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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Thursday 03/04/14

2 messages
Română Chuckila - last answer from Houhox, Thursday 03/04, 10:08.
What's up with those automatic listings of Pegh at exactly the same price (2695), with 0 minute, 0 seconds left in the listing time (even though it stays on the market until someone click to buy, when it says it's not available anymore).

And every time it's the same user selling: - Oxxy.

If this is a bug/exploit, it's rather annoying.
Wednesday 02/04/14

34 messages
English Capn Clintz - last answer from Jamox360, Wednesday 02/04, 13:20.
So whose the longest that still plays regularly here? With greats such a Pein, Welcometohell, kiwi, or countless others quitting over the years. Whose the oldest left? I don't see many 07s left here but we can't be the oldest.
Sunday 30/03/14

10 messages
English Wakayama3 - last answer from DeepEnd, Sunday 30/03, 20:16.
Post ur funniest timeout reasons here!

Starting: Dropped my phone in the floor so the battery fell out
11 messages
English Kefalo - last answer from AsianRepublic, Sunday 30/03, 18:32.
Seriously, there are waaaaaay too many people just hitting me with a mission character and abandoning game. I haven't actually seen this kind of behaivior before - people ussally at least let me hit THEM back with at least on of my own, but these kids just abandon as soon as they're done.

What happened to DC punishments? How about making it not advance your missions if you DC? That would sort it out in a hurry.
6 messages
English 0 Don - last answer from 0 Don, Sunday 30/03, 14:44.
I need someone who's very good at using software's such as: Photoshop, gimp, Serif etc etc...

I need help to design something, message me for more info. You will be rewarded handsomely

No time wasters please, need a design of high quality Thankyou.

Share this around please so your friends can see
11 messages
English Soiuku - last answer from DUC-San, Sunday 30/03, 10:58.
Why do people price this card at such a high price?
Liona is average for a Freaks 4 Star, and the 5's and 4's have stiff competition for her spot.
Frankly, I don't understand this, does anyone see a potential price drop though?
Saturday 29/03/14

23 messages
English EA-Maynstream - last answer from Foreyo, Saturday 29/03, 05:19.
Hello everyone, and welcome to the Pack Science thread. This is a thread dedicated to figuring out what to buy with our hard earned credits. Of course, you could straight up but 200 clintz for 1 credit, but the main thing that players spend their hard-earned credits on are packs.

This thread is designed to break down the nitty-gritty stuff about packs: which pack gives you the most bang for your Buck, what clans to choose in the non NB packs, and pack conversion rates (2 Ultimate= 180 credits and 1 Titanium=180 credits, but you get more character for the same amount of credits with Titanium)

I'll start it off with pack conversion rates
Friday 28/03/14

1 message
We've a hot topic for elo presets, let's make one for Coliseum. Just post the current/upcoming coliseum and follow it up with your preset. Whether you're looking to show off or need help with strategy or compatibility, post your ideas here.

I'll start with Armageddon http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/presets/?id_preset=2728022
20 messages
English Vasshu - subject is closed
Vasshu here. A veteran of the UR community. I have amassed myself a large collection over my time. Since i never play nor do I intend to continue collecting, i wish to give everyone an opportunity that I had when i first started. I'm going to give someone my entire collection. For free or 1 clintz as requested by the trader. Just contact if you're interested
Thursday 27/03/14

6 messages
English christian_06 - last answer from Thoazol, Thursday 27/03, 17:50.
Why can't i sell cards on the market even though i already buy credits? does free credit counts or you really need to buy credits with real money?
16 messages
Español etefan - subject is closed
The addition of a Perk system similar to runes could be a nice touch.
It would allow you to further enhance your strategy and playstyle, and add some new flavor to the game.
Imagine that, having perk slots, 3 perk slots that may be occupied by different perks, which could be:
+1 starting life, +1 starting pill, +10 extra seconds on the timer, +1 extra star, +4 attk on all courage rounds, +4 attack on all reprisal rounds, +2 attk on all rounds, +8 attk on the last round, +8 attk on the first round,
last roundefeat:+1life etc, imagine suddenly all strategies might get more complex, and formulating a deck can get a lot more fun.

BTW, it would be nice to have perks be given when reaching certain levels, that way NEW PLAYERS have motivation, to keep playing once they start, possible rewards, and costumization options would make a very great(and addictive) addition to the UR universe. I know the leaders exist, and they are very similar to this, but it also feels, like it wasnt a success.

The perks i suggested are just examples(anyone is welcomed to come up with better examples), i know this might not be very original but it would not have a huge impact on card prices, and even if it doesnt make a huge change on the current game, it will still add an addictive element to the game.

The perks, plus the Leader cards, can be stimulating for new players, and it helps them get into the game.
Ofc perk free modes can be made, and maybe one day(if this happens) ELO might see perks.
39 messages
English AsianRepublic - last answer from troll4663, Thursday 27/03, 06:11.
I am interested in knowing how much of people's life went wasted playing videogames.

My friend has played League of Legends for 2 years, and has spent approximately 4,000 hours in League of Legends, which is roughly 6 months of his life.

I have made some calculations of how much I've played:

Approx. 600 hours into pokemon (calculated off game time)
Approx. 5,000 hours into Urban Rivals.
Approx. 4,380 hours into Call of Duty.
Approx. 2,000 hours into various other games (flash games, etc.)
Approx. 533 hours into League of Legends.
Added up: 12,513 hours.

Calculation: 12,513 divided by 24 divided by 12= 43.44 months of gaming, which is approximately 3 years, 7 months, and 14 days of gaming.

So end result: I spent 3 years, 7 months, and 14 days so far wasted on videogames.

This is only a rough estimate, and I made this to make people realize how long they spend playing videogames over whatever else they should be doing
1 message
Pillz manipulation includes gaining pillz, taking opponent's pillz, and pillz recovery.

All Stars: NONE
Bangers: 5
Berzerk: 1
Fang Pi Clang: 1
Freaks: 5
Frozn: 6
Ghiest: 3
Huracan: 1
Jungo: 1
Junkz: 10
La Junta: 5
Leader: 2
Montana: NONE
Nightmare: NONE
Piranas: 14
Pussycats: 3
Rescue: NONE
Roots: NONE
Sakrohm: NONE
Sentinel: NONE
Skeelz: 8
Ulu Watu: NONE
Uppers: NONE
Vortex: All of them are actually, but here's the count for the abilities - 4
Wednesday 26/03/14

41 messages
Español etefan - subject is closed
Most clan bonuses are Atk manip, this can be changed, the game has come a long way from what it originally was, we have been introduced to many new abilities and have explored others, players have been largely educated to the point in which they can tell when a card is usefull or strong just by looking at it.

What i like of the current bonuses is that i know each one, and even tho some clans have virtually the same bonus, i know and understand they have very different playing styles, because of different cards.

I propose some changes mainly for lore reasons, wouldnt it be more natural if fang pi clan had protect power and dmg?, i mean after all they are Martial artists, martial arts is not to inflict pain, its actually to protect yourself, this would pair nicely with them because, even tho they will have a lower dmg, it will be protected, and winning rounds will be easier since now their amazing average power will be protected as well.

Also why is sentinels bonus +8 atk, they are a police force, it should be soemthing related to support, it could even be support:-1 opp dmg, min 2, now i know that sounds like an horrible idea, but give it soem thought, some of their card depend heavily on the bonus, they have decent dmg, and the Sentinel cards with DR can always be modified, Chloe can get SoB, or +8 atk as an ability, the other dmg reducers can get protect bonus or +8 atk,

Ulu Watu OR Roots can get Defeat+2 hp (since they are both kind of hippy-ish)

Please comment here.
2 messages
English Dhdogma192 - last answer from ((TinyGlitch)), Wednesday 26/03, 09:19.
Ive been away from ub for a couple months and I'd like to bring my deck up to date. I have 132k clitz and don't know which cards are good to buy to improve my deck. Please help me. Thank you in advance.
Tuesday 25/03/14

2 messages
English ) LoA Yellow - last answer from Kunta_Kinte, Tuesday 25/03, 08:04.
11 pillz (To reduce All Stars effectiveness)
15 life (to make 2hko's slightly more difficult)
Decks cannot contain more than 2 clans.
Clans must be balanced (Eliminates splashing)
Decks may contain 4 star characters OR 5 star characters (restricts character combinations)
No developing characters (obviously)
25* format (duh)
Monday 24/03/14

2 messages
English joachim.rigets - last answer from DUC-San, Monday 24/03, 09:20.
What does bella ld's last mission mean? i dont really get how to reduce the enemy's life points
Sunday 23/03/14

11 messages
English Gigantorus - last answer from -Mordecai, Sunday 23/03, 18:15.
How can one player have so many?
Tuesday 18/03/14

17 messages
English Soiuku - last answer from Soiuku, Tuesday 18/03, 22:09.
Almost every time I see that card he usually ends the match in either a tie or them winning because of a TINY difference. 6 Damage with +14 Attack and 6 Power might not seem like much, but this card is a royal pain!
I can handle (And see) Devil Dog coming, his SOA is easy to work around. El Matador is either a pill dumpster or a bluff in most cases and has 2 turns for best useage. Pandagran . . .is well . .. Pandagran . : s
People might say that he isn't that tough for low base stats but he provides TOO dangerous of a fork, able to cut my life nearly in half or act as Pseudo DR, which really bugs me about him. Some people might say it's a judgment call, but once again, he's a tough one when he has a decent sized Attack Bonus, and that adds on to this card. He allows my opponent to sit on cards like El Matador , Wonder Lana , or my least favorite (Who also needs a ban) . . . Derby Queen !! While Derby Queen also may not seem like much to some, 5 damage that could be sprung on you while you're trying to gauge their other threat cards is a true menace; easy to throw away, hard not to notice. When you combo these two, you have a buffer to keep El Gascaro , El Matador / Derby Queen from getting their turn. Those three together also flow VERY well, making for an annoying pounding to approach you hard and fast.
Why aren't these cards banned again?
2 messages
English Tagux - last answer from Thoazol, Tuesday 18/03, 20:07.
Is there any way to know how many copies of a certain character exist in the game at any given moment?

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