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Saturday 12/04/08

2 messages
ελληνικά pl91 - last answer from pl91, Saturday 12/04/2008, 12:01.
Hi guys.i need a cheap eyric or leviatone to make a really good elo deck.i can give about 6-7 k for one of them.thnx for reading and helping.
2 messages
English wolverines33 - subject is closed
Hello, I am holding a lottery (as the title states)

The winner will receive Cassio Cr and Swidz Cr!!

Common cards are 1 number
Uncommon cards are 5 numbers
Rare cards are 10 numbers
Collector cards are 20 numbers

The lottery will end Friday, the 16th of April

Good luck
Thursday 10/04/08

34 messages
English soliuz - last answer from soliuz, Thursday 10/04/2008, 20:42.
Well since you know i have to huge free lotteries and im so lazy i cant wright all the names down... so i was wondering if anyone is interested in wrighting every name on the lottery when the deadline is for a Lost Hog or 3-4kish card and its a Lost Hog for wrighting the names of one lottery so im looking for two people

requirements: must be ACTIVE AND ACCURATE

so yea post here dont pm
5 messages
English WELCOMETOHELL - last answer from WELCOMETOHELL, Thursday 10/04/2008, 03:44.
Having a raffle for Kolos starting 4/6 to 4/13...drawing will be monday the 14th.the fee will be 800,2 ticket max,winner will be notified immediately.send a card for 50 i'll send it back for 850..thanks and good luck
Wednesday 09/04/08

25 messages
English Baron Brixius - subject is closed
Is it just me, or does it seem that almost every week of ELO there is at least one guild which has more than one player winning Crs? Looking back it seems to me that the collector cards are awarded to players from certain guilds and doesn't seem completely "random" I've looked back a bit in the boards and not found anything about this recently. I was just wondering what everyone else thought about this, being that there have been something like 2 Americans to win Crs in ELO within the last year or so (LittleTK got Aldebaran Cr and soliuz got Kiki Cr) Maybe there just aren't enough players in the top 100 ELO but to me, it seems that even at that, players from the same guilds shouldn't be getting the cards so frequently. Even in the last 6 or 7 weeks I've looked at, Rage Against Unfairs had only 1 week without winning a Cr. To me that seems extremely unlikely. Even if each of their players was in the Top 100 ELO their guild would still only have a 16/100 chance of getting a collector card from ELO, yet they've had 7 collector cards WON in the last 10 weeks. That means, somehow, the "random" picked a Rage Against Unfairs member 7% of the time in the last 10 weeks. Somehow, to me, that doesn't seem random at all.

2 messages
English Pyro HoA - subject is closed
This is a pretty decent raffle. The prize is Charlie at maxed level. The price is 500 Clintz per ticket. You MUST say that you are in by posting a response here to help keep track in case I miss anyone in the private sales. If you send a card to me and don't post, I won't count it but I'll give it back for 50 Clintz so that you don't lose any money (I'm not a jerk). Send me a card for 50 and I will send it back for 550.

So in a nut-shell:

-Prize is Charlie
-500 a ticket
-Post a response notifying me that you have entered
-You must be able to sell card on the market/privately (or else I can't get you the card and you can't enter)

If I don't get more than 15 people, this will not happen and all Clintz will be returned. When you have entered I will send you a PM saying that you have successfully qualified.

I will assign each person their own number and will choose one number randomly with a number generator. The winner will be send a PM as soon as that has happened and the card will be in that person's private sales.

This will be going on for most of April, so I will make the drawing anywhere from April 25th through April 31st, or sooner if I feel that there will be no more participants. I will make sure the topic becomes locked for at least 6 hours before I pick the number to assure that no one else sends any cards.

Good luck to all who enter! =]
Tuesday 08/04/08

48 messages
English Teh HOBO - last answer from Titan_AH, Tuesday 08/04/2008, 09:05.
Date unknown due to my infrequent access to the internet, I will host a monoclan tourney. Why? Because outside of the international tourney there aren't many monoclan tourneys.

So, the rules: only two 'filler'(non-clan cards) allowed, filler cards can't be the same clan. NO LEADERS!
and that's it, oh yeah and at least 6 of your 8 cards must be the same clan(this is where monoclan comes in, see?)

Prizes: there will be a 500clz buy in and the winner will receive 70%, second place 20% and third 10%, so if 10 people join then the winner recieves 7000c, #2 2000, #3 1000.

Also donations would be super!

To enter: just pm me a decklist, I'll verify it and sell you a card for 650(Larry, or something similar), you then are ready to go(I'll wait till I've got 7+ people before starting)

As I alluded in my intro my internet situation is spotty at best, i can usually check the boards during break so I'll be able to see who wants in and confirm decklists.
Monday 07/04/08

17 messages
English WELCOMETOHELL - last answer from Gambler Dax, Monday 07/04/2008, 00:36.
101 messages
Español 0 legi0n - last answer from Gambler Dax, Monday 07/04/2008, 00:21.
This lottery is for Cr cards

* the entry fee is 500 clintz for one ticket (must send me a card for 50 and y send it back for 550)
* The winner will recieve : Swidz Cr Diyo Cr Geuner Cr Seldnor Cr all in MAX xp

* the lottery ends friday at 22:00 hrs (GMT-06:00)

for safety I ask a moderator to pick rhe winning ticket

good luck for everyone Legi0n

(please when send me the cards, copy my nick because there are more players whit a nick like mine)

have fun
Sunday 06/04/08

39 messages
English Wizzy95 - last answer from Wizzy95, Sunday 06/04/2008, 13:23.
I am holding a big tournament. I need no more and no less than 16 people.

Cost: 850 clintz (I will sell you a card for 1000 because I am going to buy a card worth 150)

Deck: The deck can have 30 stars at most. There will be no ELO banned cards that can be used in this tourney. Please send your decks to me in a private message.

Rules: Once you begin a battle with your opponent, I want you to record the FINAL RESULT, THE CARDS YOU USED, AND THE CARDS YOUR OPPONENT IS USING. (These things will be used to make sure your opponent isn't cheating.) Private message me this. Example: From: Elite Monkey:I lost 5 to 1.I used Morphun, Elixir, Jane Ramba, and Tanner. My opponent used Edd, Mona, Don, and Bridget. In conclusion, I lost. (End of Example) If I don't recieve one from you, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!! This will be required after every battle you have.

Morphun (MAXED)
Kiki (MAXED)
Vladimir (MAXED)
The overall winner will choose his card. Second place chooses his. Third Place takes the card that is left.

P.S. Remeber only 16 will be able to play. Better apply soon. Ask if you have questions here. Please put your message to sign up here not in my mailbox.

Hope everyone has fun!
Wednesday 02/04/08

91 messages
English soliuz - subject is closed
Again im so bored

Grand prize: blaster
1st prize: Kevin
2nd prize: mcdecay
3rd: Ashigaru
4th: booden power

the purpose: to make a joke related to UR nothing offensive
example: Mini Mosu is so fat when his beeper went of ppl thought he was backing up. or Timmy is so ugly when he look out of the window he got arrested for mooning
again ill try to find a mod or a hot chick to judge perfably a mod gl ends april 1st
Tuesday 01/04/08

9 messages
English x iiGlucozZEe - last answer from WarriorDudeAB, Tuesday 01/04/2008, 22:04.
Hey im just wondering can leaders be cr cards??
Monday 31/03/08

12 messages
English Puppyboy - last answer from RG LoA, Monday 31/03/2008, 22:26.
This tournoment is to sow if you have the best mono Freaks deck out there

1)only Freaks
2) star limit is 30
3)send me your decks

send me a card for 50 clintz and ill send it cack for 1050

1st Olga
2nd erpito
3rd a pat on the back

join if you think you have the best Freaks deck
1 message
This tournoment is to sow if you have the best mono Freaks deck out there

1)only Freaks
2) star limit is 30
3)send me your decks

send me a card for 50 clintz and ill send it bcack for 550

1st Olga (R)
2nd erpito
3rd a pat on the back

join if you think you have the best Freaks deck
1 message
My opinion is to give players who let time pass a disadvantage by substracting winningpoints (and maybe clintz). In tournaments i waste a lot of time and lose lots of winning points each time a player do this. I have a disadvantage and he will get a bonus? That's ridicoulus.
Last time i wanted to level a new card in the training room and they started doing the same there. About 50% of all fights were "won" by letting time pass. I wasted 1 hour to get my char from level 3 to level 5!

If the LTP -strategy would be punished harder than giving that players a red smiley, the game would be better.
And players like my, who getting crazy when opponents do this, wouldn't be be lead into temptation to insult such players (I haven't done it, but the more often it happens, the more often i start to think about it).

(sorry for posting this here, but i don't know where to writze it elswere)
Sunday 30/03/08

24 messages
English kilantolshi - last answer from LF-jelly, Sunday 30/03/2008, 11:41.
I'm certain many players have noticed, but 1st place tends to accrue around 300 battle points in a tournament.
I have a lot of trouble believing this as I am continually finding players who ignore my challenge (let it time out, wasting 1-2 minutes of play time) or even worse, they accept and then let the battle almost time out before making their move, each move.
I for one am sick and tired of these players whose sole purpose is to stop those who aren't friends/guildmates from placing high in tournaments. Their actions are making it so this game has less appeal for those who actually play. They are a problem and their actions need to be dealt with or countered in some way.

The difficulty is in how to do this. So here is what I propose. We find a way that us (as the players) can agree to as a majority to reduce the unfairness of these players. We then petition Urban Rivals to enact the agreed to changes in a future update.

So how can we decrease these unfair practices? I have three viable ideas myself (and would gladly look over any additional opinions from other players)

Options located in below post
3 messages
English scott1337l - last answer from WarriorDudeAB, Sunday 30/03/2008, 11:17.
When i enter a tournament my clints always come at the next tournament

why is this happening?
11 messages
English HBG-Logica - subject is closed
You guys experienced the same??
Saturday 29/03/08

2 messages
English jerromy - subject is closed
How would i run a tournament
3 messages
English death-_angel - last answer from Baron Brixius, Saturday 29/03/2008, 02:56.
Is Vansaar's ability now +90%xp

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