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Tournaments and events

If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Friday 23/05/08

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English Louschen - last answer from Louschen, Friday 23/05/2008, 15:33.

join the chat!!!
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Español DMOC - last answer from DMOC, Friday 23/05/2008, 02:38.
I am having a 32 man tourney and the rules are that they r a couple limits and Those are 1 No Rescue deck, 2. No Banned Cards, 3. All games must be played in the danger zone, and 4. Everything else is legal except for cheating I really hate that.Only the winner will report me the results also say the record that u won it like 4 example 3-1 or 3-0 like that. The winner of the tourney will face me for the prize which is a rare card.The tourney will be double elimination.Which means there is a winners bracket and a losers bracket. It will be 2 out of 3 and the finals is 3 out of 5. I will post the date of the round when i get the slots filled up. There are only 16 slots but including me there r 15 slots open and remember there r no fees which means that this is completely FREE !!! and no deck limit. You have nothing to lose and something to gain. if anything else that comes up i will state it here.
Thursday 22/05/08

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English 0 3MiN3M - subject is closed
Torney Rules:
-27* decks and below
-ELO banned cards are NOT allowed
-No Uppers,Sakhrom,Junkz,Sentinel,Bangers,Ulu Watu,All-Stars,Rescue and Leaders
-Once you're defeated,you're OUT
-Only people who can sell can join
-You must be lvl.25+
-The battles will take place in Danger Zone
-The players themselves will arrange when the fights take place
-You will be arranged into pairs

Entry Fee:500 clintz..........but for every person who joins,I will add 10 clintz to the entry fee.......entry fees will only be given when I say so..........

Prizes:1stepends on how many people join......if enough people join,I may give any 9-10k card
2nd:Any 6-7k card
3rd:Any 3-4k card

I will make a separate thread when we are ready to start the tourney.

Post here if I forgot anything!

player: 862866
Wednesday 21/05/08

5 messages
English prince handles - last answer from 3M Andrei 3x, Wednesday 21/05/2008, 17:43.
This is a game where the person before u makes a wish. the next person tries to ruin it by making a short story.After u have ruined the wish, U make one. this game goes on and on. i got it from Uncle Juggalo. I realized how messed up it was but funny!
Tuesday 20/05/08

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English Technootjes - last answer from Technootjes, Tuesday 20/05/2008, 19:39.
Hi people,

We (Admins of the guild Thewarlords) want to promote our guild, we're a tournament guild and we try to get our members in top 10 of the tournament and we have already succes!
We want to maken a tournament for every player who want to join.
The prices are:
- 1th: Jackie
- 2nd: Wee Lee
- 3th: Wardog
- 4th Prince Jr.
-5th Labo

The tournament will be just like a normal tournament, to get as much battlepoints as possible in one hour.
If you want to join this tournament and try to get one of these cards. Write your name down here, and ask if you may join our guild.
During the tournament and the hour after the tournament, you need a neme ....-WAR, if I would join the tournament my name would be Full-house-WAR.

I hope to see you Sunday, from 20.00-21.00 dutch time!


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English Leonumber11 - subject is closed
Entry fee: ok you sell me a card for 50 clints but i keep the card
Winner: Each person guesses one number from 1 to 100 0nce that number is picked the raffle is over If you want to guess more then one number just keep selling me a card for example you sell me 5 cards you get 5 guesses Good luck everyone I need your entry fee first before you can guess If no one guesses the number over a ridicioulously long period of time I will refund everyone their cards
11 messages
English ShamedGod - subject is closed

1 Ticket = 2500 Clintz
5 tickets = 11,000 Clintz
10 tickets = 20,000 Clintz

Minimum tickets sold = 250

1st Prize an ELO deck:
Z3r0 D34d
(current market value of about 35K)

2nd Prize:
(current Market Value 19k)

3rd Prize:
Vermyn M
(current Market Value 7k)

Grand Prize:
Elya Cr, Nahi Cr, and Lamar Cr
(Current Market Value 135K)

All cards are MAXed (even CRs)

Lottery will be held on June 10th in honor of my sister getting married that Saturday. (Please be understanding if family events over whelm me that week, I assure you that as long as 250 tickets are able to be sold the lottery will go through)

All entries must be collected by June 9th. Please PM me the amount of entries you wish to purchase, once the total reaches above 250 I will sell you a card for the amount of the entry fee. CARD IS YOURS TO KEEP, value of card will be 200 clintz or less. IF YOU REQUEST A CARD VALUE OF CARD WILL BE ADDED TO THE TICKET PRICE!


You will be PMed your numbers, Drawing will be done by a random number generator.

If a Mod is needed to ensure proper payment, verification of prizes in my account, dispersement, or for any reason what so ever they are welcome to contact me.

Legends of America Guild member (http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=7344) are NOT eligible to buy tickets (see guild forum for details)
Monday 19/05/08

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English milk101 - subject is closed
Any1 can join
Sunday 18/05/08

3 messages
English Ryuk - last answer from tai no sora, Sunday 18/05/2008, 01:35.
I have an extra Kenny, he is fully leveled and I shall lottery him off.

1 Ticket - 750 clintz
5 Tickets- 3500 clintz
10 Tickets- 6750 clintz

Note no one person can buy more than 10 tickets
There will be a minimum of 30 tickets sold and a maximum of 40 so buy them while they're hot. This way there's a better chance of winning the card.

And if all 40 are sold or close to it then depending on how much excess clintz there I have I will sell consolation prizes to all those that lost.

So post tell me how many tickets you would like to purchase, and send me a crap card for 50 clintz and I'll sell you it back for the designated amount.

The drawing will happen after all tickets are purchased or on May 24th (in a week)

If there aren't enough tickets purchased by then, then I shall refund everybody that has participated, though I am sure that enough tickets will be bought because its Kenny and here is a good chance to get him for a lower price
Saturday 17/05/08

16 messages
English M3RCY HAVE IT - last answer from M3RCY HAVE IT, Saturday 17/05/2008, 18:30.
Hello i am doing a lottery for 3 pams.( all of them are at max lvl )
1 ticket = 100 clintz
5 tickets= 400 clintz
10 tickets= 700 clintz
15 tickets = 1,000 clintz
you will sell me a card for 50 i will sell it back for the specified # of tickets.

#1 Rule= HAVE FUN !!!!
post # of tickets you want to buy on the page.
3 messages
English Myztyrio - last answer from Myztyrio, Saturday 17/05/2008, 17:38.
The winner of this lottery will win a Buck.

1 ticket=150
5 tickets=650
10 tickets=1150
you will sell me a card for 50 i will sell it back for the specified # of tickets.
There must be at least 20 tickets purchased before the drawing begins. The drawing will be on May 23rd(next Friday U.S. time zone)
Have fun!
24 messages
English 0UC_Supa_Fast - subject is closed
I'm hosting a standard tournament. Only levels 15+ may enter and be able to sell cards. No Rescue cards will be allowed. The Deck Limit will be ELO mode standard 25* and no banned cards. PM me with your Deck.

-Entry Fee- 200 Clintz
-When- This Saturday around 9 pm Est U.S time
Where- Danger Zone ( No randoms)

Brackets will be posted on Friday night or Saturday Morning. All entry Fees will need to be in by Friday Night or you cannot participate.

Rules: Best of three( you win 2 your opponent wins 1= You move on and your opponent is eliminated)
Both players must PM me right after your round finishes up. If nobody Pms me then both are disqualified. If only one Pm's me then I will choice them to move on whether or not they said they won or lost. If anyone is caught cheating then tell me about it immediately and i will deal with it. Cheating is an instant ban from tournament! I will Pm the winners on who they will face next so they can decide when to battle it out. Top 4 players receive cash prizes.

1st place= 40% of total Jackpot
2nd Place= 20% of Total Jackpot
3rd Place= 10 % of total Jackpot
4th Place= 5% of total Jackpot or money back depending on Amount.

There will be a Maximum of 40 players allowed so sign up ASAP.

Any Questions please Pm me and i will be happy to Answer them for you.
2 messages
English Cloud660 - last answer from UP_LilKiller, Saturday 17/05/2008, 13:02.
Lottery for a fully lvled Kerry
1 ticket= 200
5 tickets= 900
10 tickets= 1600
15 tickets= 2300
20 tickets= 3000

Need at least 50-60 tickets sold
Lottery ends Sunday afternoon
You know the drill, sell me a card for 50 and ill sell it back for the amount of tickets your bought. My sister will pick the winner out of a box.
12 messages
English UP_LilKiller - subject is closed
One ticket costs 500 clintz
Five tickets cost 2,200
Ten tickets cost 4,000
Winner gets a fully leveled Marco
I will have my best friend pick a ticket out of a hat
This will start once 20 tickets have been bought and at least two people have bought tickets
7 messages
English Xadvid - last answer from Killingshadow, Saturday 17/05/2008, 09:47.
Welcome to my First Lottery!
1 ticket=100 clintz
5 tickets=500 clintz
10 tickets=1000 clintz
20 tickets=2000 clintz
25 tickets=2500 clintz.
If you want more Post or PM me how many tickets you want and You sell me a card for 50 and I will send it back for the amount of clintz for the Tickets.(I don't Need my Montanas so I'm doing this.)
1.You can get as many Tickets you want.
2.READ FIRST and then Post because it might get confusing.
3:Have Fun
4.Drawing will be on May 20th.
5.Rosa will be the only Prize so please don't argue.
People who can't Follow these rules and got tickets,will lose there tickets.
Again May 20 will be the lottery.
Good Luck!
Friday 16/05/08

12 messages
English RHINO94 - last answer from sasuke_cs2, Friday 16/05/2008, 21:59.
One ticket costs 500 clintz
Five tickets cost 2,200
Ten tickets cost 4,000
Winner gets a fully leveled Kenny
I will have my best friend pick a ticket out of a hat
This will start once 40 tickets have been bought and at least five people have bought tickets
sell me a card (any card) for 50 clintz and i will sell it to you back for "???" depended on how much tickets you want to buy...
2 messages
English RHINO94 - last answer from UP_LilKiller, Friday 16/05/2008, 13:48.
One ticket costs 500 clintz
Five tickets cost 2,200
Ten tickets cost 4,000
Winner gets a fully leveled Kenny (R)
I will have my best friend pick a ticket out of a hat
This will start once 40 tickets have been bought and at least five people have bought tickets
sell me a card (any card) for 50 clintz and i will sell it to you back for "???" depended on how much tickets you want to buy

To prove I have Kenny I will Put him in a
preset called Night-time on May 15
11 messages
English Wizzy95 - subject is closed
For anyone that is in the "You Decide Prize Tournament, I would like you too send your decks and cards. If the deck and card aren't received by May 15, 2008, we will eliminate you from the tournament and find someone else.


Please try to complete this as soon as possible. Ask questions if needed.
Thursday 15/05/08

13 messages
English Leonumber11 - last answer from Leonumber11, Thursday 15/05/2008, 20:07.
So basically the entry fee is any card you sell it to me for 50 clints you dont get the card back though so only sell me a card you have doubles of or you simply dont use it anymore Its a real cheap lottery Im looking for about 20 people once I get the response I wont I'll pick a winner this isnt a scam you dont have to enter if you dont want to private sale me the cards
7 messages
English TDDP - subject is closed
So i am doing a lottery...not something huge but kinda nice...!
you need to buy at list one ticket to participate!
one ticket= 200
5 tickets= 900
10 tickets= 1900
20 tickets= 3700
sell me a card (any card) for 50 clintz and i will sell it to you back for "???" depended on how much tickets you want to buy...

the prizes:
First place- Ambre
Second place- Bridget
Third place- Hugo

must sold 30 tickets at list for begin this.... joining is untill the 19.5.08 (next week)
any questions in private messages please...

Good luck for everyone!

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