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Thursday 12/06/08

6 messages
English worldpad - subject is closed
I am holding my first lottery. The prizes are:
1st: Nahi Cr 3*
2nd: Zatman 1*
3rd: Lulabee 5*

Each ticket costs 1000 clintz, max 3 tickets per person. I will not start this until there are at least 35 people who say they want to join, just say how many tickets you want in your post. When I have enough participants, you will sell me a card for 50, and I will sell it back for 1050. Then I will assign each of you numbers based on your post, so the first post is 1, etc. I will choose the numbers from a random number generator, or the admins can do that if they don't trust me, for some strange reason.
5 messages
English WELCOMETOHELL - subject is closed
Week long lottery for Zatman. Drawing will be held SUN.the 15th.Tix are 500 clintz each, Two tix max per person.send a card for 50 i'll send it back for 550.Winner will be notified immediately.GOOD LUCK.
6 messages
English TnT_Mathwiz - subject is closed
Sry for asking a" N00B-ish" question: Does anyone know how daily tourneys are now scored and how it dictates how many battle points you get? Help would be appreciated.
8 messages
English PL_WILSON - subject is closed
Maximum of 15 ticket must sold to start the draw...
ticket price is only: 550 clints

Armand lvl 4*-
Ratanah 0xp -
noodile 0xp - "only 1 winner"
Rico 0xp -

maximum of 2 ticket/person...
1 ticket=550
2 ticket=1000

same as the other lottery sell me a card for 50 and i will sell it back for 600...
i will contact one of our mods.to draw this lottery!!!
join now!!!

Wednesday 11/06/08

13 messages
English XC 1984 - subject is closed
16 players knockout best of three
100 clintz entry fee ( send me a card for 50 ill return for 150
1st prise: Erpeto
rules:elo rules 25 stars certain cards banned etc
pm me or say ill join if u want to be in this tourney
17 messages
English QuiGon - subject is closed
Kolos should GO FROM ELO....either that either brihg marco or alec back...not fair..

just what Kolos and Kenny damage can do together.. dumb ppl say that he can be stopped with some good cards..well it can't..ELO you always play with combination of good and not so good cards. each player takes 2 moves for attack and 2 for defence...stats says taht you have to have AT LEAST ONE bad card in team that cannot stand with colos..i just have to wait for you to play that card and i reply with colos for all pillz left from fury and that's it.

at least to get this game back tobalance ..put COURAGE on Kolos ability. that would do the trick.

this game just got worse after banning alec together with marco from ELO.
8 messages
English PLAY-FAST-PLZ - last answer from L0RD BL4CK S4, Wednesday 11/06/2008, 04:21.
How do you get really high battle points in tourenment?
Tuesday 10/06/08

4 messages
English Mr Cool EVO - subject is closed
20 Ticket Only!!!!!!

1 Ticket : 1300clintz
Only 2 ticket per person
If you cant sell credit that is gonna be 1450clintz

Prize : Hawkins

Just send me a card for 50clintz then i send back to you for 1350clintz.
To join just say im in!!!!!!!!!!
5 messages
English marnotrawcaUM - subject is closed
I'm holding my first lottery

ticket will cost 150 clintz, max 3 per person

I will draw the winner out of a hat as soon as I will have 20 tickets sold

Glorg is maxed out
23 messages
English Dritan - subject is closed
This tourno is only for people level 10 - 20

The maximum number of players must be 10
The people participating can buy as many tickets as they want.
There will only be one prize and that prize is Oyoh maxed

The price for a ticket is only 250, and there will only be 10 tickets avilable for sale so you can have a good chance of winning

Goood Luck and please enter

55 messages
English Force Majeure - subject is closed
Participants will pick a number from 1-9 only..

-winning number will be determined by adding up the number of participants in ELO every after the weekly ELO tourney until we get a 1digit number..
-a message will be sent to you (Monday) when you played ELO, telling you the ELO tourney results..we'll base it from there..

example:Hello Ground Zero!

Here are your results for last week ELO tournament:

You ended up 110 over 4871 players with 1363 ELO points.

so..we take the number of ELO participants and just add it up until we arrive at a 1digit number
4871 players = 4+8+7+1 = 20 = 2+0 = 2
winning number is 2..

-registration is free..
-all you need to do is post your number (you'll choose)..
-first 18 players to fill up the numbers are the only participants to join..once all numbers are chosen..this lottery closes..and we'll see the winners next week..
-remember, if the same number is chosen twice already, you can't pick that number anymore..
-one post per player only..unless your number got chosen twice already and there are still spaces left..if so, you can post again..

here are the numbers to choose from: 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6,7,7,8,8,9,9
meaning..there will be two winners..good luck and have fun..

prize for this week will be: Bodenpower
Monday 09/06/08

35 messages
English TNT_chris - subject is closed
Ok I have a few spare Ambre s so I decided to do a lottery for them.

Nice and simple rules

500 clintz per ticket, numbers will be allocated according to people's posts who say "I am In"

For every 15 people who join I will draw a random number who will win an Ambre.

After I receive 15 people I will sell them a card for 50 and they will sell it back to me for 550, then I will draw the random number and sell the winner an Ambre for 50 clintz.

I will continue this until all my Ambre s are gone
1 message
Join my guild cheap card auctions once a month any lvl wanted

251 messages
English 3M Andrei 3x - subject is closed
>We play old style---> no pilz: meaning in each round you cannot use pillz
>We play in "Danger Zone" - because of the "no random" factor--->fairplay
>You will send your deck to me only and your deck is 25 stars max___NO doubles & banned cards
>The following clans are forbided: Uppers, Sakrohm, Rescue, Junkz or Sentinel and NO Hugo

The REGISTRATION: 800 clintz
>You will sell me a card for 50 clintz and I will sell you back the same card for 850

>if you use bad language, discrimination and so on, you're out--->no clintz return
>if during a match you qiut ---> you lose that match
>once you payed the entry fee, you cannot change your mind and ask 4 your clintz back, in case you don't want 2 play anymore

The "MATCH":
>depending how many players will registrate, I will make some groups
>each player from the group will play 1 match against the other players from the group
>both players (the one who won & the one who lose) will send me a message which will contain:
-his deck
-the opponent's deck
-the score
>the pionts: if you win ----> 3 points
_______________draw ---> 1 point
_______________lose ---> 0 point

> the first 2 players from each group will go on to the next level of the turnement

....::::THE "PRIZES"::::....
__1st place: __ 50%
_______2nd place: ______25%
___________3rd place: ___________15%
________________4th place:________________10%

Let's have fun !!! You are all welcome !!
4 messages
English Confirm - subject is closed
I get Kenny in pack and i think make little profit. So lottery for Kenny.

Prize: Kenny (maxed)

Ticket price.
1 ticket: 1000 clintz.

Each player can buy only 5 tickets.

There are only 30 tickets.

Pay me now. Thats better because when we sold 30 tickets we need wait when players pay and its time too.

I start lottery only when 30 tickets sold.

Good luck. Remember: Watch my GraksmxxT lottery.
89 messages
English ShamedGod - subject is closed
OK, So I checked the math this time. As an apology I reworked the prizes, dropped the fee, and increased the minimum tickets.

(see http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=395350&subject_page=0 )

1 ticket = 1500 Clintz
5 tickets = 6500 Clintz
10 Tickets = 10000 Clintz

Minimum Tickets Sold 300 Tickets

1st Prize
Vickie, Jackie, Wee Lee, Baby Q
Total Market Value 45K

2nd Prize an ELO deck:
Z3r0 D34d
Total Market Value 35K

3rd Prize
Kenny & Kolos
Total Market Value 35K (and Climbing)

4th Prize
Page Cr
Market Value 10K

5th Prize Vermyn N
Martet Value 7K

Grand Prize
Lamar Cr, Elya Cr, Seldnor Cr, Cassio Cr, Nahi Cr
Total Market Value 160K


All cards are MAXed (even CRs)

Lottery will be held on June 10th in honor of my sister getting married that Saturday.

All entries must be collected by June 9th. Please PM me the amount of entries you wish to purchase, once the total reaches above 300 I will sell you a card for the amount of the entry fee. CARD IS YOURS TO KEEP, value of card will be 200 clintz or less. IF YOU REQUEST A CARD VALUE OF CARD WILL BE ADDED TO THE TICKET PRICE!

Fee not collected until minimum met.

You will be PMed your numbers, Drawing will be done by a random number generator.

Legends of America Guild member (http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=7344) are NOT eligible to buy tickets (see guild forum for details)
Sunday 08/06/08

2 messages
English D0UBL3D - subject is closed
I am lazy to play so i decided selling all of my cards.

1st prize (CRs)
Diyo Cr
Splata Cr
Total Market Value 62k

2nd prize (my old Rescue deck convert to Type 1)
Total Market Value 28k

3rd prize (my ELO deck)
B Ball
2 messages
English snowangel - last answer from 0-Jade, Sunday 08/06/2008, 09:29.
Hey if your reading this welcome well welcome to all tournement organisers

first off i wont to join a tournement Non ELO-Type 2 And No Leaders and What Does The Road to Guru Cr (Cr) mean on all tournement Titles ?Does it mean If You win The Tournement You Get That Card ? Anyway If You will please invite me to your tournement wether its random or for team UK Meassage Me or Post in here would be easier if you posted here so pleasee invite me thankyou
2 messages
English UM-CoNraD - subject is closed
My new tourney
this time it will work
this will be played elo type in non random
pm me your decks once thought of
well ill explain this easier
25* no baanned cards to make it simpler
entry fee: 500clintz
now for
1st ............50%
other 5% goes to me
Saturday 07/06/08

3 messages
English Knightmarre - subject is closed
Each ticket cost 1000
u sell me a card for 50 i sell it back for 1050
at least 20 tickets must be sold
can buy unlimited tickets

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