php

2.) Game play strategy

→ 2.1) Pillz use

You can use pillz to multiply your character’s power to the get total attack in your battles. Remember the highest attack wins, so use your pillz wisely.

• You will start off with 12 pillz. It is your decision how you want to spread this out with all your 4 characters in your draw.

• You can also use pillz to add +2 damage to your character by activating “FURY”

A word of advice:
"The most important thing about pillz use is to anticipate how your opponent will play based on your draw and your opponent’s draw...It is not advisable to play 0 pills in your first round each time but do not overpill (more than 6 pills) except in some special occasions. This is because you might face several opponents who 0-1 pill in their early rounds. Hence you must take care that you always use your pills wisely and plan out the game.

Also, if your opponent has 0 pilled round 1 and you have put in 4-5, make sure that you have created sufficient life difference in that round to actually threaten to seal the victory in round 2. Make a relation between the damage you make and the pills you use. Try to not pill too much on cards that do not create a major life gap. This will help your game"

→ 2.2) Strategies

→ 2.2.1) Bluff

Knowing an effective way to bluff is important in all aspects of the game. “A bluff is trying to make your opponent believe you are going to play the obvious way but instead you play offbeat.”

→ 2.2.2) Letting cards through

In your fights you need to weigh if it is worth wasting your pillz trying to beat a very power card or just let it through. Keep in mind that many people might use these cards as a bluff to make you waste your pillz.

→ 2.2.3) Offensive vs defensive game style

In your fight you can either choose to be an offensive player or a defensive one or a combination of both. Offensive game play is done when you use your cards assertively in a battle ensuring you win with these cards. Defensive game play is often played with cards with (- damage as an ability/bonus).

→ 2.3) Taking the Draw

Often times, matches can be guaranteed draws (when both players finish round 4 with the same number of life points). By taking this opportunity, you can avoid losing a lot of points, however you also cannot win lots. This tactic, when used in moderation, can help save you from dropping a lot of points and keep pressing on towards your next ELO goal.

* http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/help/?category=0
* http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=1436732&subject_page=0#answers

PS: If you want to add any information to this thread, please PM me.

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Deutsch dizzzyy {RW} - last answer from ZacharyThomas, today at 06:48.

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English Soiuku - last answer from Shrekmate 1-0, yesterday at 20:46.
Bishop , when I saw this card, he reminds me of a stronger, scarier version of Oshitsune .
Decently fair comparison as Oshitsune is almost the same, but with one less power and no need for Mono and +1 Damage. But, Bishop is a Mono Exclusive card, unlikely to see play outside of Mono.
I get the feeling that while people might Player Ban this character once in a while, that he won't be a threat to any practical / smart players. Why?
---- If this card does make Mono Roots popular, they don't have stellar line-ups for Mono, they have Curlix , Yookie , Tuck , Bishop , Flora , Willow , Maybe Amani , and Maybe Gretchen for useable cards and Flora and Willow are well not that useful in the same hand.
Some might say that Gretchen is good / stable all around. She's only good if you win, just like Amani, and her true potential only shines if she gets her ability, otherwise , you just scored an average hit, and probably had to slap down a few extra pills to do so. Add in that Gretchen is a Life Manip card in a life manip clan, which can be worked around in Mono. not as easily out of Mono, unless dedicated.
Well, Rico, sure, he'll be slipped in with Curlix(3) , Yookie(3) , Tuck(4) , Flora(2) , Bishop (4) , Rico (3) , Ellie (3) , Mikan Moose (2 ) [[Also ideal lineup]]
But then you're stuck with an about average line-up and you'll be squeezed for space.
Do I think this card will really impact Roots? At best, maybe, but probably not.
Do you think he will? I'd love to hear!
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Deutsch dizzzyy {RW} - last answer from TheOPG, yesterday at 17:44.
I know some of you made some experience with them. So I would here your opinions about them!
Is Pericles realy that good? Which 2* is the strongest? I like Kenji, Boomstock is a cool Char. The grandpa is good, especially as bluff, just like Grace. Which is the better 4*? Pr Heartnell or Farman (I think Pr Heartnell, but I didn't played Farman Till now).

And which is the better Clan for them? Piranas for Shitload of pill effects? A but Ctrl (Soa/SoB/etc) like Junkz, Montana, Sakrohm? Maybe Something different?

Please discuss!
Sunday 19/10/14

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English troll4663 - last answer from 0 Sykies, Sunday 19/10, 12:45.
Rolling all up in the hood trying to make a Pussycat/Sakrohm deck, what cards would I use (well Jayuta, Lucy, and Diana are obvious staples but like what else?) and on a scale of 1-10, how viable would you say this combination is?
Saturday 18/10/14

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English Hawkins 12 - last answer from troll4663, Saturday 18/10, 20:31.
Any suggestions for a Piranas/Nightmare deck?i got Artus Pan Cutey Nerfeniti Parmabarb Ahkab Hawkins Selma. i can't think of any better combination..
Friday 17/10/14

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English TheLastMyth - last answer from Soiuku, Friday 17/10, 21:21.
This is my deck currently http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=2780026
Nightmare are one of my favorite clans and i would like to make a better deck i prefer mono so i would like tips on this deck and what strategys i should use i have a high budget besides getting CRs i will also like to keep kenny in the deck as he has some good mind games
also i would like tips on this deck http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/presets/?id_preset=2780804
if i should change anything and what strategys i should use etc..
thanks guys
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English sunbunman - last answer from KitsuneKatsumi, Friday 17/10, 04:47.
Piranas / Junkz with heavy dependence on pill manip, winning through winning 3/4 rounds in a game

Pirated Copy

A more aggressive Junkz / GHEIST build less pill manip for more damage

Cyber Crime

Dawn is amazing.
Thursday 16/10/14

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ελληνικά Apsofistos - last answer from TheOPG, Thursday 16/10, 03:14.
Hi guys.So i am thinking to sell all my hurracan collection and
i will take about 105.000 clintz. I want to build a nice elo deck
with attack manipulation.I am between Montana / Uppers / Sentinels.

The questions :
1) Shall i keep hurracans?( Missing only Noctezuma)
2) Which of the 3 faction are u suggesting and why?
3) Any other suggestion
4) Which of the 3 factions i mention before u think will be more expensive in the future?

*For more infos : Got all Gheists / Bangers / Berzerks

Ty for ur time
Monday 13/10/14

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English Cakeman Icing - last answer from 0_Raulken, Monday 13/10, 12:35.
There seems to be alot of preset threads...Why not post them here?
Thursday 09/10/14

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Português 0 Sykies - last answer from troll4663, Thursday 09/10, 12:56.
I haven't played these guys in a long run, mostly because of the Lizbeth ban. I may try them again this week because Mona is unbanned and I need something to counter those Montana.
Which are the clans they have the best synergy with? Should I go for a defensive, offensive or pill manip half? Selma, Ahkab or Bloodh?
Tuesday 07/10/14

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English Key-kun - last answer from teSG-Light, Tuesday 07/10, 15:24.
I just logged back in after a few months (maybe close to a year) so I'm very rusty.

Junkz is the clan for which I have the most amount of characters, so I was looking for a good half with 'em in ELO.

I just bought D4 Funk.

5* - Maazk, Fuzz (oh nope he is banned)
4* - Eebiza, Gibson, Qubik
3* - Tremoth, Stiko, Jiro, Romana, Lolly, Onik, Keanew, D4 Funk
2* - Dreen, Veenyle Cr, Flanagan
Monday 06/10/14

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English Shrekmate 1-0 - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Monday 06/10, 11:20.
Not permabanned, not player banned but the staff would pick some cards for lulz and ban them. Or am I imagining it?
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English chakkal2001 - last answer from A-Trak, Monday 06/10, 04:57.
Hi all,

I have seeing lately, around in 80% of my ELO games, that people use the lame tactic of not pilling at all the first and second cards used, using only low star cards or DRs, and save pillz for the latter to make a shot with high-damaging cards.

Not that I am complaining, that makes the game very predictable and I like to use Freaks and Pussycats decks so I'm prone on creating big large gaps and leave them with a moron face for not pilling. But man, I swear during all this day I have seen it in 4 out of 5 matches played, and it's begginin to be more tiresome than having to face La Junta and Rescue mono-decks every single game.

Is it only me which I am seeing things?
Sunday 05/10/14

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English RetroMeltdown - last answer from teSG-Light, Sunday 05/10, 13:46.
Hey guys,

I haven't played Urban Rivals for quiet sometime. However, I'd like to play again and hopefully competitively. I have a big budget, I can purchase clintz and currently reselling a card for over 100k profit. I'd like to play a mono but if there's strong combo decks out, I'm open to it. I like SOA and SOB decks but, since I haven't played in a long time, I'm pretty much open to anything and just playing. Anyone can help me out? General tips welcome aswell.

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English troll4663 - last answer from teSG-Light, Sunday 05/10, 13:40.
2 messages
English SYG_Chaos - last answer from SYG_Chaos, Sunday 05/10, 13:07.
46 messages
English Shrekmate 1-0 - last answer from WMDuessel, Sunday 05/10, 12:37.
Friday 03/10/14

3 messages
English -0-broseidon - last answer from joseph_27, Friday 03/10, 06:47.
Thursday 02/10/14

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English pedrakkk - last answer from Shrekmate 1-0, Thursday 02/10, 15:15.
Hello everybody,

I stopped playing a long time ago and I found my self with my collection increased in value. Now I have a 100k budget to invest, and the playing mode I like the most is ELO.

What I am asking to you is how to spend these clintz properly. Not only buying a deck but a set of cards that can make me competitive every week. Even suitable for tournaments with minor changes. I hope to have any suggestion. Thanks.

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