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Business men and women talk here.
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6 messages
Português Anne_Smile_18 - last answer from Tazzino_GK, yesterday at 01:10.
Send proposals by private message.

Monday 20/10/14

3 messages
English XC Levi 69 - subject is closed

My Tessa Cr (850k) + Ombre Cr 0xp (350k) + Dounia Cr (290k) + Tanaereva Cr (300k) = 1.79m
For your : Berserkgirl Cr (850k) + Rass Cr (900k) = 1.75mil

I'm only looking for these crs at the moment, however if you have one of them (and not both) i can change the trade a little bit

PM me
3 messages
ελληνικά -Tatsumaki- - subject is closed
Looking to trade Miss Twice Cr 0xp (430k), Shawoman Cr 0xp (950k), Tanaereva Cr 0xp(320k)
for Sum Sam Cr(1.2m) Armanda Cr(1.4m) or NDololo Cr(920k)

pm me
1 message
Looking to trade Rolph 0 xp for a fully leveled Rolph.

Just PM me for quick response.
5 messages
English XC Levi 69 - subject is closed
11 messages
English 0 Angel_TNT - last answer from Tazzino_GK, Monday 20/10, 13:45.
Selling/Trading My Level 4 Jackie Cr

You can offer other cr or any high value cards also clintz.
4 messages
English -Legendatwork - subject is closed

I would like to sell/trade my Sum Sam Cr (1250k) and Miss Twice Cr (390k).

Looking for-
1) Lamar Cr
2) Cash

Have a nice day!
2 messages
Português PAD_Pedro - last answer from reyn214, Monday 20/10, 11:30.

I want:
- Geo 0xp/full (210/180)
- Molder 0xp/full (400/350)
- Kenjy 0xp/full (350/300)
- Reeplay 0xp/full (550/480)
- Alexandrea 0xp/full (950/850)
- De Couture 0xp/full (1000/950)
- Boomstock 0xp/full (3900/3600)
- Pr Hartnell 0xp/full (4000/3700)
- Grouchy 0xp/full (11000/10000)
- Octana 0xp/full (18500/17500)

I can also trade for Madelone 0xp (10700)

Via VP

1 message
English 01 NaNo - subject is closed

I trade my Guru Cr 9,1M vs your DJ Korr Cr 9M + 100k (+5%)

Thank you
Sunday 19/10/14

3 messages
English 0 Perku_CO - last answer from 0 Perku_CO, Sunday 19/10, 19:58.
Hi everybody i would like sell/trade my Beltran Cr 0xp valuate in 340 k
cash 320 k
i m interested in Charlie Noctezuma Pericles etc ty
2 messages
English -A-gruzia - subject is closed
Hi,I trade my Lyse Teria Cr 0xp for a Lyse Teria Cr full and a complement of 15k
3 messages
English (DJ)WaZzA - last answer from Squirtroll, Sunday 19/10, 18:18.
Hey, i sell 1400 Naliah 0xp at 3000 /cad (market is 3400) contact moi
1 message
I pay 4300 for a 0xp and 4000 for a full in private sales.

I'm also looking for lots. I've got crs to trade in return
2 messages
English brahmaman - last answer from SPT rozzo, Sunday 19/10, 14:45.

I am looking for General Cr. Which I value at 8.8m

I can offer the following:

50 slyth cr 0xp (72k each) 3.6m
8 vickie full xp (620k each) 4.96m
+ 300k clintz
total: 8.86m
7 messages
English - Pillman - subject is closed
Hi everyone,

I wanna sell or trade my A Award Cr 0xp (320k) and my Vickie Cr Full Xp 620k

Please contact me,if you're interested!

P.S.: I'm not interested in lots,so don't waste your time.

Thank You!
1 message
ZacharyThomas - subject is closed
145 Lindsey 0xp 7k/e

à la recherche de:

Wendel 0xp 5k/e

Chan 0xp 3.3k/e

pm me
2 messages
English MaxStriker01 - last answer from MUZETZU, Sunday 19/10, 04:28.
I would to trade my Vickie Cr for Sera M1, Vera, Ruru, Tomoe, Liona, Grace, Sasi Lovelace, Christelle, Kreen Cr or the current market price (clintz).
5 messages
English UR_Genie - last answer from UR_Genie, Sunday 19/10, 00:23.
I have 597 Anibal up for sale

I value them at
3.8k per full (204)
4k per 0xp (393)

Total comes to: 2347200

I can agree to a flat 2300k in secure trade for the whole lot.

I am also looking for Crs preferably full and not 0xp and other miscellaneous collections of cards like Dregn, Tsubami, Kolos, Numar, GraksmxxT, Lizbeth and other such rares and uncommons.
Saturday 18/10/14

6 messages
English 01 NaNo - subject is closed
I trade 70 Cortez 0xp 4M900k (70k/each)

I research crs or cash.
Pm me
7 messages
English warandchaos - subject is closed
I'm having problems with a few of the free credit suppliers.
Mainly on the things which require me to download or go play a game on their site.
Has anyone else been experiencing this? It is really annoying as i have 19 credits...

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