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Thursday 02/10/14

3 messages
English General Bose - last answer from General Bose, Thursday 02/10, 12:45.
1 message
160x Windzy for 2k each thats main price PM me
4 messages
English 0 rionshoot - subject is closed
77 Curlix full xp for Marlysa Cr
1 message
ZacharyThomas - subject is closed
1 message
Im lokking for Melissa Cr , Jim Cr , Dragan Cr .
if you have any two or three i will compensate the difference .
Wednesday 01/10/14

2 messages
English {Titan} - subject is closed
Im looking for a Dregn for 65k
3 messages
English Rhys is dabest - subject is closed
I will be selling a heap of characters of mine, all over 10,000 clintz each for real life money through PayPal. If interested in buying any, get in contact with me and i will let you know what I have and I will let you make an offer.
Thankyou, let me know.
5 messages
ελληνικά - DoO - - subject is closed
Hi there. Here's what i'm offering :

40 x Zatman full (31k each)

50 x Spyke 0 exp (30k each)

34 x Curlix 0 exp (14,5k each)

70 x Vermaire 0 exp (12,5k each)

I'm Looking for (any xp) :

-Marlysa Cr (1,35M) [in priority]
-Elya Cr (620k)
-Sigmund Cr (600k)
-Rass Cr / Berserkgirl Cr / Shawoman Cr / NDololo Cr / Flavio Cr (800 k)

These are my estimations and if u want to trade something, you can go by it!

Thank you mods
17 messages
English - Pillman - subject is closed
Hello everyone

- As the title says I want to trade the following Collectors: - 2x Vickie Cr Full Xp 607k/e
- 2x Blaaster Cr 0xp 145k/e
- Dalhia Cr Full Xp 95k
- Caelus Cr 0xp 179k
- I'm interested ONLY in Collectors:- Diyo Cr: 89k
- Geuner Cr: 90k
- Seldnor Cr: 100k
- Cassio Cr: 88k
- Page Cr: 80k
- Also,I will trade one of the Vickie's + 5k for the 0xp version

- I will accept only the 0xp version of each Cr mentioned above

- If you have any other offers (with Cr's only) please post here or just PM me

Thank You!
6 messages
Deutsch Free Beer - last answer from Free Beer, Wednesday 01/10, 15:03.
Hi everyone! I am going to sell these cards:

-23 Noctezuma 0 exp (77k/each)
-4 Smokey Cr 0 exp (95k/each)
-4 Robb Cr 0 exp (72k/each)

I'm looking for cash, playable crs and as many Dounia Cr 0 exp as possible.

For every offer or information, pm me.

Thanks for your attention
1 message
English Tazzino_GK - subject is closed
Sell :
Splata Cr full xp 800k
Search only cash thanks
1 message
Hello I want to trade or sell my lots of

Mahimata x25 0xp (2400 each)


Yodd X25 0xp (2100 each)


Splata Cr full (810000)


You make an offer. I'm looking for caelus if that helps
4 messages
English lord of war 15 - last answer from lord of war 15, Wednesday 01/10, 01:41.
I have 25 Oyoh Full
for trade or for sell
Im looking for Cr
3 messages
Español Vural11 - last answer from Vural11, Wednesday 01/10, 01:26.
Only 1 time. pm me if you interested
1 message
English lord of war 15 - subject is closed
Im looking for those 7 cards
Those 7 cards represent 85 000 clintz
So im offering you 25 Oyoh ( 102500 clintz)+ 2500 clintz to have a nice number of 10 500 clintz
1 message
English Dr_Censored - subject is closed
Hi, i want to trade my General Cr 0exp (8.5m) for your Guru Cr any exp (9m).
I can add Kalindra Cr full exp (170k) + 200k cash.

Contact me if you're interested
Tuesday 30/09/14

1 message
Hello. I want to exchange my Splata Cr 0 xp for your Vickie Cr + 200k.
2 messages
English 0_AAR - last answer from 0_AAR, Tuesday 30/09, 21:42.
Hi, I'm looking for Scarlett Cr and Dragan Cr to complete my collection.

I value Scarlett Cr at 1,3M and Dragan Cr at 940K

What I'm able to offer you:

250 Spyke 0xp (32k/t)
90 Zatman 0xp (32k/t)
190 Wee Lee 0xp (32k/t)
100 Marina 0xp (35k/t)
40 Dagg 0xp (24k/t)
50 XU52 (20k/t)

Just tell me what you're interested in, so we can make a deal.

PM me for faster response
3 messages
English Jamox360 - subject is closed
I have a Miss Twice Cr 0xp, which I value at 310k (cash) or 330k (cards)

I will consider all offers you have

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