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If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Friday 10/01/14

3 messages
Português ChapeistJames - last answer from ChapeistJames, Friday 10/01, 00:04.
Hello UR community,
I'm deciding to retire from the game. With this situation,I decided to create a lottery where all the cards (except Lds) will be given.The price from my entire collection has an estimated price of 1M,includes at least 11 cards from each clan,and all leaders included.

The lottery is free to enter,anyone can join it as well.
How the lottery will work: each number/player will have a chance of getting at least 1 of my cards from my collection.

Here comes the flood

Thanks for you attention and please join the lottery,to help me solve some serious real life problems.
Thursday 09/01/14

55 messages
English Euzebe - last answer from Freddyt58_HoA, Thursday 09/01, 19:15.
It’s time for the results.
As you know, I received a lot of texts and it had been very difficult to choose.

You had to wait quite a long time so, in compensation, a top 10 has been chosen instead of just a top three.

I won’t write a long speech, I think you prefer results right now :

1: Text 31 - Fremmeno wins a Guru Cr
2: Text 26 - -Grave Lie- wins a Sum Sam Cr
3: Text 20 and 41 - TnT_Mathwiz and DS_coolasc win a Marlysa Cr each
4: Text 12 - Omicron wins Armanda Cr
5: Text 21 - GarionKaiser wins Dragan Cr
6: Text 15 - Babs Hartley wins Sigmund Cr
7: Text 23 and 6 - pl ayer:3386113 and W M Daexen win an Elya Cr each
8: Text 7 - Gumbo123 wins Splata Cr
9: Text 24 - beanerz wins Jim Cr
10: Text 29 - UM_Korovief wins Selsya Cr

There is also a very long text which is not following the rules but all the jury loved it a lot. I thought the author deserved a prize too. We can call it the jury’s special prize.
I’m talking about Text 48 written by player: 7205329 who wins Reine Cr

Congratulations to the winners
21 messages
English Jamox360 - last answer from Jamox360, Thursday 09/01, 18:33.

1. How it works
32 players
2 teams
Twice a week, each team will be given the name of a 'bushtucker trial'. They will vote for who to do it. Then the person will do the said task, in exchange for stars which mean meals for each person in their team. In this event meals are cards. If they person gets less than the amount of stars needed to give prizes to everyone, they choose who to not give one to. If they fail to get 1 star then they are auto eliminated. Every week 2 people from each team will be randomly selected to go on a Dingo Dollar challenge, where, if the pair complete the challenge, they win clintz. Seems good so far, eh?
However , every week one person will be voted off by their team, until we have only 16 players left.
Then there will be weakly eliminations for those 16. However, they can win immunity. One person will be voted for by the public to be a camp saviour, and two will be voted for by the other celebrities. They will have challenges similar to the bushtucker trials but only once a week,but there will be only 9 stars available, and for every 3 stars they get they can vote to make 1 person immune from being voted off each round. They cannot vote for themselves. Camp saviours change weekly. This will continue until we have 3 players left. Then get out and win the prizes.
16 messages
English HoA_Colours - last answer from Arunarsirakul, Thursday 09/01, 16:56.
I am giving away Kamekun 0exp to whoever could message me the answer to the code in my profile

here is the story

One day a guy named infiniti expressed his love towards a girl whom he trully loved. The girl said didn't say much to him. Instead, she gave him a code and asked him to decipher it. She told him that she would agree to date him if he could decipher the code. This boy did what he could do to decipher the code. However, he failed. Without other means, he made a post on the internet to ask help for other netizens. Finally, somebody helped him decipher the code.

The code could be found on my profile

first to pm the message with an EXPLANATION wins .


hints would be given as i please
Tuesday 07/01/14

5 messages
English Infiniti - last answer from Lucas Moon, Tuesday 07/01, 21:59.
The first one will be on:

Tuesday 18:00 pm
UR Time
Extended DT

DT Challenge #1
Monday 06/01/14

14 messages
English 0_Less - last answer from hashburki, Monday 06/01, 13:08.
Lets get some EN teams going
I need one I'm currently recruiting level 50 +'s and some 45+'s pm me for more info
1 message
Hello guys,

Coliseum is good nice event but the awards on it are too exaggerating most likely the BP, the only thing you have to do is couple matches around 35-100 less then a week depending on what the rules are.DM players would do + 100 matches a day and still not getting above 10k BP. It just feels wrong,we spend a night to do TOP 10 or rank up and suddenly everyone has 25k which sucks, I thought DM was all about ranking up, it seems to be a waste of time and effort.I personally thing that AWARDS from COLISEUM should not be exceed 7500 BP per event.

25000/3=8333 free 8k a day while Coiseum runs.

Sunday 05/01/14

2 messages
English Saga - last answer from Saga, Sunday 05/01, 17:14.
Globumm Lottery

A lottery where we pray to the god of luck: Globumm and we receive offerings in return

2 Globumms will be given out to 2 lucky people

1000 rating and the Globumm god will offer us 2 extra Globumm

The draw is on the 13th of January

Good luck and may the globumms give you luck
Friday 03/01/14

2 messages
English UM_Payne - last answer from mihalll7_UM, Friday 03/01, 15:57.
So the past 3 tournaments I've played today I haven't gotten my message saying what place I finished and what I won. I also didn't get the clintz or credit. I went and looked at the tournament page and it says I placed on there, but I never get the message?
1 message
English ManOfLuckHOA - subject is closed
When should I start playing in the tournament to maximize playing time? When it says "Tournament starts in 0 minutes" or "Tournament has started! 59 minutes remaining?"
Monday 30/12/13

8 messages
English mihalll7_UM - subject is closed
The problem as I see it, if you're good, you're treated with respect, if you're too good, you're treated with fear... Some like that, but which path will you take?

Hello everyone, this is more or less a simple battling event, but with a twist, obviously

The event will consist of several rounds with different formats (probably 5, depending on number of players) + finals

Each round you will be divided into groups and fight within them. After each round there will be public voting done. You will be voting for a player who you want to get eliminated from the event. Several "winners" here, depending on player pool.

But don't worry, winner of each group (plus MAYBE some lucky losers) will get immunity for the next voting

you are eliminated if on last place(s) in your group, have 0 points or been voted out

finals in simple ladder system

simple and hopefully fun

some details may need to be altered before the start

Winners Haters
Sunday 29/12/13

1 message
English 7Drako - subject is closed
▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▄▀▄ Only for English players ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▄▀▄


The draw will be made ​​by a English Moderator
Saturday 28/12/13

8 messages
English Infiniti - last answer from Infiniti, Saturday 28/12/2013, 17:03.
An event that will take place most NB Friday. You can win NB cards here! You need to online throughout the event if you want to join. The event might be different each item will different rules!

Every time one is made it will be posted onto this thread. Join The Infinite Universe to receive a pm when one is open.

edited by Infiniti Friday 18/10/2013, 17:56
5 messages
English Yurieu HoA - last answer from Yurieu HoA, Saturday 28/12/2013, 00:09.
is a no battle event where you will vote for who do you think is your favourite character of UR.

It's not that simple though! You start by picking your top 2 from each clan, the most voted from each clan will compete against each other in a bracket type of voting.

After a few weeks, you will get to vote on who you think deserves to win most the king of UR title.

When voting have in mind a few things:
1)Is the art cool?
2)Is it playable
3)Does it have an cool story
4)Is this card simply awesome!

or you can simply vote on Bob Joby :3 ogun kyu and all those badasses.

Join up please we need as many people as possible to make this event FUN!
Friday 27/12/13

Tuesday 24/12/13

1 message
I am active and around 12 hours of the day.
I wop from 5k to 20k Clintz or cards.
I normally play first to 3 matches.

And play in a format of Extended but with no Leader.

Why not pm me and consider having a match!

Yours truly
4 messages
English Sir B00BY - last answer from -Saladin, Tuesday 24/12/2013, 21:16.
Hello EN Community,
I am extremely sorry for my absence and kinda dropping off the earth for the past couple months. As many of you know, I was very seriously injured over the summer which led to a couple months of inactivity. I have since fully recovered, but LIFE is now back in full swing. Work unfortunately never ceases, so I have had quite a bit of catchup with work etc. I am OFFICIALLY BACK and ready to service our wonderful community again.
In my absence, I missed Hannukkah, so a very happy hannukkah to all of my Jewish community members!
Merry Christmas to everyone!
Happy soon to be 2014!!!!
Best wishes to everyone,
Sir B00BY
EN Event Team Member
Sunday 22/12/13

1 message
There seems to be a tactic whereby players are letting rounds time down in Daily tournaments. When the other player goes to take his or her turn there isn't enough time to choose a pill amount for the round. This ends in a time out with the other player winning by default when she or he would've lost. This needs to be addressed immediately.
Tuesday 17/12/13

2 messages
English SOF-Archinado - last answer from Infiniti, Tuesday 17/12/2013, 18:15.
Hello guys. This Event will inspire you........
More info will be in the Event.

Click Here: deleted

Join Now and Become a Champion. It will be on the year of 2014.
Monday 16/12/13

3 messages
English Jamox360 - last answer from Jamox360, Monday 16/12/2013, 13:52.
This is a completely player funded event.
Every week there will be a different theme, and a different entrance fee.
Some weeks it will be winner takes all, some weeks it will be top 3 get prizes.
The winner each week will get accepted into deleted which I hope will get staff sponsored

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