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1 message
English AKP Padrino - subject is closed

I buy 1 Guru Cr at 8 700 000 clintz cash .

1 message
Español Tatsuya Shiba - subject is closed
Hello everyone! I currently have:

6 Dounia Cr full, which i value in 288k each one.

I'm looking for these cards anda that's their value:

Emeth Cr 80k
Smokey Cr 99k
Dalhia Cr 115k
Blaaster Cr 158k
Kalindra Cr 175k
Swidz Cr 175k
Caelus Cr 183k
Jackie Cr 238k
Alec Cr 255k

I don't care if is 0xp or full

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English Eric WMD - last answer from Eric WMD, yesterday at 20:20.
I have

60 Beeboy 26k/head

33 Jean 4.5k/head

504 Arkn 4k/head

2 Kolos 55K/head

I want

Kerozinn Cr 750K

Tessa Cr 840K

Dragan Cr 1M

Splata Cr 800K

Lamar Cr 820K

Miss Twice Cr 420K

Dounia Cr 270K

Alec Cr 250K

Kenny Cr 80K

Vickie Cr 615K

Sigmund Cr 700K

Ndololo 900K

Sum Sam 1M250

PM or Post here for negotiation. Thanks
1 message
English RAMZYxUK - subject is closed
My Miss Twice Cr, Kolos, Charlie, Yayoi and Sera M1+20K Clintz for your Vickie Cr

1 message
I wanna get my hands on Lizbeth.

I have the following cards to trade: X-0DUS, Rad, Raven.

We can make any deal involving the mentioned cards + clintz.

PM please.
2 messages
English AKP_Kaiser - subject is closed
Hello all, i sell 23 Liona 0xp 11950/each PV
2 messages
English AKP_Kaiser - subject is closed
I add 20k for your Dounia Cr 0xp or 15k + Havok full
3 messages
English Coolest Asian - last answer from Coolest Asian, yesterday at 09:37.
5x Marco 0 exp and 1 full and 3 Edd Cr (full)
I'm only interested cr because I don't like bulk of nonsense prices......
5 messages
English HarleyxQuinn - subject is closed

I want to sell or trade my Edd Cr (full xp)
I value him 40k
I am looking for:
-All Stars

P.s. I have 2 Edd Cr so if you have a bigger/better offer i can always give you my 2 Edd Cr.
7 messages
English sch0rz - last answer from Coolest Asian, yesterday at 07:41.
I want to trade following cards for Lyse Teria Cr that I value 6.7M

Scarlett Cr 1450k
Sum Sam Cr 1250k
Shawoman Cr 950k
Berserkgirl Cr 870k
Splata Cr 810k
Melissa Cr 535k
Miss Twice Cr430k
Ombre Cr 390k

All of them are 0xp

pm if interested
5 messages
English ItsBasic - last answer from ItsBasic, yesterday at 02:53.
I AM NOT SELLING ANY CARDS OR TRADING THEM FOR ANY OTHER CARS THEN Jackie Cr Do not pm me if not interested in making a trade for Jackie Cr.

I am trading all these cards for 1 Jackie Cr. Please Pm Me If interested.
Trade will be held In A Secure Trade


25 639 Clintz
Sah Brinak 1 12 000 Clintz
Stompah 1 10 000 Clintz
Windzy 1 1 439 Clintz
Yodd 1 2 200 Clintz

La Junta

47 403 Clintz
Arnie 1 18 900 Clintz
Brianna 1 9 400 Clintz
Curtiss 1 1 030 Clintz
Davis 1 750 Clintz
Naginata1 13 450 Clintz
Nahomi 1 3 500 Clintz
Scooty 1 373 Clintz


47 353 Clintz
Amiral Coco 1 6 899 Clintz
Andsom 1 1 420 Clintz
Baba 1 787 Clintz
Cyan 1 200 Clintz
Hawkins 1 14 000 Clintz
Parmabarb 1 13 499 Clintz
Raeth 1 9 650 Clintz
Tyd 1 898 Clintz

114 399 Clintz
Charlie 1 50 815 Clintz
Clover Noel 1 318 Clintz
Diana 1 10 999 Clintz
Effie 1 450 Clintz
Louise 1 9 300 Clintz
Lucy 1 4 295 Clintz
Samia 1 328 Clintz
Selina 1 3 894 Clintz
Yayoi 1 34 000 Clintz
Thursday 23/10/14

2 messages
ZacharyThomas - last answer from ZacharyThomas, Thursday 23/10, 21:56.
Im in need of a full one.

swap anyone?

no compliment wanted of course
3 messages
Português 0 Collector - subject is closed
Ma Berserkgirl Cr


Vickie Cr (630k) + 250k négociable

Kerozinn Cr (740k) + 150k négociable
1 message
I have Marlysa Cr (1.4M) Dragan Cr (1M) / Elya Cr (750K) / Swidz Cr (200K) / Seldonr Cr (150K) all full xp

I want cash or other proposes, pm!
4 messages
Português Anne_Smile_18 - subject is closed
Hi everyone,

I wanna sell or trade my Dragan Cr full (950k)

Please contact me,if you're interested!

P.S.: I'm not interested in lots,so don't waste your time.

Thank You!
4 messages
English BORTUKALI - last answer from SPT rozzo, Thursday 23/10, 14:04.
Looking for offers on my Scarlett Cr and Manon Cr.

Scarlett Cr 0xp --> 1,400,000
Manon Cr 0xp --> 1,200,000

I am currently looking for:

Kerozinn Cr Full exp --> 770,000

Marlysa Cr Full exp --> 1,450,000

Lamar Cr Full exp --> 820,000


Possible Fillers:


Tanaevara Cr Full Exp --> 310k

Alec Cr Full Exp --> 260k

Caelus Cr Full Exp --> 180k

Kalindra Cr Full Exp --> 180k

! Not looking for more than one copy of each card !

Offer by PM in game, Lowballs ignored/bld.

Might take some time to make a decision, i will let you know if interested.
11 messages
English Spykeiartist - subject is closed
I am willing to buy your Robb Cr (full xp) for 64k
don't worry there's a catch
i will give you a free avatar too...i value my avatars at 6k each...
check out my gallery in my profile.
PM me if anyone is interested
Wednesday 22/10/14

3 messages
English XC Levi 69 - last answer from RAMZYxUK, Wednesday 22/10, 21:30.
Hi guys, selling my 0xp Tomoe for 7780 each if you want a few - check market.

Otherwise PM me and I can sell all (remaining) as a bulk for 7.6k for them all.

I have 198 at the time of this post.

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