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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Tuesday 20/05/14

6 messages
English MathewM354 - subject is closed
Join Lifeline because we have swag!

• Players usernames must contain "vVv" in the beginning, which symbolizes the lifeline seen on a heartbeat monitor.
• Be a fairly active player.
• Recommended be from the United States and have an American flag.


edited by ArtemisBZ Friday 16/05, 13:59
Monday 19/05/14

2 messages
English ToXic-VeNoM - subject is closed
PM Me Or Say Below!
Sunday 18/05/14

1 message
English head thrasher - subject is closed
THIS IS A NEW GUILD looking for active members

there are no current level requirements or standards for joining

message Head Thrasher or werewolfCR for information
2 messages
English J-TRI - subject is closed
Come check out a great, competitive yet fun guild for members from all over the globe! We have been running strong for 6 months+, and have kept up an active community where we share tips where all levelled members can learn from!

Our few requirements are:
•Must be above level 30
•Must speak English
•Must be active on both the game and our forums
•Must respect all UR members

Why should you join us?
You see on all the guild recruitment threads things like 'Join us we give aways cards', and that is the only unique point in the guild. At , that is the just one of the things that we have. Apart from giving away cards, and clintz, holding lottos with over 50k jackpots, games where thousands of clintz can be won, we provide the best thing possible in Urban Rivals,a friendly community where with in a few days you would know most of the members, and by simply posting on our forums or pm'ing a member at you would receive the best advice for your deck to get the best game play!

Sounds good?
Comfort In Sound

edited by ArtemisBZ Sunday 18/05, 06:01
5 messages
English head thrasher - subject is closed
Looking for ACTIVE family members
There are no other requirements needed to submit an application

contact Head Thrasher if you have questions.

edited by ArtemisBZ Sunday 18/05, 05:44
6 messages
English Dridoune - subject is closed
Hello guys,
I'm a french player looking for a guild

Since 2010 I am on UR and I can do:
500 DM per week
(10) survivor every week easy
(5) survivor ELO every week easy

tchating, flux, forum....
I will choose what are the guilds wich interest me

enjoy gg
Saturday 17/05/14

3 messages
English Mirak20 - subject is closed

We speak Russian,Hebrew,English,Czech.

Our criteria are missing.
2)Сonstant activity
3)Desire to contribute to the development of the guild

Shoame-Сreated by the guild.
mirak20-Events and Issues Forum.
10 messages
English SOURAV PATRA - subject is closed
WE Straw_hat_crew are trying to back with our superb performance once again....and for that we need comrade's strength....so hereby we are recruiting...there is no level limit....any one can join us....no country priority...au people from any country is welcome....and here is our deal...WHOEVER OVER LEVEL 30 WILL JOIN FIRST WILL BE PROMOTED AS ADMIN IN OUR GUILD


edited by ArtemisBZ Wednesday 14/05, 13:50
Thursday 15/05/14

3 messages
English AWildZangoose - subject is closed
Hello! I am trying to recruit for my new guild titled Flashback.
I would like to bring in fans of games of the past.

Treat everyone with respect.
Decently active.
Good Fair Play rating.

edited by ArtemisBZ Thursday 15/05, 05:04
Wednesday 14/05/14

1 message
Deutsch DUC-aesian69 - subject is closed
Hi all,

We are an old guild existing from 05/11/2010 and we were slowly dying.
Will you be the person to help us grow again and be again an active guild.
Well don't hesitate to contact us and to join us.
Few requirements are needed to join:
- Level 20+
- And be active

Good luck to you all

de lage landen

edited by UM_AaaBattery Wednesday 14/05, 21:37
Saturday 10/05/14

5 messages
Español -DeadlyRick-3 - subject is closed
Looking to join one about to b e lv 15 iam on everyday most of the day on plse I need a good guild
Wednesday 07/05/14

2 messages
English warandchaos - subject is closed
What are the uses of a guild? are they just somewhere to socialize?
Sunday 04/05/14

6 messages
No Shiki - subject is closed
Hi this is my latios, I'm French but I'd rather join a guild English.

I'm looking for a small guild (small community) who need my help.

I play exclusively in elo. I also looking for a guild without headaches. This thank you oh yeah I'd like a guild where I can have a girlfriend

Thanks you
18 messages
English wghheghfuehui - subject is closed

looking for a group of kickass active people ,who just wanna enjoy life
you just gotta be lvl 15 or above

1) you gotta be crazy
2) you gotta dance like a drunk man
3) you have to be potty trained
4) you have to be active

Join up people and have the time of your life
1 message
English muckey - subject is closed
The guild is still recruiting and will never shoot down any applicants, we will base acceptance to everyone with consideration.

edited by ArtemisBZ Sunday 04/05, 05:27
2 messages
English muckey - subject is closed
Looking for a guild where you can be yourself, join the forgotten. Everyone welcome. If you want a new guild, have been rejected from a guild, or just want some regulars to battle, it's all here
Friday 02/05/14

2 messages
English king007forever - subject is closed
This guild is being made to start the the creation of top players. We will level up together and become a legit ad strong team. Join if you want to be the best!

edited by ArtemisBZ Friday 02/05, 04:22
Thursday 01/05/14

2 messages
English wghheghfuehui - subject is closed
Hi i want to trade my

Emeth Cr full xp (80k)
Hawkins ( 14.5 k )
2 x Curlix 0xp ( 11k each)
2x Magnar 0xp ( 5.2k each)

for :
matimah 0xp ( 3k each )

on oppers of 20 or more matimah i will gift you a free card of my choice
Tuesday 29/04/14

2 messages
English (RAP) - subject is closed
Hey friend, how r u,
, jooin this guild
i need working players onlyy
2 messages
English wghheghfuehui - subject is closed
Hi im going on a tour of all guilds

so if yo woulnt mind me visiting you guild could you please post here

thx to everyone

and dont worry i wont leak any of your guild secrets

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