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If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Friday 07/11/08

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How do u get into a tourny plz private message me
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English BIGGEReatsYOU - last answer from Raisinbman, Friday 07/11/2008, 03:46.
Disclaimer: I do not own any Urban Rivals material whatsoever save for the account I use

Part 1

He sat in bed thinking about the new girl in his class. She had been put in the seat right in front of him. She was kind of cute with her dark hair and eccentric pink eyes. Fifty awoke with a start. The passanger beside him bumped him in his haste to get off the bus. Fifty collected his bags and followed suit. Once every one had exited the bus pulled over into a nearby parking lot to get refueled. Fifty began walking down the street when he stopped in front of a city map. That was when it finally hit him, he was in Clint City now, where every big shot music artist got his start. While he was analyzing the map he felt somthing leave his back pocket. A young boy with a big poofy afro and a dead fish symbol emblazoned on his jacket was hurring away from him. Fifty shouted at the boy to stop and that was when he broke out into an all out run. Fifty took off like a bullet after the boy chasing him into an alley.The boy ran to the end where there was a solid brick wall waiting for him. Cornered the boy let out a high pitched wistle. Fifty turned around just in time for a gorrila-sized fist to catch him square in the somach.

(to be continued)
Thursday 06/11/08

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English gravestake - last answer from Vorpal Scarab, Thursday 06/11/2008, 18:37.
I see that the parodies thing is real popular. that got me thinking about what kind of creatures we could make. would anyone like a contest where you create the most original card? i would put up a prize(though i dont know what it would be yet) i would create my own as an example (I wouldnt be eligable because of bias) And let it run for like a week. dose this sound like a good idea to anyone?
Wednesday 05/11/08

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English Garg CR - last answer from master relic, Wednesday 05/11/2008, 17:19.
Morn' lads and ladies !

Today begins The Founders' Championship ! It will last until the 29th of October.
Founders of guild not older than 5 days were not considered as valid players.


Deck : ToF Type (http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rules.php?show=modes)

Rules : 2 combats versus each and every registered player.

Prizes :

1st : Sum Sam Cr
2nd : Lao Cr
3rd : Rass Cr
4th : Marlysa Cr

Tournament page :

Championnat des fondateurs

The rules have been slightly changed :
- You'll go with 100 points.
- Victory : +12 points
- Draw : +1 point
- Loss : -10 points
- If expiry : -12 points
- If abandon : -12 points

If you lose your whole points, you're out.
If you haven't fought all your fights at the end date, you're out.

Be lucky mates !
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English kaneholt_nwnf - subject is closed
entry fee Zatman (U) and a franki hi
i need 10 ppl to play its a mr8 prize
star limit=16stars all 2 stars


1st Vickie Cr (Cr)

2nd any card u want for 3k if u tell me 2 days sooner so with the money i can gt them

3rd 1k

it will start tday after we gt all the ppl i will say so anyoone can go in if master or less u go in free
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English Diggy928 - last answer from Diggy928, Wednesday 05/11/2008, 02:56.
This is just a remake of my previous thread which seems to have been deleted for some unknow reason, so hopefully this one will get approved and remain posted.

Entry fee: 1000 (you sell a card to me for 50, I sell it back for 1050)
Deadline to enter: Sat. Oct. 4
Players: 16 or 32 (If I have less than 32 by the deadline, only the first 16 who signed up will be playing)

Everyone will be playing using the exact same deck as everyone else. This deck will include the following 8 cards. No other cards should be in your deck, and there should be no doubles of any of these cards
Mac Hen

Battles will take place in the Danger Zone, to avoid random.
Matches will be best out of 3, or first to 2 wins.
Bracket style play: I will pair the players for each round, winner will advance to the next round.
Players will have 1 week per round in which to contact their opponent, and fight their battles.
Round 1 will begin on Mon. Oct. 6, or as soon as I have received all payments.

If 16 players: 1st: 10k clintz 2nd: 5k clintz
If 32 players: 1st: 15k clintz 2nd: 10k clintz 3rd: 5k clintz

I already have 16 players signed up (still trying for 32) and will post this list once this topic gets approved.
Tuesday 04/11/08

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English Warr kid - subject is closed
Ok ive tried this once before but i wasnt active enough to look after the tournament...that and it was just to large to handle so im going small...enter by posting "i want to kick ass" in this thread...1st 12 to post correctly is entered.

1st...81 000
2nd...41 000
3rd...20 000

Worth playing for? once we have all the players ill give you the low down on rules and deck limits.

please dont pm me!
Monday 03/11/08

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English Euzebe - last answer from L0RD BL4CK S4, Monday 03/11/2008, 20:26.
Hello all,

The round 5 of the BR10 begins today and will end on the 12th of November at 24:00.
You'll find the rules here :

As you know, the special room used for this tournament is still in beta test. We had a big problem with the faceoffs of this round. To make it easier, we decided to let through a guild who had played all its fights. Good news for the English-speaking community : we selected that guild randomly and the winner is one of our guilds.

Wise Men Distracted is still in !

BR10 page : even:1

Wise Men Distracted
No Woman No Cry

Army of Elite Mercenaries
La Congrégation de l'Ombre


Game Over

elite argentina
Rage Against Unfairs

The Purple Wizards

Youth Kriminals
Les fous alliés
Sunday 02/11/08

18 messages
English ReadTheRules - last answer from ReadTheRules, Sunday 02/11/2008, 22:14.
Join this event for some free cards (for the players with the highest scores)
prizes are: Don Wakai Timmy Elly Mae Lennox
click deleted to join
this is my first event and it's still in beta so i hope everything works
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English MDelRey - subject is closed
One night which wasn't hot or cold the temprature was 3c and Charlie's hair was flowing in the wind. Followed by Louise, Betty and Charlie were in Noisy nancy's a favourite Bar/Restaraunt. "I was thinking of a camoflauge theme for the Pink Bar." explained Betty. "Or a vegeterian night, like have wee meat-less buffets and all," piped up Charlie. "Go away!"shouted Louise. "Men again?" groned Charlie. Charlie and Betty had just got their cocktails and wanted to enjoy them. "Lets blow this place!" shouted a familiar high-pitched voice. Betty glanced around....................(To be continued)
2 messages
English Korund - subject is closed
I find myself confused when I lost one of my fights, although I am pretty sure I have higher attack than my opp. It was during daily tournament with this bone icon. So fights are random or not?
7 messages
English nerfed kill - last answer from nerfed kill, Sunday 02/11/2008, 13:56.
Right i am having a bonfire night tournement so it will be on 5th of november it will be free and at 5:00pm gmt london the requirements are to be 20- and the rewards we be as followed

1st place =Jeeves
2nd place = mystery
3rd place= mystery see ya
Saturday 01/11/08

9 messages
English TnT_MeRm - subject is closed
Happy Halloween to everybody.

Enjoy the event.

- Nightmare only
- Leaders allowed
- Kolos is banned

Entry fee: Free

Registration: Still on going

1st: 3k clintz
2nd: 1k clintz
3rd: Erzsebet

Good luck!
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English Force Majeure - subject is closed
A trial event for the new tool..more tourneys to come..

here are the rules:
The rules to be followed:
(breaking any of these will result in disqualification)

1.you are absolutely only allowed to use any of these two decks, other than these cards, the rest are forbidden:

deck 1:
Mini Mosu
Xia Leming
Miss Ming

deck 2:
Miss Ming

2.only 16 players at level 25+ can join

3.there is a penalty for players who get DQ'd, drops, leaves, or gets blacklisted at any point in time of the tourney (you will not or I will not allow you to join my next 3 public tourneys)

4.I will post further details as necessary, for questions and complaints, contact me by PM

1st - Bloodh (R)
2nd - Hawk (R)
3rd - Lehane (U)

for the player with the worst record per phase - Mini Mosu and Niki

tourney link:
Thursday 30/10/08

3 messages
English pumpkin - last answer from TNT_Shadow, Thursday 30/10/2008, 18:33.
I'm having a quick 8 player tourney. Sign up at http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=33. 800 clintz and the chance to humiliate an admin in it for the winner
Wednesday 29/10/08

43 messages
English Kepkouse - last answer from katiecodor, Wednesday 29/10/2008, 19:41.
The aim of this competition is to see all nation representing.
All the official game modes will be played during the tournament.

Every country can create a guild, like this:
Team "Name of the country"
The selected players will join this guild to participate.
It will allow them to speak about strategy calmly, to discuss more easily …

Example :
- Team France
Team Italy

Tournaments will begin with registrations, then Round Robin groups, and final phases in selection match.
Perhaps will be there two Round Robin steps, everything will depend on the number of nations.

Teams composition:
One player will be appointing as National Selector. He should choose:
- 1 player with level between 20 and 30
- 1 player with level between 31 and 50
- 1 player player with level between 51 and 70 (or minus if there isn’t)
- 1 player player with level between 71 and more (or minus if there isn’t)


Among the players selected to represent their nation, only one will represent mode: ELO, one will represent mode: T1, one will play in mode: T2, one in mode: Survivor. For specific rules for each mode, see http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rules.php?show=modes

For example :
Player level 20 - 30 === > ELO
player level 31 - 50 === > T1
player level 51 - 70 === > Survivor
player level 71 and + === > T2

Every team will meet other team in their group.

Please wait before post. Thanks!
Monday 27/10/08

70 messages
English AC_Swancino - last answer from kaneholt_nwnf, Monday 27/10/2008, 20:45.
Im holding a knockout tournament u can only have a 30 star deck i need at least 10 ppl 2 join
u send me a card 4 50 clintz ill send it back for 100 clintz so really only 50 clintz fee
PRIZES:- 3 piranhas
1st:- Smokey
2nd:- Mayhem
3rd:- Spycee
1# no lying if lost
2# have fun
3# follow every other rule and all will be fine
sincerely yours
chopper reid
p.s i get 54 clint profit
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English Simple0313 - subject is closed
For this tournament each round will have a different set of rules. After Registration I will post the first round up and the matchings.

Round 1: Standard 26 star game. ELO banned not allowed. best 2 out of 3

Round 2: With the remaining 8, they will be placed in 2 different groups, and the top 2 scorers from each group move onto round 3 ( win=10 points, Draw= 5, Lose= 1) but for this round u can only use 2 star cards with power that does not exceed 6 (Does not count bonuses and abilitys).

Round 3: This round is played 0LD. So No pillz allowed. Rescues banned. The two who lost play eachother for 3rd in a normal game.

Final Round: This one will be a game where both players must pick cards from a list of 16 cheap cards. Best 2 out of 3.

Price is 1500 (Send me a card for 50 I'll send back for 1550)

1st: 11,000
2nd: 8,000
3rd: 4500
4th: 500

Have fun. And when 16 join, I will make a new thread titled Mixed Up Turney Round I
Sunday 26/10/08

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English Euzebe - last answer from TnT_MeRm, Sunday 26/10/2008, 23:20.

The fourth round of the BR10 begins today and will end on the 13th of October at 24:00.
You'll find the rules here :

BR10 page : Battle Royale 10

The guild wasn't able to finish all the fights against UpperClass because one of their members had his account stolen during few days. They should have been disqualified in favor of UpperClass even if they had more points left. We decided that both guilds should stay in (care bear admins way of life )

Your opponents :

The BeSharps
Youth Kriminals


Wise Men Distracted


Rage Against Unfairs
Les Guerriers Tenebreux

Les fous alliés

elite argentina
Gremio de combate Rescue

Game Over
School of Predators

No Woman No Cry
Carry ON

Les Insomniak
La Congrégation de l'Ombre

Les men in black

The Purple Wizards
Elite team

Army of Elite Mercenaries
Urban Délinquance
5 messages
English StormWhisper - last answer from LoA XONicxOx, Sunday 26/10/2008, 01:07.
Yes. I'm late. I'm not in a very good mood today. It will end at 6p as scheduled.


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