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Friday 28/03/14

2 messages
English Aukuso - subject is closed
Any charitable Skeelz fans out there that can donate
1 message
I buy one copy for each card listed below, if interested put them directly in my PS :

Chad Bread Cr 57000
Page Cr 77000
Diyo Cr 79000
Cassio Cr 84000
Swidz Cr 97000
Nahi Cr 147000
Alec Cr 160000
Dwain Cr 164000
Beltran Cr 168000
Jim Cr 180000
Skullface Cr 183000
A Award Cr 190000
Reine Cr 250000
Ombre Cr 260000
Melissa Cr 265000
Ambrose Cr 300000
Sigmund Cr 420000
Lamar Cr 540000
Aldebaran Cr 560000
NDololo Cr 680000
Rass Cr 680000
Flavio Cr 720000
Lao Cr 720000
Dragan Cr 730000
Armanda Cr 780000
Tessa Cr 785000
Berserkgirl Cr 810000
Shawoman Cr 900000
Manon Cr 1100000
Scarlett Cr 1230000
Marlysa Cr 1400000
2 messages
English Cyber - last answer from Cyber, Friday 28/03, 15:14.
I value the whole lot at 29k per head.

I am looking for...
- Cash
- Jackie Cr full/0xp (195k/200k)
- GraksmxxT 0 xp (60k)
- Mokra full xp/0 xp (13.5k/15k)
1 message
83x Dreadlash (30 0xp) 1300/e
36x Plunk (5 0xp) 1700/e

Also, willing to trade. Don't really have a preference of what for.

PM works best thanks guys.
8 messages
Português 0 Fado - subject is closed
Trade my 2x DJ Korr Cr
PDD: 21M

I'm looking for
Kiki Cr 10M
Guru Cr 10M
Lyse Teria Cr 8M
Marlysa Cr 1,58M
Sum Sam Cr 1,3M
Manon Cr 1,3M
Scarlett Cr 1,3M
Splata Cr 850k
Tessa Cr 800k
Kerozinn Cr 640k
Lamar Cr 610k
Vickie Cr 600k

Fin 24H
Thanks all
Thursday 27/03/14

2 messages
English Wanzley17 - last answer from Wanzley17, Thursday 27/03, 23:28.

i'm selling x148 Quasichoco 0xp for 1250/u,and 121 Crowen 0xp for 1240/u

by vp...
6 messages
English Sor Muelles - subject is closed
Trading my Caelus Cr full exp for your Kalindra Cr and a complement of 15.000 clintz
1 message
You can send each 0 exp Mulligan to PS for 1069 cash
I can trade my Crs for your Mulligan, PM me.

edited by Richliu Thursday 27/03, 20:52
4 messages
English playallday_0 - subject is closed
Im looking for 43k for my full xp Marco Cr
3 messages
English 0 Thorin - subject is closed
Noodile Cr 0 xp : 12.750 clintz

Noodile Cr full : 12.500 clintz

private aale
3 messages
English engrcva - last answer from engrcva, Thursday 27/03, 16:10.
Waller x 22
Derby Queen x 35
Need bulk buyers. Post your offers here or PM me.
2 messages
English kingjami - last answer from 0_LyseTeriaCr, Thursday 27/03, 15:21.
I am selling the following lots:

30 0 exp Sigurd
10 0 exp Yoshida
10 0 exp Kazayan
10 0 exp Spyke

pm me if interested. thanks
2 messages
English AssoDiCuori - last answer from SPT rozzo, Thursday 27/03, 14:52.
Hello to everybody i trade my DJ Korr Cr semi-evo that i value arond 10M

i'm interested to :
or offer cash+ cr like:
Sum Sam Cr 1,3M
Scarlett Cr 1,3M
Manon Cr 1,3M
Marlysa Cr 1,5M
Berserkgirl Cr 1M
Shawoman Cr 1M
Rass Cr 850k
Lao Cr 850k
NDololo Cr 725k
Splata Cr 825k
Dragan Cr 790k
Tessa Cr 800k
Aldebaran Cr 625k
Kerozinn Cr 630k
Vickie Cr 600k
Lamar Cr 600k
Elya Cr 550k
Sigmund Cr 515k
Ambrose Cr 350k
Melissa Cr 300k
Tanaereva Cr 290k
Reine Cr 270k
Ombre Cr 270k
Miss Twice Cr 260k
Jim Cr 195k
Jackie Cr 185k
Beltran Cr 180k
Alec Cr 175k
Caelus Cr 165k
Nahi Cr 155k
Blaaster Cr 100k

if you are interested can contact me, i'm also interested to Guru Cr+complement to negociate in pm
1 message
I trade the blonde girl, Lyse Teria Cr 0exp evaluated 8m + Aldebaran Cr 0exp evaluated 770k + Elya Cr 0exp evaluated 600k + Sigmund Cr 0exp 520k

Guru Cr any lvl evaluated 10m
DJ Korr Cr any lvl evaluated 10m

pm me if interested.
1 message
[TRADE] My DJ Korr Cr for your Guru Cr + 500k

send me a PM so we can trade if interested

1 message
English 0_0_0_0_0_0_0 - subject is closed
I want El Divino + Dorian + Havok

I'm offering : Mokra + Crazy Carlo + Virginia

Pm me if interested
4 messages
English -Daoc- - last answer from -Daoc-, Thursday 27/03, 06:41.
I´d like to trade 326 El Gascaro 0exp against :

1) Marlysa Cr 0exp

2) 2 Tessa Cr any xp

3) 3 Vickie Cr 0exp

You can choose one of the 3 deals to trade with me.
In case you have another deal Don´t hesitate to leave a comment below.
4 messages
English HealedMiguel- - subject is closed

I am buying Kerozinn Cr for
350.000+180.000(2 Dalhia Cr 0xp)+51000(Numar)+25400(Uranus)+20500( .5 El Gascaro 0xp.) + 15000(Virginia full xp) = 642k nearly

pm me for faster response
cash will be paid by private sales cause i have only 350.667 clintz
thanks !
2 messages
English AusRule14 - subject is closed
Send them to my PS

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