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If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Saturday 19/07/08

1 message
I am offering to make you an icon for about 300 clintz (Clintz will be taken after you recieve/and are satisfied with your icon)

If you are interested post and pm me what you want done and if you don't like the icon I can redo it until I get it right.
Friday 18/07/08

39 messages
English 0UC_Supa_Fast - last answer from KnightMare-, Friday 18/07/2008, 20:33.
------------------------------------------------Welcome to Two-Star-Tournament----------------------------------------------------------

This Tournament will consist of only 2 star maxed out cards. Also you must contain 8 different clans in your deck so no bonuses will be activated. 8 card limit in decks also. No ELO banned cards if theres even a two star card banned. YOU MUST PM YOUR DECK BEFORE EACH MATCH! If opponent uses a card other than one of the ones he has sent me then immediate disqualification!

Battles will take place in Danger Zone so no randoms. It will be a Single Elimination, best of three setup so if you win two games and your challenger wins 1 then you move on and your opponent is knocked out. PM me at the end of your rounds.

The Entry Fee will only be 300 Clintz and I will collect all the Fees From July 7th through July 11th. Brackets will be posted on the 12th. And battles will start on the 13th.

Now To The Goods!
1st Place- Mona
2nd Place- Enzo
3rd Place- Petra
4th Place- Leila
5th Place- 4x Lubas

I will start tournament regardless of how many people enter so if one person enters Congratz you receive all 5 prizes.
8 messages
English CityKid18 - last answer from CityKid18, Friday 18/07/2008, 14:17.
1. No Crs allowed
2. Need 32 people
3. Type ELO
4. Fee is 600 clintz
5. Fights will be played in fight club
6. Must PM me results

1. Yayoi (U)
2. Baby Q (R)
3. Clara (R)
4. Emma (C)
Wednesday 16/07/08

3 messages
English Andarion - last answer from Harion, Wednesday 16/07/2008, 04:24.
So, The Entry Fee is 200 clintz and the prizes are:
1st place: 1000 clintz
2nd place: 700 clintz
3rd place: 400 clintz

1) Uppers and Montana are banned... Rescue is allowed cuz it isnt necesery that they have +12 attack...
2) Banned cards are still banned, all accept Alec (from Rescue) cuz his effect isnt that great
3) Kolos and Lost Hog are Banned
4) If caught cheatin, u r out of the tournament...
5) Ur deck can have as many clans as u want
6) Only Players that have bought credits can compeet

Now listen up, if u want to compete in the tournament say u r in, ill PM u if u got in or not cuz im sure there will be a lot of ppl sayin im in im in, not only 16...

ill post the ppl competin like this
1. bla
2. blah
and so on and so on...

so how this works is...

All the players get their numbers... for example im nr 1 and mr.bla is nr 2 , get it?

1. player vs 2.
3 vs 4
5 vs 6
6 vs 7
8 vs 9

ill PM u and still post here the players in and the numbers,
the organization is till the 16 th of july
the payments are till the 17th
the first fights are till the 18 th
the second fights are til lthe 19th
the third fights and then after third fights are the semi finals, that is the 20th
and the finals and the 3rd place match is at the 21 st and then u recieve the payments

Tuesday 15/07/08

1 message
Join my clan if you wish to be in a torny at least 3 tiimes a month
---we currently have one going that anybody can join (this time im hosting it)
- our tornies have good rewards (current torny has ok rewards but the rewards will get better)
Shadowriders also has a great clan market
lvls 1-113 can join our guild
21 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from ChessPiece, Tuesday 15/07/2008, 10:48.
Must have 3 people
Best 2 out of 3
Play in a type 1 no ramdom (tell me ur deck so that i would know)
must be at least 10

1 place group gets
2k each

2nd place gets
1k each

3 place gets
Monday 14/07/08

3 messages
English dj luke - subject is closed
Wat up i win 4456 matches yea
12 messages
English MAD DAWGz - subject is closed
The clans that am allowed am:Roots,freak,junks and Ulu Watu

8 cards
all cards am rather 2 or 3 stars
4 people max
single elimination

entry fee :i sell u dum card for 750

prize:1750 clint

Sunday 13/07/08

56 messages
English -Cypher- - subject is closed
I’ve been seeing a lot of really average avatars (profile pictures) lately and I want to do something about it, so I’ve decided to offer my skills as an artist to the UR community.

What I’m selling is an avatar picture made to your specification; you can have any picture, your name, your guild’s name on there, or whatever the hell you like (as long as it doesn’t break UR rules).

For now I’m only running this offer for a 7 day trial so that I can rate interest, you must be LVL 17+ and have purchased credits to have one made. The base price will be 1000 clintz, I may add to this number if your specific request is highly technical. If you are interested please post here and I will contact you, Don’t contact me directly or you will be ignored.

You will only have to pay for your avatar if you choose to use it; I Don’t expect everyone to be totally happy with my first attempt so I will do it up to 3 times before the deal is void. Don’t try and scam me, I *WILL* find out and you will be penalised just like any other scammer.
You can find some examples of my previous work here:




Friday 11/07/08

7 messages
English martin_010 - subject is closed
1st place will get 5000 clintz
2nd gets 2000 clintz
entry fee is 500 clintz
rules are that you need a deck with only 2 clans no les or more no leaders slit evenly
cant have more than 30 stars
16 people needed
enty fees will be colcted when 16 people join
Thursday 10/07/08

20 messages
English husky1 - subject is closed
1st prize: 5,000 clintz
2nd prize: 2,000 clintz
3rd prize: 1,000 clintz

1.deck must contain 25 stars or less
2. can be fully evovled or non
3. deck can contain more than 1 clan
4. no doubles.

entry: 350 clintz

how to enter:
sell me a card for 50 clintz
i sell it back to u for 400 clintz

if you are unable to sell, contact me for an alternative.

i will chose ur opponent. it is your job to contact them and battle them best out of 3. post your 3 battles in the thread or pm me. then the winners will be chosen.

tournament will start once enough people are in.
3 messages
English ZERONY-Bc - last answer from Cataclysm_mop, Thursday 10/07/2008, 18:42.
Hi all, "OUR SUN IS ALWAYS RISING" need challengers for a friendly "type 2, NO random" tournament.. if any guild accept this challenge please send us to arrange the tournament
1 message
English Jackal0321 - subject is closed
If this subject is in the wrong forum I apologize.

My question is how do some people earn 400 battle points in a single daily tourney? It just doesn't seem possible without some sort of trick.

For example if they earn 390 battle points in a tourney they would have to win 13 duels and earn 30 battle points per duel. 13 duels in an hour would mean that each duel (including time to find and resolve) could only take about 4.5 minutes.

How do people earn so many battle points per duel and duel so quickly?
2 messages
English Jared9473 - last answer from death knightx, Thursday 10/07/2008, 07:29.
Hello, The guild Kings of Clint City is looking to be in a small guild war or tournement, we dont have very many members but i owuld like to have the war or tournement with a guild around our numbers and battle points, please message me if you would like to challenge us.
4 messages
English TheSuperKill - subject is closed
I keep seeing people hosting tournaments, and im wanting to know how to host one, and i have a few questions, like how to give the winner their reward, plz write back soon
Wednesday 09/07/08

8 messages
English Killingshadow - last answer from Killingshadow, Wednesday 09/07/2008, 11:28.
Since my last tournament didn`t go well because of my mistakes this will be fine

Prize:Coby (U) (U)
entry fee:200
max entries : 17
min entries : 15

there are no rules
who ever wins 3 battle
gets to go on
Sunday 06/07/08

7 messages
English Blue Zero - subject is closed
Can someone help me. Just make me an avatar w/ my name in it (ZERO) on the center and most colors that I like are dark ones so please make me one *looks at Force Majeure's avatar jealously* just jokin'!. the best one will recieve 700 clintz
Saturday 05/07/08

113 messages
English Robareid - last answer from jackman123, Saturday 05/07/2008, 14:16.
I would like to run a tourderment of 16 countrys
South Africa
Chez Republic (sorry for spelling)
Rest of world

its ELO and completly free and a 100 clintz prize for each of the winners (400 for winning team) but you will have to sell me card for more than its worth to get prize.
4 members per team. For each match I will post new thread.
It is survival mode.
Thursday 03/07/08

8 messages
English XC 1984 - last answer from XC 1984, Thursday 03/07/2008, 21:16.
Socc tourney
entry fee 100 clintz ( u send me a card for 50 ill send it back for 150)
1st prize: edd
2nd prize: Prince Jr
if you want to join say ill join and send me a card

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