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Tuesday 03/06/08

129 messages
English Drain WMD - subject is closed
Giving Away A free Diyo Cr all you have to do is say
''Im in'' and when it reaches about 50 post ill pick randomly think of a number and make them the winner.
Monday 02/06/08

10 messages
English Confirm - subject is closed
Okey this time cheaper.



Ticket prices: 50 clintz ea.

minimum of 100 tickets sold.
162 messages
English Hobbitusz - last answer from Hobbitusz, Monday 02/06/2008, 13:11.
I have some ideas for tourneys, what I would like to try. I have been blackmailed not to start with an old tourney, so I will start with something completly different.

The deck rules: only 3* maxed cards are allowed, without any doubbles.

The inscription fee: 600 clintz
The inscription deadline: 1 week from now.

The gain: the winner will get 55% of the inscription fees
the runner-up will get 25% of the total fees payed
the third player will get 15% of the sum.
Sunday 01/06/08

11 messages
English soliuz - subject is closed
Ok sorry if u played someone but since there were some many inactiveness ill have to redo the list by that im hiring post here if YOUR ACTUALLY GOING TO PLAY THIS ENTIRE WEEK SLASH MONTH
Saturday 31/05/08

1 message
This is for people with a US flag only. Also this is for levels 30+. I will be accepting the first 10 applicants. (I always check my PM's first). There will not be a prize this is just for fun. Please post here or PM me if you want to join.
Thanks, Ashigaru1

This tournament is supported by the Tournaments Guild.

The Tournaments Guild package is accepted for this tournament. (Package includes: Free admission into guild created tournaments, Details of all players within the tournament, and scores/place of all players within the tournament.) Questions or Comments? Please contact Ashigaru1.
3 messages
English Mr Cool EVO - last answer from Ibko, Saturday 31/05/2008, 19:01.
Come and join and win cool prizes.

Ticket Cost : 2k for 1
2 Ticket Per Person

1st Prize : Kolos , Petra
2st Prize : Chiro , No Nam

if you cannot sell me just message me and say im in without credit then i send u a worth for 2k + the card price.
If you can sell just message me and say im in then u send me a card for 50 clintz then i send back for 2050clintz.
12 messages
English Confirm - last answer from Confirm, Saturday 31/05/2008, 17:57.

1st: Rolph
2nd: If 1500 tickets buyed till 7 june 2nd gets prize. Card 2k+ clintz worth

Ticket prizes:
5: 400 (10: 800, and so on)

At least 100 Tickets Sold Minimum
Don't know how to buy ticket?

If you are buying 1 ticket just send me card(private) for 50 clintz. and i ill send you it back for 150 clintz. If you buying 5 send me card for 50 and i send you card for 450 clintz. and so on.

Only Buy Tickets if you have purchased Credits from Shop

Good luck!
46 messages
English Myztyrio - last answer from Myztyrio, Saturday 31/05/2008, 16:43.
This is a tournament to prove yourself, but probably more important to most people, to win prizes!!! The entry fee is 600 clintz. You send me for 50 clintz, i'll send it back 650. I will not let in more than 32 people so each individual has more of a chance of winning! The least I can let in is 16. You get 3 points for a win, 2 for a tie, and 1 for a loss. There will be 4 people to a group. The groups are chosen randomly by a computer. The one person who has the most points in each group after fighting each person three times will advance to the finals. the person who gets the most points in the finals will win and second will be the second most and so on. The last day to sign up will be the end of this Friday. I will make the brackets on Saturday and you can begin. You need to post back the results here after you've finished the battle.

The moment you've all been waiting for; the prizes:

1st: 50% of the jackpot
2nd: 20% of the jackpot
3rd: 10% of the jackpot

Please join, and be respectful, have fun, and WIN!
2 messages
Português X-Thuga-X - subject is closed
A Clan Of Pirates I Think It's Lame I Mean What Can They Do?! Scrub thee Deck xD

But Put You Opinions About Bonus An So...
26 messages
English UM-CoNraD - subject is closed
My new tourney
200 clintz entry fee
need at least 20 people
now the good bit
1st gets 50%
2nd gets 30%
3rd gets 15%
and the other small 5% goes to me
no random
wich means we play in danger room
and have fun
any questions ask!

2 messages
English Confirm - subject is closed
Ticket prices:

1:100 clintz
5:400 clintz
and so on (10: 800 clintz 15:1200 clintz)
minimum of 100 tickets sold

1st: Rolph (maxed lvl)
2nd: If we sell 150 or more tickets till my birthday (7 june) 2nd too gets prize card: 2k+ clintz worth

How to pay me?: Just send me card for 50 clintz(if you are buying one ticket) and i send you back this card for 150 clintz. 5 tickets: send me card for for 50 clintz and i send back for 450 clinz,and so on . When we reach 100 tickets i post how much each player buy tickets.

Remember: If you buy more tickets you have bigger chance to win a card.
If you change your nickname just pm me your old and new nickname.

Good luck!

Tickets are cheap!
2 messages
English Mr Cool EVO - last answer from Do0mageddon, Saturday 31/05/2008, 08:14.
No double
Elo Mode
No cheating
Only 3 Pills

Once you saw your opponent use more then 3 pills or less i will lose from that round.
Every player must play 2 round with your enemy if you get a tie like 1-1 play another round.
If u win just tell me.

Entry Fee:
1 Person = 2k
Need 20 person only

1st: Kolos & Petra
Runner -Up : Leviatonn & Timber

Only for level above 15
Play in Elo (no random)
After 4 days your opponent not online you will go up a rank.
41 messages
English soliuz - last answer from Drain WMD, Saturday 31/05/2008, 00:45.
OK so lately Us havent got such credit in elo, well i am making a contest out of it. The US player with the highest elo score wins 6k from starting next week elo tourney, to play just do elo and ill see at the end, comments, complains post here
Friday 30/05/08

5 messages
English hahaha55676 - subject is closed
Okay. I was browsing the lotteries and I saw ticket prices being pretty high (over 1000 clintz each).
Well...it takes me a while to get even 500 clintz, so why would I pay for a chance to win cards that I probably wont use for a while...?

So now, I am making a cheap lotto for those of you that can not get clintz fast, or are not willing to spend so much.

Only 100 clintz a ticket!
Yeah, pretty cheap...just hoping alot of people will buy for this low price xD
paying is usual. Sell me a card for 50 and ill sell back for 150

1st 50% of pot
2nd 20%
3rd 10%

I'll use a randomizer to determine the winners.
I'll PM you your tickets as soon as I get payment.
Tuesday 27/05/08

14 messages
Русский momnus - subject is closed
Hello i am doing a lottery for Alec.( at max lvl )

1 ticket = 300 clintz
5 tickets= 1200 clintz
10 tickets= 2500 clintz

you will sell me a card for 50 i will sell it back for the specified # of tickets.

#1 Rule= HAVE FUN !!!!
post # of tickets you want to buy on the page.

There are only 40 tickets

this lottery will end Tuesday May 27

Monday 26/05/08

345 messages
English soliuz - subject is closed
Ok so just to join all you need to say it WOOOOOOOOh im in or something like that includes im in. may 10 is when im drawing unless test comes up

prize list
Kenny (R) 1st
Kolos (R) 2nd
llena 3rd
Nistarok (R) 4th
Timmy (R) 5th
Kolos (R) 6th

ok i dont get why it got closed but dont got closed it plz

15 messages
English 0 3MiN3M - subject is closed

Able to sell
I will arrange you into pairs according to your collections.......

Entry fee:1000 clintz

1st Prize:Kenny
2nd Prize:Maciej
3rd Prize:Entry fee back

The players themselves will arrange when and where to fight.......

At least 30 people are needed before this tourney officially starts(I'll make a separate thread)....

So what are you waiting for??Join now!!
14 messages
English Blue Zero - last answer from Knightmarre, Monday 26/05/2008, 04:32.
So here it goes, I'm organizing a raffle wherein the whole Rescue clan is the prize but it is a rush raffle meaning it will start today and it will also end today. The number of players that can join is only 10, the first 10 to PM me will automatically be one of the players who will have the chance to win the whole Rescue clan. I will post who those 10 will be here in this thread. It will end immediately if I recieve the 10 players who will join, so hurry up and hit me up a PM so you can join my first free raffle. NOTE: this will be done by my mother so that no cheating will be allowed in a hat, so complaints about who will be the winner means you are a loser if you complain about it.
Sunday 25/05/08

6 messages
English Wizzy95 - last answer from Wizzy95, Sunday 25/05/2008, 16:38.
I am auctioning my Uppers half deck.

Jackie 8/6 Stop opponents Ability
Dorian 8/7 No Ability
Zatman 8/4 -4 opponents attack minimum of 1
Samantha Stop opponent's Bonus

Each ticket will cost 1,800 clintz
There are only 20 tickets. You can buy as many tickets as you want. Once I have 20 tickets that are bought I will use http://andrew.hedges.name/experiments/random/

5 messages
English UM-CoNraD - subject is closed
Im maknig a lottery where i pick the names out of a hat
joining fee 220 clintz!
i need approx 20 ppl 2 join
now the good bit
depends on how may people join
1strobbably a 1.5k-2k card
2ndrobbably a 700-1.3k card
3rdrobbably a 500-1000 card

note:all clintz wikl be used on buying the pirzes

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