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Tournaments and events

If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Friday 14/11/08

2 messages
English TCA_Spidey - last answer from 0 avist, Friday 14/11/2008, 01:55.
ONLY for medium level people(20-35)
have medium prizes
Link : First for Low Level Players
nominal fee
Good Luck
Thursday 13/11/08

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English Slava N - last answer from master relic, Thursday 13/11/2008, 23:30.
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English xLEG3NDx - last answer from MDelRey, Thursday 13/11/2008, 17:43.
Like mine
only 200 clintz max easier less
minimum 100
plz use this method

background color(s)
text color
outline (optional)
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English HaveOne WMD - subject is closed
I hope to run tournaments for lower level players.


My idea is that 100 clintz is easy to get but 1000 clintz can be a big deal to players under level 30. So take your shot at winning 1000 clintz by playing against other people of the same experience level. First 16 players to request to join will be accepted.
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English Yoda_LoA - last answer from Yoda_LoA, Thursday 13/11/2008, 15:48.

This tournament is a little different. All cards in your deck must begin with the letter "A". Other than that, the only deck restrictions are there can only be 8 cards in your deck and no doubles.

Cr's are ok
ELO Banned cards are ok
Unevolved cards are ok
Every clan save Fang Pi Clan and Ulu Watu have playable cards (none of those begin with A)

Entry Fee is 600 Clintz
1st - 2000 clintz
2nd -1200 clintz
3rd - 800 clintz

8 players, no level or rank restrictions.
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English CDG213 - last answer from CDG213, Thursday 13/11/2008, 13:32.
Join up!!!

Best of the Best

Type 2 deck anything is allowed

Fee : 500


1st place gets 40% pot + any card under 2k
2nd place gets 30% of the pot + any card under 1k
3rd place gets 15% of the pot
5% goes to kate
10% goes to me
2 messages
English Milosslays - last answer from Dark Alpha_OC, Thursday 13/11/2008, 09:05.
First the prizes
for 16 p
1st prize 6000 and Methane
2nd prize 5000 and Rolph
3rd prize 4000 and Z3r0 D34d
for 32 p
1st prize 11000 and Methane
2nd prize 10000 and Rolph
3rd prize 9000 Z3r0 D34d
for 100p
1st 50000
2nd 40000
3rd 10000
fee 1000
all characters allowed max star 30
place danger zone
deadline to join is 25th November

Wednesday 12/11/08

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English Dennis1012 - subject is closed
I don't know why other one didn't get posted pm me with reason if u are going to erase this to
16 - 2k each
32 - 1k each
sell card to u 1050 u sell back for 50
type 2 rule
but max. star 30
place danger zone

1st vickie
2nd Gaia
i'm entering too

no cheating
best 2 out of 3 game
and have fun
Monday 10/11/08

9 messages
English Hobbitusz - last answer from CDG213, Monday 10/11/2008, 22:56.
We have got some great duellers, some elo specialists, and now we are looking for loosers. Since we want the best of everything, we want some of the biggest loosers of the game in our guild as well.

Here is the link: deleted
36 messages
English breakpoint - last answer from MDelRey, Monday 10/11/2008, 15:44.
New cards are coming out next week so that means it's rumor season again! and I have the right kind of contest for this.

- START: Saturday 11/1/08
- END: Thursday 11/6/08
- Entry fee: Bob Joby

Read http://trickypanda.blogspot.com/2008/10/breakpoints-guess-card-contest.html

2. FOLLOW THE FORMAT. I will not entertain entries that do not follow the format.

good luck
1 message
¤ G T M ¤ Grand Theft of the Murderers
Some personality alarm clock one morning in the various alleys of a city which their is unknown: Clint City. GPS in the hand they have to fight between them to get back their freedom. Kidnapped by mystic member of the Terrorist Group Pantheon (GTP), they will have no choice … Obey the order: ¤ find and kill ¤, if they wish to survive the slaughter who wait for them because nobody will let them leave the GTM.

Jackpot 608000 Clintz

Number of participants prevus 128
8 Groupes
Rules : No card not to evolve
Two authorized clans
Fang Pi Clang
Collectors Cards authorized
Inscription 5000 clints

E V E N T : http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=555
Sunday 09/11/08

1 message
Holding elo tournament
best 2/3 battles goes on to next round till winner claims prize of clintz
Time to Test ur skills
2 messages
English Andriy93 - last answer from Andriy93, Sunday 09/11/2008, 20:47.

the 200 clints from each person who joins will be put into the purchase of the cards for second and third place and if enough people join i might add 4th and 5th place as well
2 messages
Español (((-))) - last answer from (((-))), Sunday 09/11/2008, 17:48.
For the past couple of days i have been hosting K.O KINGS http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=256 and i read and did all i was suppose to do, everything has been running fine till recently. out of all the players i have played the lowest level was 27 and i cant seem to beable to play any one under 25, i'm level 60. i have tried talking to some moderators but one said he did not know why now i'm waiting for another to respond. I just want to know if there is level limit between players even though we are in the event room facing off????
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English Milosslays - last answer from Milosslays, Sunday 09/11/2008, 17:25.
Entrance fee: 1000 you sell me a card for 50 and i sell it back to you for 1050 anybody hwo can't sell cards contact me
closing of entry: 17th November 2008
IF 16 JOIN than
1st prize 5000
2nd prize 4000
3rd prize 3000
4th prize 1000
IF 32 JOIN than
1st prize 10000
2nd prize 9000
3rd prize 8000
4th prize 1000
IF 50 JOIN than
1st prize 15000
2nd prize 10000
3rd prize 9000
4th 5000
placeanger zone
rules: max star 30
no ELO banned cards except Wee Lee and tanaerva

I'll also participate
good luck to everyone
10 messages
English Andriy93 - last answer from Andriy93, Sunday 09/11/2008, 17:25.
The entry fee is 500 clints

the winner receives 81% of the winnings

1 message
All ELO characters are allowed
prizes for 16p
1st 6000
2nd 5000
3rd 4000
1st prize 11000
2nd prize 10000
3rd prize 8500
if 50join
1st prize 16000
2nd prize 15000
3rd prize 9000
hope now your happy
23 messages
English Simple0313 - subject is closed
Hey. I'm back and I want to make an offer for everyone who is tired of their old pics.

For a limited time (Will ask for this to close Monday)
I am offering people profile pictures for about 1k (Negotiable).

If for some reason u r unsatisfied don't buy it.

Requests Guidlines:
Must be UR/ UR characters
Specify what kind of backgrounds (If not specified I will use UR backgrounds)
Tell me what texts u want (Ur Name, Guild, anything u want.......)

If u want some examples of my work, I will post some links here


Now Remember this is a limited time offer so PM me ( I won't be back online until about 4PM EST)
2 messages
English -Brook-O_C - last answer from -Brook-O_C, Sunday 09/11/2008, 16:12.
I'm making a great Type 1 event!
Please join Type 1 XIII Tourney
10 messages
English TnT_MeRm - last answer from hellz guard, Sunday 09/11/2008, 16:10.
Here is your chance to prove your worth!

Entry fee: 500 clintz

Prize: 95% of all the collected entry fee (5 % will go to kate)

Survival of the fittest

- BR 10 deck format
- Deck cannot contain less than 8 characters
- 25 * limit
- No Leader
- Must use 2 clans
- No level 1 character
- Must use 2 level 2 character(s)
- Must use 4 level 3 character(s)
- Must use 1 level 4 character
- Must use 1 level 5 character
- No unevolved characters
- ELO banned cards not allowed
- No collectors
- The cards should be balanced out with the clans (ei. 4 cards from clan1 and 4 cards from clan2)

Battle faceoffs:
- I will assign a groups once the spots are filled

End of registration: 5/11/08 @ 1700hrs (NZ date + time)


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