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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Monday 25/11/13

4 messages
English BC Reaper-X - subject is closed
Hello to all those looking for a guild to join. I am here to introduce you to my guild known as Ensigma Knights. With this guild, we will not only rise in ranks but have fun as well. I encourage those who need a guild to join. Though, I only want you to enjoy being in this guild. No level requirements are needed as well. I also want to have some active members that are on at least once a day or a week. I hope to those of you reading have found the guild your looking for.
Also go here to join the

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Sunday 24/11/13

18 messages
English XSEEKTOKILLX - subject is closed
Hello there, I was wondering if anybody wanted to start a guild. I want to join a guild right from the beginning and hope to work to a high rank. I would be happy even if I were not the founder, but you must be around my level or lower. Thank you
9 messages
English SOF-Archinado - subject is closed
Hello Players Of The Urban Rivals Community,

Im trully sorry for what i have done. And im sorry for posting and commenting nonsense on the Message Boards. If you accept my apology, i will not post nonsense things and other stuff. But i will post other stuff in The Urban Rivals Community. Girls And Boys can Join our Guild. But lets just say that Have A Wonderful Life folks. And i will never post Nonsense post Anymore.


Note: Please delete other threads that i post.
19 messages
English SOF-Archinado - subject is closed
We are an Unstopable Guild. We Are Not Monsters. We Are Helpers And We live on the gates of the Urban Rivals Community. There's plenty room for you to Join.
But We Have Our Rules. And Our Requirements. We help each other With any kind of problems Like ELOSurvivor, etc. We always unite with our Brothers especially Our Leader. All players are welcome to visit our guilid. We Are Active Always. Our Main Goal Is To Train Players To Be Helpers And To Be Active. We will Never Give Up, Run Or Hide. No Matter what, We are still The Best. We Never Betray our Brothers and Our Leader....NEVER!!! No Matter What, We Shall Live Until The Very End. We Shall Fight Until The Very End. We Shall Unite With Our Strength, Powers And Friends And The Community Of Urban Rivals. We Will Have All The Guild Bonuses If We Can, So if You Want Help Or You Just Want To Be A Helper.....Then Your In The Right Place.
We Are: " House of Inferno " 

For Those Who Want To Join Us, You Have To Need These Requirements To Join.


- Must be Level 5 and up.
- Must Respect Guild Founder, Players and Admins.
- Must Obey the T&C'S and Game Rules
- Must be Active In The Guild Message Boards And Chat Room Always.
- Must Put Guild Tag: "HF" In the Beggining Of Your Nickname (So We Could Know Your One Of Us. If Tag And Nickname Is Too Long....Change Your Nickname.)
- Only Males Are Allowed In This Guild. (We Could Tell Based On Profile Picture.)

We do not Accept people who:
- Betray us And Our Leader. (We are brothers and Brothers Stick Together With OurLeader)
- Who Are Not Following The Requirements Listed Above.

Guild Allies:
- les Rois d'Urban Rivals

* Visits [ON!!] * ★★★★★★ * Applications [ON!!] * ★★★★★★ *

* So Start Today And Join Today. Become A Helper And Be Part Of Us. We Are A New Guild And We Are Looking For New Members. So Make Your Dream And Your Future Into Reality. So Join Now. *


Game modesAverageRanking






Guild bonuses
















3 messages
English xowetzxo - subject is closed
Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but the mods are never online and I didn't see any other section to post this on. Ever since I switched to the new version of Urban Rivals, the only thing that happens when I hit play is a picture of a smartphone and tablet come up. Can you not play this game from your browser anymore? All help is appreciated.
Saturday 23/11/13

1 message
English Ackley2012 - subject is closed
This guild is for people and players that collect CR and LD cards of Urban Rivals so come join us and show off your collection of cards in the house of cards.

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5 messages
English Zbinder80 - subject is closed
Hi guys,

I'm GnosiS and have bin playing a few years now.
I'm from The Netherlands.
I'm created the gilde for people who enjoy playing and are willing to help maintaining a gilde
I wanna keep the memberships limited ( 15)
Every member will be given admin status were all superior
I do not wanna archieve number 1 status but just focus on TemplarZz ✠
Looking for a in of a kind gilde TemplarZz ✠ is for you
No hard recruitments nessesary
1200 in a week should be peace of a cake!
See you soon in TemplarZz ✠!
TemplarZz ✠

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4 messages
English xLTJx - subject is closed
All are welcome!!

Come join Venom. Strategy, advice, decks, card sharing.

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Tuesday 19/11/13

8 messages
Română bananako - subject is closed
Are you still fresh? Green to yellow colored? Are you unappealing for the moment?

Leave your peel still on, cause recruits.

I can't promise power, or money, or status, or any of that, but I can promise that some fun (maybe some anime simul-watches, random chats in the sub-forum and bad jokes are included) might come around. I dunno how clubs work, so I can't promise more.

Euro-zone bananas are great, though every banana is invited. I'll hit the 'accept banana' button in 3 days. They're better and more healthy after a bit of sunlight.

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Monday 18/11/13

9 messages
English Ackley2012 - subject is closed
We are looking for hardcore gamers of the world to join our guild and to show other UR players we are hardcore and if u want to join and show that u are hardcore lets get it on. Everyone is well come and I am looking for that one person to help keep the guild in order and if anyone wants to help send a request to me. And anyone level 5 and up can join our guild and we are family here too.
1 message
English kenjiyu - subject is closed
Death Watch is a guild that I hope to get running. We don't have many bonuses yet, but the more people we have, the more bonuses we can get! Death Watch is now recruiting. Death Watch really needs members. If you are interested, please apply here: Death Watch
We really need members, so please apply. All ranks welcome!

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Sunday 17/11/13

6 messages
English XSEEKTOKILLX - subject is closed
Please join my guild i dont have any members and i do not want to be deleted. Please join, any level welcome. I plan for this guild to be active and helpful to those who are just joining, answering any questions they may have. This guild will be fun to join once there are more members. Thank you. Join

edited by Infiniti Sunday 17/11/2013, 22:38
3 messages
English (PnPt)VariM - subject is closed
is a guild in the "Let's get four members or we'll be deleted!" stage of operation, and that means recruiting. We're not looking for a particular skill level, just laid back players who want to enjoy the game and feel like their guild bonuses are ones they helped earn. I've only been playing the game for a few weeks, and I left the previous guild I joined because while I benefited from good bonuses the guild was pretty dead and I couldn't contribute something meaningful as a newcomer so late in its history.

I'm an experienced gaming Leader, as captain of my crew in a pirate themed game I play. I like to think I'm good at it, and if my crewmates disagree they hide it well. My biggest priority is making it easier for members to get what they want out of the game, be that in game accomplishments, friends to chat with, or just something to feel a part of while lurking. If you're someone who takes their gaming way too seriously, well so do I sometimes. If you have the self awareness to not be a jerk about it we have a place for all.

edited by Infiniti Saturday 16/11/2013, 12:42
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English TSC Redblood - subject is closed
This is a guild for showing what you think about other guilds and how they treat you when you get kicked out? or been horribly upset by others.

We shall get Revenge on others and avenge the ones that need help.

Come now and go against the other twats.

Access restriction level 5
Any language
Anyone who wants Revenge!

This is Revenge REVENGE!

Saturday 16/11/13

10 messages
Español SamanthaReyes - subject is closed
Hello I know Infiniti, please add me. I'm nice.
38 messages
English -Daoc- - subject is closed
do you know me? My name is -Daoc-.
Do you know Infiniti? He is kind of stalker.
But he isn´t that good in this game. So I am here to help him. He is something like a wannabe me.

5 messages
English DA_Banana - subject is closed
I don't mind what level (mostly) i just want a guild with alot of people that i can chat with because ur without friends becomes boring. please help?
Friday 15/11/13

2 messages
English EddTheFreak - subject is closed

2 messages
Español SamanthaReyes - subject is closed
Hi we are looking for active players are people tht wants to visit that's okay. We are not looking for much we are new u can say compared to the other guilds thts why we need new members we are really friendly join us if u want 2.Its okay if you wanna join . By the way i'm SamanthaReyes but my friends call me Sam and i'm one of the admins of the blacklist. Join Us Today! :3
5 messages
English Kate - subject is closed
Welcome to the babylon !

The Sanctuary of Urban, recruiting best players in the game: Elo, Dt, DM !

Membership : ON


- Must be active on the forum

- Pm one of the admin to ask for joining the guild

- Only 1400 elo is needed

Link ----->

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