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Thursday 14/08/14

8 messages
English { RAP} - subject is closed
Pilkzen Ratanah
Trish Tuck
Isatis Lou
Brianna+ Gatline Noodile Cr
Wyre Gertjan
who wants to trade pm me
1 message
I am looking for kero+120k for my Tessa Cr
Please Pm me or post here.

1 message
English 0_Legacy - subject is closed
I trade Tessa Cr for Kero+120k
Please PM me
9 messages
English { RAP} - subject is closed
4 messages
English Pumjection - subject is closed
Hi!! I sell them via PS

Houtay: 780 clintz each one
Ganx: 650 clintz each one

4 messages
English Jokerfiend - subject is closed
Trust me I know I could put this on the market I put this in here because I remember somebody wanted 0xp Raskal. 20k btw
Wednesday 13/08/14

10 messages
English 0 ComeAtMe - last answer from 0 ComeAtMe, Wednesday 13/08, 23:49.

I would like to trade my 4037 Treeman 0xp!

I value each Treeman at 1600 clintz each, negotiable (please don't severely undermine my value).

I am interested in the following cards:
Marlysa Cr (1.4M)
Splata Cr (850k)
Lamar Cr (770k)
Emeth Cr (75k)

I might be interested in other things, but please no large lots of non-collector cards.

PM me for negotiation!
5 messages
English CB Titan - last answer from CB Titan, Wednesday 13/08, 23:15.
I am willing to sell 11 Dorian for 16.75k each. they must be bought together.
2 messages
English AKP_Kaiser - subject is closed
Hello all , i sell 13 Sylth Cr 0xp for 62k/each
1 message

I would like to trade some B Bazooka 0xp for your Aaron 0xp
so 1 B Bazooka 0xp = 1 Aaron 0xp = 5k5
25 times achievable
1 message
Sell or trade my Ratanah: 7 Full xp 22K each
13 - 0 xp 25k each

interessed: cr's or cash
1 message
I buy all your also's for 200 clints per head. All xp are welcome
3 messages
English Izy79 - last answer from 0_Levi, Wednesday 13/08, 11:17.
I want at least 1,25M in cards for my Manon Cr. Pm.
2 messages
English Hotshot10ras - last answer from Hotshot10ras, Wednesday 13/08, 05:08.
Pretty much just as the title says looking for an Elya Cr, Marlysa Cr and a Caelus Cr. I have Dragon Cr, Ombre Cr, Geuner Cr and Diyo Cr to offer. I also have clintz to make up any differences. Let me know your offers, I can also throw in a couple El Divino or a GraksmxxT.
8 messages
English Cyber - last answer from 0_Levi, Wednesday 13/08, 04:35.
I am looking for mainly cash and maybe small playable crs mainly. I value the whole lot at 17.5k per head cash. Cash is priority. Thank you.
6 messages
English GenT LaCaiGi - subject is closed
Everything is said in the title.
First in first served.
3 messages
English 0_0_0_0_0_0_0 - subject is closed
I'd like to trade my GraksmxxT for

Troompah Zornado Bragh Florida Jane Louise Mercury

If interested pm me or post here

Thnx modz
Tuesday 12/08/14

3 messages
English (Gol D Roger) - subject is closed
Selling Guru Cr 0 xp....
In full cash my price is 9.15 Mil
In cards 9.6 Mil
Thank you
6 messages
English Jokerfiend - subject is closed
Accepting clintz or any cards of equal value.

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