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If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Sunday 19/10/08

6 messages
English The Dark Lord7 - subject is closed
I am making a guild, people will need to join it if they want to play this tourney.
Entry fee = 500
star count 38
16 people can join
best out of 3
my guild is called The Phantoms of Urban Rivals
i will post u the player u are playing
it will be in the guild room of The Phantoms of urban rivals
first 16 will go through to the tourney
pm instead of writing it on this
Deadline on 23 - 10 - 08
will start at 26 - 10 - 08 at 3;00
Saturday 18/10/08

64 messages
Español 87Belfast - subject is closed

Players must not be Titan, legend or Divinity ranks.
Players Must not be over lvl 32
20 Players (possibly 24 or 32)

Deck Conditions:
32 Star limit
No Crs
Only 1 Elo banned card per deck
Every deck must contain a Leader
No doubles

Entry fee will be 750 clintz
Ill send you a card for 800 u send back for 50
I send you a card and you pay 750 + price of card sent.

1st 12000 clints worth of cards
2nd 2000 clintz worth of cards
3rd 1000 clintz worth of cards
4th 750 clintz

If we do end up gettin over 20 players i will increase prizes as follows:

If theres 24 players
1st 14000 clintz worth of cards
2nd 2500 clintz worth of cards
3rd 1500 clintz worth of cards
4th 750 clintz

32 Players
1st 18000 clintz worth of cards
2nd 4000 clintz worth of cards
3rd 2000 clintz worth of cards
4th 750 clintz

Registrations will close in 2 weeks (Monday 13th Oct)
I will be taking part in the tourney

Friday 17/10/08

38 messages
English URB4NKILL4 - subject is closed
Hello 1Question event is back due to outstanding responses the first time i did this event well i am now back up to 200k so its back on people!!!!!

the rules are as follows;
>I make the rules nobody else has a say.
>one question per two hours (unless i am off line)
>the prize will be awarded by private sale (i will pm the winner with details)
>i will tell you how many guesses you are allowed
>if u answer more times than you are allowed all of your answers will not count.
>there will be a different prize for each question.

OK lets get on with the first question.

question 1 is....

When did urban rivals become fully interactive on the web and not entirely on the phone?
>2 answers allowed from each player
> 2k prize

good luck and enjoy
Thursday 16/10/08

50 messages
English calz XC - subject is closed
I am doing the same thing as shortyboy1!

the first question will be....

when was i born ??

the nearest answer will win a Lou and 500 clitz!

good luck!
Wednesday 15/10/08

21 messages
English Garg CR - subject is closed
The third round of the BR10 begins today and will end on the 13th of October at 24:00.
Here are some links with the rules of this event :

And the BR10 page : http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=1

Here come the fights :

E.L.I.T.E barrera
La Congrégation de l'Ombre

Madagascar Angel
Urban Délinquance

Carry ON
Petit Tavion

School of Predators
Escuela de combate Rescue

Black Knight Prague
Army of Elite Mercenaries

No RuLeS United
Les men in black

fun and furious

Elite team
le chateau de la ZsX

ELO cution
Les fous alliés

Bloodsuckers Academy
Wise Men Distracted


Summer Solstice
The Purple Wizards


Les Guerriers Tenebreux
los guardianes celestiales

Predators Extreme

Youth Kriminals
Dark Sikarioz

Azraël legend

Les Insomniak
l'Armée Blanche


No Woman No Cry
aussie battler's

Rage Against Unfairs

Game Over

Gremio de combate Rescue
Dark Legion

elite argentina
guild no fansub

The BeSharps
The Coven

Good luck to everyone !
2 messages
English Vule_SET - last answer from THANATOS_UM, Wednesday 15/10/2008, 12:17.
Do any guild want fight against SET???Pm if you want

Link just PM me

Tuesday 14/10/08

17 messages
English winner mon - subject is closed
Alright its been a while since anyone has had a good torny in america times

alright star count is 32
we play in danger zone
entry fee is 500 clintz(i collect fee's after we get everyone)
no cr's but elo banned cards are allowed
you can pm or put the messages here if ur in
and if u cant buy or sell cards i can work something out with u
i will also be playing
so join if u want to
all levels can join
Monday 13/10/08

4 messages
English CDG213 - subject is closed
Ok i don't know which tread to post this on.

Ok heres my question

If a tournament starts at 17:00 and you start a fight at 17:58 and it finishes at 18:01 do you still get them points?
3 messages
English Smaakage - subject is closed
When I Enter a tour from the beggining, and win my first match with a 1HKO, and get 15 points, how come somebody allready have 5x point or higher ?.. Can someone explain me the point giving rules with tour ?
Sunday 12/10/08

4 messages
English Wave Hunter - last answer from Florabot, Sunday 12/10/2008, 20:26.
Hi we are a new rapidly growing guild for anyone around level 10,
we have plans for monthly guild competions including; most improved player, most active player, most helpful player
We are currently building a guild website which will have a forum and a guild tournaments chat room
I hope you come along and have a look
See ya soon,
15 messages
English American Dude - last answer from American Dude, Sunday 12/10/2008, 20:08.
:This is My 1st Tournament

It Will Be a 16 or 32 Person Tournament

1. Entry Fee 1000 Clintz
2. Star Count 30
3. 2 Out Of 3 Battles
4. No Crs
5. No Doubles
6. Elo Ban Cards Allowed
7. Play In Danger Zone
8. Cant Use Prize Cards Tanaereva Wee Lee or Gaia
9. Tournament Organizer (Me) Cant Particapate
10. Copy and Paste Your Battle Record Against Your Opponent To This Subject And If For Some Reason This Message Gets Closed Send Your Battle Record To My Profile (Private Message)
32 16
1 Tanaereva 1 Wee Lee
2 Gaia 2 Gaia

Tournament Starts 3 Days After The 16th Person Signs Up
133 messages
English URB4NKILL4 - subject is closed
Ok, 2nd event of the day im feeling generous:
>read the rules as they are differen to last time.

>If you answer the following question correctly you will win 5k!
>However you are now only allowed to guess once in this question.
>closest to answer will win

>todays question is: How many clintz do i have??

let the answers begin.

HINT (i am not poor however not yet rich)
9 messages
English StormWhisper - last answer from LOA_Rannoch, Sunday 12/10/2008, 15:15.
I'm about to be in the room. Check the rules (I had 10 DQs last week), and remember to challenge me with the word Anime.

Saturday 11/10/08

56 messages
English StormWhisper - last answer from LOA_Rannoch, Saturday 11/10/2008, 21:19.
Okies since I didn't want the announcement cluttered here's where you guys can all praise the perfection that is StormWhisper for this wonderful new event she has bestowed upon you.

And for the record, no I am not unbeatable. I'm good but I can be beaten

You see perfection does not extend to my ability to play. That is skill. Totally different

Anywho. Here's your place to chatter about it. Have fun

61 messages
English DA-RAPHA - last answer from Anger_HM, Saturday 11/10/2008, 17:58.
Below are the qualified for the tournament by team

are therefore 1 / 2 final
countries are


matches oppose

Italy vs Canada
USA vs France

Team Italy Elo
1 ° Vanpaia naito
2 ° Eye_luck
3 ° 1f-alteos
4 ° 1f-Angelo

Team Italy
1.) Eye-daviuss
2.) 1F-AlteoS
3.) 1f-Angelo
4.) 0 SkySweet

Team Italy
1: Eye_Luck
2: 1F-AlteoS
3: Eye_Micciui
4: Eye-daviuss

Teams Canada
1. Shining
2. Prophet
3. Redge
4. Uron

Teams Canada
1. Hetmanek
2. Oackley
Sunbeam 3.PA
4. Prophet

Teams Canada
1. Sunbeam PA
2. Deddjy
3. Darkassault
4. Shining

Team France
1 / 7RG-Sand
2 / Papymatmagic
3 / Arconene
4 / Nancein

Team France
1 7RG-Sand
2 A crazy nympho
3 Nancein
4 da-bigbivi (contact me for its games)

Team France
1 / Gyzmo36 SA
2 / 1f-Sunnmetal
3 / Arconene
4 / HK-Drei

Team USA - ELO
1 - Phyllyp LOA
2 - Daexen WMD
3 - LargeMargeLoA
4 - Vanter - Captain

Team USA - DTs
1 - Packerfan007
2 - Vanter
3 - Pein EVO - Captain
4 - LargeMargeLoA

Team USA - Monoclan
1 - 0-Jade
2 - RG365 LoA
3 - Vanter – Captain for the moment
4 - LittleTK WMD
Friday 10/10/08

25 messages
English URB4NKILL4 - subject is closed
>This event will be ongoing and there will be one help every other day.
>To win you have to answer the following question correctly.
>there will be a different question everyday.
>the prize is always 1k. (its low however this is ongoing and you can win more than once)

>Todays question is(Friday 10th oct)

What is the Leader Hugo's second name????

> Todays question is
11 messages
English Cardz Ruler - subject is closed
O.k i know the price is expensive but look at the reward.


price: 1k
any deck any cards any 1 hit k.o's
danger zone
NO LYING or you will be disqualified
post the results on the message board and for future reference send them to me
15 players needed
starts on friday the 10th October oh and also listen to joe j cool as he might step in when im busy thanks


1st 10k
2nd money back
3rd money back

i know the name lies a bit but come on all you who think you are hard enough. good luck to all participants.
Thursday 09/10/08

10 messages
English LiL JoKeR 21 - last answer from LiL JoKeR 21, Thursday 09/10/2008, 15:12.

this tourney will be16 man touney
(the entry fee is 2K each you sell me a card for 50 clints
i sell back for 2050)

Star limit is 43

1st place=24K
2nd place= 6K
3rd place=2K

have fun tourney will start when 16 people join
Wednesday 08/10/08

4 messages
English American Dude - subject is closed
I Wanna Make A Tournament But Im Not Sure How Can Some One H Please Help Me With This
I Would Never Forget It ( Ok Ya I Would But Not This Month )
Monday 06/10/08

30 messages
English TnT_blahblah - subject is closed
So Here's The DeaL....

iLL make This Very Simple For aLL the PLayers That Like To Participate in this Tournament...
Entry Fee 2k Clintz.. SeLL a Card to me For 50 Clintz iLL seLL it BAck to you for 2050 Clintz..
*i WiLL Not Participate in this tournament*

For Players that cannot seLL their cards privately... Just leave me a message in my inbox...
i wiLL just seLL a common card to you for 2k Clintz...

*i WiLL Make a List of aLL the PLayers that aLready Paid*

PLayers Needed... 32 to 64 players
Just as i Said... iLL Make This Tourny Very Simple...
Best Of 3 Battles *first to Win 2 Rounds*
Deck Format = type 1
ELO Banned Cards are aLLowed...
No Cr's
- You WiLL Battle your Opponent in Danger Zone -

Prizes - if 32 players wiLL participate....
1st = 30k Worth of Card/Cards *Winner's Choice*
2nd = 20k Worth of Card/Cards *winner's Choice*
3rd = 14k Worth of Card/Cards *Winners Choice*

prizes - if 64 players wiLL participate...
1st = 60k Worth of Card/Cards *Winner's Choice*
2nd = 40k Worth of Card/Cards *Winner's Choice*
3rd = 28k Worth of Card/Cards *Winners Choice*

i WiLL Start The Tournament As Soon As we reach 32 or 64 players...

More PLayers... Bigger Prizes...
*iS Your Deck the BEst in CLint City?*

*Good Luck Everyone*

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