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Sunday 05/10/14

3 messages
English RAMZYxUK - last answer from MadLampy, Sunday 05/10, 14:22.
I have 8 bristones that i would like to trade for some bezerk cards:


I can add 4k coins to make up for the Taylor

6 messages
English Cyber - last answer from Cyber, Sunday 05/10, 14:15.
100 Stompah 0 xp - 10k per head
100 Dave 0 xp - 1.1k per head
100 Waller 0 xp - 500 per head
100 Hindelga 0 xp - 13.5k per head
30 Qubik 0 xp - 12k per head
20 Cliff 0 xp - 5k per head

I am looking for playable collectors, staple cards, cash. I am not looking for any cards in particular so I'm keeping it general. Feel free to send me PM with your offers. Thank you.
20 messages
English lemme win - subject is closed
Starting price : 500 clintz
buy now price : 1000000000000000

MY NAME MAKES YOU A MASTER AT 69 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

end date : 9/10/14

* t&c apply , the use of my name is not permitted even if you buy it , unless you pay the buy now price
1 message
Selling 160x Windzy ( 71x full xp 89x 0xp ) and 300x Taljion ( 136 full xp and 6x lv2 158x 0 xp )

Windzy going for 2.1k each unless you buy all togethere ill go for 2k

Taljion 2k each unless you buy all of them together i would be going for 1.8k

this is last price's i may trade if you can offer something fair
3 messages
English XC Levi 69 - last answer from XC Levi 69, Sunday 05/10, 04:03.
I search Marlysa Cr 1.32m any xp
i propose Sum Sam Cr 0xp 1.2m + 120k cash!
2 messages
English Faint Man - last answer from Faint Man, Sunday 05/10, 03:26.
X258 Linda 0 exp
X16 or x15 Linda full exp
x400 Jody full exp
x20 Yayoi full exp (1 0 exp)
Interested in Lamar Cr,Splata Cr,Kerozinn Cr and Marlyssa Cr.
Saturday 04/10/14

5 messages
English CN Mafioso - subject is closed
2 messages
English Dr_Censored - subject is closed
How in the title,
I trade a Kiki Cr 0exp (9.2m) and a blonde Lyse Teria Cr 0exp (7m)

Guru Cr any exp (9m)
playable crs like: Marlysa Cr (1.3m) Splata Cr (800k) Tessa Cr (800k) Lamar Cr (820k) Kerozinn Cr (660k) Vickie Cr (630k)
I don't accept lots

If you're intersted, contact me here or for mp
4 messages
English lemme win - subject is closed
I have :
1 Clive0xp( 13.5k ) and 2 Irene(0xp(1.2k) for sale

im also willing to trade a Irene 0xp for full xp
10 messages
ελληνικά - DoO - - subject is closed
Hi there, as the title says i'm looking for the full version + compliment :

1) Dwain Cr 0 exp for full + 5k

2) Nahi Cr 0 exp for full + 5k

via ps. thx mods!

3) Manon Cr 0 exp for full + 15k

4) Lyse Teria Cr 0 exp for full + 25k

5) Kiki Cr 0 exp for full + 25k
46 messages
English DA-Farfa- - subject is closed
Hello !

I offer you a nice trade :
- 1 Clive 0xp (me) VS 1 Grouchy 0xp (you)

I am looking for 100 Grouchy

Put them directly in my PS and I send you Clive back

Have a good game !
4 messages
ZacharyThomas - last answer from ZacharyThomas, Saturday 04/10, 06:14.
4x Ongh full 62k
2x Graks 0xp 57k
2x Noctezuma full 78k
5x Uranus 2 full 3 0xp 22k
1x Dounia Cr full 290k

looking for cash only.
1 message
I am looking for Dorian
I can trade it for 6 Oyoh
Friday 03/10/14

1 message

I would like to sell or trade my 20 Mefisto of mixed experience.

I can sell them for 15k/e or trade them at 16k/e

I am willing to trade for almost anything, but I prefer collectors
2 messages
English ChaosDragon88 - subject is closed
Hello, I'm trying to finish my collector collection.

I would like to trade my Lyse Teria Cr 0 exp - around 7 M value

I need:
Berserkgirl Cr - around 0.85 M
Flavio Cr - around 0.95 M
NDololo Cr - around 0.9 M
Armanda Cr - around 1.6 M

+ something else to cover the rest of the price of Lyse.

Each offer must contain at least 3 of those 4 collectors I need. Preferably all of them.

Post offers here or by pm.

Thanks mods
2 messages
English New_BuSi - last answer from New_BuSi, Friday 03/10, 18:03.

100 B Bazooka 0xp in private sell for 4000/each.

Send me a pm
1 message
50 Spyke 0xp a 28,5k cad
Cr Giocable:
Jackie Cr 215k,Tanaereva Cr 315k etc etc

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