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Monday 07/07/14

2 messages
English ((TinyGlitch)) - subject is closed
Salut !

ech 146 Curlix 0exp

PRIX:: 15k/t = 2'190'000 All


Cash -
Jackie Cr full 205k
Blaaster Cr full 110k
Cr full
et autres cr

En vp

contacter par message privé pour une réponse plus rapide, je vous remercie
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English XC levi 69 - last answer from ((TinyGlitch)), Monday 07/07, 09:59.
i am trading my Berserkgirl Cr 0xp (945k)against
Page Cr (82k)
Diyo Cr (90k)
Cassio Cr (100k)
Seldnor Cr (100k)
Swidz Cr (150k)
Nahi Cr (186k)
Thaumaturge Cr (200k)
-----total 908k + 35k in cash

thanks !
2 messages
English Atlas TpU - last answer from Artemis-BZ, Monday 07/07, 05:44.
32 Slyde Cr 0xp for sell.
Cash only. ( give me reasonable price
Everything will be done by secure trade
4 messages
English play_0 - subject is closed
Buying them for 10k each at 0xp or full xp

prices are negotiable
Sunday 06/07/14

1 message
English WP-Vortex - subject is closed
I have both clans full for 310k 8k clintz
Looking for
1) Clintz
2) All Stars
3) Uppers
14 messages
Português Hardwell EvO - last answer from Hardwell EvO, Sunday 06/07, 21:20.

Simple as that, i want to trade my General Cr for DJ Korr Cr

Contact me
1 message
English L4F SyrenaX - subject is closed

I have a Sylth Cr, which I'd like to sell or trade.

I would sell it for 58.000 Ctz or would trade it for the following cards:
- Jane Ramba Cr (Xp doesn't matter) + 15.000 Ctz
- Marco Cr (Xp doesn't matter) + 6.000 Ctz
- Robb Cr (full Xp) + 5.000 Ctz

Please write a PM if you are interested.

~ L4F SyrenaX
2 messages
English AKP_Kaiser - last answer from AKP_Kaiser, Sunday 06/07, 18:46.
Hello guys i trade 60 Magnar 0xp vs 50 Aaron 0xp (you)
1 message
English XC levi 69 - subject is closed
Jai' researches
Page Cr (82k)
Diyo Cr (90k)
Cassio Cr (100k)
Seldnor Cr (100k)
Swidz Cr (150k)
Nahi Cr (186k)
Thaumaturge Cr (200k)
tot 908k + 35k for my Berserkgirl Cr 0xp (945k)
merci !
6 messages
Română -m40- - last answer from -m40-, Sunday 06/07, 17:54.
Hi, i have to trade :

- 27 Jackie Cr 0xp 250k each
- 15 Jackie Cr full 212k each
- 12 Tanaereva Cr 0xp 320k each
- Sigmund Cr 0xp 600k
- Manon Cr 0xp

I'm lookingo only for : DJ Korr Cr 10M, or General Cr 9.4M

Private Sell
2 messages
English play_0 - last answer from WP-Vortex, Sunday 06/07, 17:09.
I want one for 11k , please
3 messages
English play_0 - subject is closed
I have 4x Boomstock(0xp) - 4k each
Arkn - ( 3.2k )
2 messages
English damienuk-oc - last answer from play_0, Sunday 06/07, 14:15.
All up for sale or trade
the trades i am after are all GHEIST,Ulu Watu,Uppers,saks,bezerks,Montana's over 3000
> Dr Norton 243 copies mixed xp 300 clints ph 72.900 in clints
> Sue 217 0xp copies 430 clints ph 93310 clints
> Larry 248mixed xp 310 ph 76800 clints
> Muze 51 mixed xp 2500 ph 127500
> Zapatino 75 full xp 800 ph 57600
> kamkun 72 mixed xp 1700 ph 122400
> Scooty 157 mixed xp 280 ph 43960
2 messages
Română TBN_Kaisser - subject is closed
I sell Blasster Cr for 110k clintz.
5 messages
English Jamox360 - subject is closed
I have:
21 Campbell (12k/e)
35 Graven (11k/e)
21 Stooge (1.5k/e)
26 Miss DerbyQueen (0.7k/e)
24 Hemdall (30k/e)

Prices are a very rough estimate and are negotiable

I am mainly interested in cash, but I may also be happy to trade for newblood lots

Thank you

(Please send all offers as a pm pls)
12 messages
English XC levi 69 - last answer from XC levi 69, Sunday 06/07, 07:48.
i buy all these cr's in cash :$$$
Vickie Cr full xp 650k
Lamar Cr 650k
Caelus Cr 170k
Jackie Cr 206k
Dalhia Cr 95k

put them in my VP or contact me
4 messages
English 0_0_0_0_0_0_0 - subject is closed
I want to trade my Farman Grouchy Crazy Carlo Bridge all 0xp for your GraksmxxT + Uranus + Ghumbo

Thank peeps
2 messages
English Hd_Gladiatore - last answer from PH_Faint Man, Sunday 06/07, 05:41.
I look for a copy of General Cr 9,2M or a Guru Cr 9,4M

I offer x General Cr:

Marlysa Cr 1,48M

Scarlett Cr 1,45M

Splata Cr 900K

Dragan Cr 850K

8 Copper Cr 0xp 100K/each

Elya Cr 700K

Lamar Cr 685K

Shades Cr 335K

Jim Cr 335K

Reine Cr 295K

Miss Twice Cr 280K

Dwain Cr 230K

To Award Cr 225K

Skullface Cr 212K

Swidz Cr 155K

Diyo Cr 0xp 95K

Geuner Cr 88K

2 Chad Bread 0xp 50K/each

for Guru Cr I offer the same CRs + Jackie Cr 200K

the all will happen through mod.

thanks mod and fo.

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