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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Saturday 08/01/11

Friday 07/01/11

6 messages
Deutsch NANAoverLUCY - last answer from hirnwasser, Friday 07/01/2011, 11:34.
Hi, I'm still pretty bad at this and started to build my own decks. Is there any kind of more-or-less agreed on Tier list for the Clans in ELO Mode? (Normal and tournaments).

I know it probably changes form week to week but I figured there would be some rough draft at least.

And is there any way to see the decks of those who did well last week (something like a top 10?)

ty in advance
26 messages
English TH_foxfire - last answer from puritus, Friday 07/01/2011, 10:38.
Elo is killing me right now i need a solid Clan to counter GHEIST!!!
15 messages
English E10din - last answer from wats_happenin, Friday 07/01/2011, 03:55.
The title pretty much says it all. i'm looking to find an elo deck that can break 1400, and that hopefully won't require much changing from week to week. i am willing to spend a max of 80k on this deck, so price is not that big of an issue here. any decks that you could suggest would be fantastic, thanks so much in advance, and thanks mods
Thursday 06/01/11

4 messages
English Hula_Daisy - last answer from Vinyl-Scratch, Thursday 06/01/2011, 14:29.
Earlier today i beat my ELO Score of 1020 with 1046 but i lost 1 match and i started to slip up i think it was the fact in knowing that i beat my ELO score can i have advice plz
6 messages
English Browson - last answer from Browson, Thursday 06/01/2011, 00:22.
I have been having decent success with this deck and was just wondering if anyone has comments on improvements:
B Ball
Vermyn N

Wednesday 05/01/11

2 messages
English Kiellogs - last answer from xNipple, Wednesday 05/01/2011, 20:13.
Can anyone help me improve it?
how can i make it better?
shall i change Azgroth to kenny?
1 message
Here is my deck: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1687205

a lot of people have been telling me to get Burt 2 star, but I feel that if I make it 2 star, it becomes too obvious that I'm using it as a throw away card. Is my deck fine as the way it is? Any helps would be appreciated.
1 message
Do u guys think this could hit atleast hit 1300 because im not doing very good with it it might be because i made it yesterday an need more practice with it idk preset=1688942 http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1688942&list
1 message
do you guys think this deck has what it takes?
Tuesday 04/01/11

5 messages
English xTheM - last answer from xTheM, Tuesday 04/01/2011, 23:25.
Hey, I'm playing this game for a week or so and I wanted to create my first ELO deck but I have a small problem with what cards to pick and if the combination of the clans is even any good. First I wanted to do a deck like this:
Nightmare: Kenny,Pan,Glorg and one of : Phyllis , Mawpin or Sheitane.
GHEIST: Leviatonn, Rolph, Z3r0 D34d and Arkn or Wurmhol.
But after talking to some other player he told me that I should replace Kenny with Oshitsune, so I would trow away Arkn, Sheitane, Kenny and add Oshitsune, Platinum.
As the result the deck would look like this:
Nightmare: Oshitsune ,Pan ,Glorg and 1 of : Phyllis , Mawpin or Sheitane.
GHEIST: Leviatonn, Rolph, Z3r0 D34d and Platinum or Wurmhol
But then Rolph got banned and i was thinking of replacing him with Wardom or adding more stars so after a while the deck looked like this:
Nightmare: Oshitsune ,Pan ,Glorg ,Kenny.
GHEIST: Leviatonn, Darth, Z3r0 D34d and Platinum.

But then someone told me i should change it to this:

Nightmare: Oshitsune, Pan, Glorg, Phyllis
GHEIST: Leviatonn, XU52, Z3r0 D34d and Arkn

Is it just me or do these clans or cards seem like a bad combination and i should replace them?
Ps. I didn't buy any of these cards yet and if u would like to help me doing a deck I have 50k clintz and around 100k clintz in my total cards value on the market.
10 messages
English andra49 - last answer from Mr Viggz, Tuesday 04/01/2011, 20:57.
Well, actually I'm not newbie here, i have been playing UR for about 6 months, but to get my first credit i have to wait 2-3 months (-_-) which i get from ad clicks, surveys, etc. Now if i sell all my cards, i will have about 30K clintz. I mostly play ELO, but i always yoyo-ing around 1080-1100. So, do you have any idea to make a deck with that budget?
I have played GHEIST before, i think it was one of the best clans out there, but to get descent deck, it takes a lot of clintz.. then i tried Montana, but it seems there are soo many people use this. And it was also (bit) boring, because it played very straight forward (just my opinion). I was considering decks like GHEIST-Piranas, Freaks-Pussycats, etc. But i think it's better to ask guys here ..

So, i need your suggestions to make sure i don't waste my money (or i have to wait agaiin..)

Thanks for your help..
1 message
Hey, i need help making this deck, already made a prototype, but something just doesnt seem right about the deck. I know its quite low on damage, and heavenly high in power. But, it just looks flawed to me.
So, all im asking is can people comment and make sugestions on how to change it?
(Rowdy and Gil are both banned this week)

2 messages
Español SebLiz - last answer from anishae, Tuesday 04/01/2011, 07:27.
And I was happy they unbanned Robb, but now he is banned AGAIN, Striker still banned, so now.. what 3 stars char you recommend me to put in my mono deck? (already have Randy and Kang off course)

Lewis, Davina, Allison

Well, you tell me opinions
Monday 03/01/11

6 messages
English wats_happenin - last answer from URHunter, Monday 03/01/2011, 23:47.
So as the title suggests, which is better to use overall????
Obvs for ELO
1 message
A deck I came up with, surprised it wasn't already taken.
Serena's Tsunami

Rate/comment, please.
Any feedback would be highly appreciated.
1 message
Hi, i just started last week. I have tried a few presets to play with in ELO and the highest i got was 1200. I created a deck but i i wuold like to know if there are still ways i can improve it.. basically i created the deck with having only to compete with abilities and not clan bonuses.


Any comments and advice will be much appreciated since like i said I'm new.
6 messages
English jiasen238 - last answer from jiasen238, Monday 03/01/2011, 09:46.
Is it even possible to challenge specific people in ELO room? why does this happen? =(
Sunday 02/01/11

1 message
Is there a specific time that one ELO week ends and the next begins? I hav read sometime Sunday evening/Monday morning. I saw something that said 18:00 but that was3 hours ago and it hasnt started nextweek yet....

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