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Friday 05/09/14

1 message
I was little off from the game and consequently, I couldn't get Dounia... Now, for the average UR player, this wouldn't be a major problem, we all (almost all) have cards that we missed out and don't have, but to me, this is a major problem because: I have always loved Skeelz, and have had the full clan for a long time, always get the new cards, but now... that thing is worth 300k+ clintz atm... I will never get that card in normal situations, as I don't want to sell a bunch of valuable cards just so I can get one...
SO, HERE'S THE DEAL: I have a LOT of cards (97% of all collection), and I want to know if anyone is willing to Trade Dounia (someone who has copies,doubles) for any other card. Just say the card you want, and I will see if i have it and reply wether i take the deal or not. WARNING: I don't have the "big guns" of the game,any 300k+ clintz are the ones out of my collection
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English MR BACON - subject is closed
Im looking for

Splata (800k) and around 1mil clintz
or Splata (800k) Tess(800k) and around 300-400k clintz
or Splata and copies of 0xp Alec Cr
1 message
I want change my lot 13 Copper Cr 0xp 85k/t=1m105k Vs 5 Jackie Cr 0xp 221k/t= 1M105k

I have lots of Tameshi, Naliah et Rekved to changer by Jackie Cr 0xp
1 message
Hey, i sell 200 Graven (6000 /cad) and 00 Aaaron 0xp 5250 /cad
Mp me
1 message
English AssoDiCuori - subject is closed
Helo to everybody i'm looking for 1 DJ Korr Cr for him i offer:

Lyse Teria Cr (7m)+ 50 Noodile Cr (900k)+ Splata Cr (820k) +100 Qubik 0exp (1.1m)

we will trade in private sale or with a mod

if you are interested contact me

1 message
English AssoDiCuori - subject is closed
Hello to everybody i sell or trade the following cards:

♥ 50 Noodile Cr ( 30 full+20 0exp) 18k/each
Splata Cr full 820k
Splata Cr 0exp 830k
♥ 100 Qubik 0exp 11k/each
♥ 55 Hemdall 0exp 21k/each

i can accept:

cr playables like Jackie Cr 208k, Tanaereva Cr 310k, Kerozinn Cr 680k etc etc
for Hemdall , Qubik and Noodile Cr i can accept also some cr not playbles

if you are interested contact me

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English Kurrt - subject is closed
I can change or sell these cards:
Copper Cr
Jakson, John, Owen

I am interested for the clan Rioots. Good carts and change plis.
1 message
Hey, i trade Dragan Cr Full (900k) + 20k for 3 Dounia Cr Cr Full (310k)
If you are interested ask me
5 messages
English INF-kamkta17 - last answer from Artemis-BZ, Friday 05/09, 06:20.
I have over 400 of the games cards including every clan except sakhrom, Rescue, Roots and Uppers. I have good cards from most of the clans like Don, Avola, Naginata, Lizbeth, lost Hogg cr, Vermyn N, Charlie, Buck, Lulabee etc so if interested in getting lots of good cards message. Best offers win
10 messages
English bokneehog - last answer from Spykeiartist, Friday 05/09, 04:03.
Hey guys, I have 8x Hawk 0xp that I value at 14.5k each.
I'm looking to trade them for a Kenny Cr and Robb Cr (60k each).
I will consider other offers as well, PM me
1 message
English CN Mafioso - subject is closed
My Tanaereva Cr full +30k, for your Dounia Cr 0xp
5 messages
Deutsch L4F-Durrrr 88 - last answer from INF-kamkta17, Friday 05/09, 01:36.
Hi Guys,
i wanna trade / sell:
Dragan Cr full (925k)
Tanaereva Cr full (315k)

I'm looking for Cash or following Cards:

Leviatonn 0 xp (22k)
Dounia Cr 0 xp (210k)
Jackie Cr 0 xp (210k)
Mona 0 xp (52k)
Tomoe 0 xp (6k)
Striker 0xp (29k)

Pm me
5 messages
English Goopillz gS - last answer from Solidus Fox, Friday 05/09, 00:39.
I'm looking for 13 Dounia Cr Oxp and I'm offering 52 Sylth Cr Oxp or 4 Sylth per Dounia
Thursday 04/09/14

2 messages
English TLO Nathan - last answer from OC Titan, Thursday 04/09, 23:14.
Hi guys im looking to buy Pilzken
message me your offers.
5 messages
English Squirtroll - last answer from Squirtroll, Thursday 04/09, 22:52.
Looking for around 9.2m, taking most offers into consideration, although i am not accepting any sort of unplayables.

also looking for dounia lots
4 messages
English (ATL)ProbleM - last answer from CriCri_G, Thursday 04/09, 22:41.
Hey, i Trade 281 Graven full (6500) for:
Mp me ty
3 messages
English TLO Nathan - subject is closed
Hi guys im currently selling Peeler on the market and its the cheapest on there need the clintz as soon as possible
3 messages
English SPARKO 7 - last answer from SPARKO 7, Thursday 04/09, 17:03.
I have 2 Lost Hog Cr (full xp) and 3 sakura ( 2 0 xp and 1 full xp). i am willing to trade cards for Blaaster Cr or (Mona , Avola , Don , Waller , Milovan , Moses , Oscar and Filomena)
3 messages
English 0-King Julian - last answer from Goopillz gS, Thursday 04/09, 16:08.
Like the title says, I am looking to trade my Spyke 0 xp for a Lamar Cr. I offer 27 Spyke 0 xp.

Not looking for any other cards. Please PM if interested. Thanks!
3 messages
English TOMduude - subject is closed
Hey guys, i write to this vast community to talk about a game, avatar fight hd, for your android or iphone, its a online battle game with millions of international players, its a great game, simple and enjoyable with guilds weapons trades and an active community.

i run the guild #125 in the world on there and i invite you guys to play, its totally FREE although you can topup, but if your interested in being ahed of the rest on there i can help you as i am in a good position!

PM me for any details you want guys please

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