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If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Sunday 30/03/08

24 messages
English kilantolshi - last answer from LF-jelly, Sunday 30/03/2008, 11:41.
I'm certain many players have noticed, but 1st place tends to accrue around 300 battle points in a tournament.
I have a lot of trouble believing this as I am continually finding players who ignore my challenge (let it time out, wasting 1-2 minutes of play time) or even worse, they accept and then let the battle almost time out before making their move, each move.
I for one am sick and tired of these players whose sole purpose is to stop those who aren't friends/guildmates from placing high in tournaments. Their actions are making it so this game has less appeal for those who actually play. They are a problem and their actions need to be dealt with or countered in some way.

The difficulty is in how to do this. So here is what I propose. We find a way that us (as the players) can agree to as a majority to reduce the unfairness of these players. We then petition Urban Rivals to enact the agreed to changes in a future update.

So how can we decrease these unfair practices? I have three viable ideas myself (and would gladly look over any additional opinions from other players)

Options located in below post
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English scott1337l - last answer from WarriorDudeAB, Sunday 30/03/2008, 11:17.
When i enter a tournament my clints always come at the next tournament

why is this happening?
11 messages
English HBG-Logica - subject is closed
You guys experienced the same??
Saturday 29/03/08

2 messages
English jerromy - subject is closed
How would i run a tournament
3 messages
English death-_angel - last answer from Baron Brixius, Saturday 29/03/2008, 02:56.
Is Vansaar's ability now +90%xp
Friday 28/03/08

77 messages
English soliuz - last answer from Vanter, Friday 28/03/2008, 17:42.
Bored out of my mind were doing this SA style

entry fee is u sending me a Melluzine MAX LVL and a certain word that i will message you that u have to message back

1st: Morphun
2nd: vlad
3rd: vlad
4th: zat man

ps: i dont think i can host the darkness tourney so many things to do ill remake it later on. also ill try to find a admin or a hot girl to draw the numbers.

pss: i like pie

psss: ignore the pss

pssss: listen to psss
15 messages
English kiwiDIFF - last answer from 0UC K-Ryder, Friday 28/03/2008, 09:07.
The meadows are looking for a challange, any australian guild who wants to battle us please message me or willi boi, the conditions are, loser gives winning guild 10,000 clintz (guild Leader decides what to do with it),

the challanging guild has the choice for it to be either type 1, Type 2, or ELO
Thursday 27/03/08

24 messages
English cheese_14 - last answer from teSG-Syuhide, Thursday 27/03/2008, 19:46.
Before i start i would like to state i AM NOT a scammer, i have run 1 tourney and 1 lottery very successfully

the idea
-There are 50 tickets up for sale
-the entry fee is CARDS

the card breakdown
- send me a card worth 1k or less- 1 ticket
-send me a cards worth between 1k and 3k- 3 tickets
-send me a card worth between 3k and 5k- 4 tickets
-send me a card worth between 5.1k and 10k- 5 tickets
-send me a card worth between 10.1k-50k- 10 tickets
-send me a card worth OVER 50k- 20 tickets

The winner will recieve:
-All the cards that have been put into the lottery
-5k from me
-3 cards from my deck that are worth a lot

This competiton is for your gain and your gain only, i am making nothing out of it, have fun entering

the random number generator i wil use to determine the winner is this- http://www.random.org/integers/

the number that you will recieve will be the one corresponding to to the time you enter e.g. if your the first one to enter and youve sent me a 10k card you'll get the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and so on till the numbers are all done, if there are tickets that go over the number 50 they will still be added

have fun entering - cheese_14
Wednesday 26/03/08

14 messages
English Baron Brixius - last answer from Baron Brixius, Wednesday 26/03/2008, 13:30.
For a limited time, I'm making UR Card avatar pictures. I've created a UR card of Ryuk for my avatar picture. If anyone else would like a picture in this format, I'd be glad to make you one for a small fee. I wouldn't need any more than maybe 1500 clintz or a card of equal worth for the very best quality I can produce. Let me know if you'd like a custom UR card picture. All you need to do is send me a link to the picture you want as the card, tell me what you want the stats, rarity, ability, level, and clan to be, and make a payment. I work pretty quickly and will have the picture ready within a day most of the time.
Tuesday 25/03/08

4 messages
English kingkvt - subject is closed
Hosting a lottery or Kolos!!
1000 for a ticket!!

i will get a mod to choose a winner!! to join u would have had to buy credits!
Monday 24/03/08

7 messages
English inmaculado - last answer from soliuz, Monday 24/03/2008, 23:23.
Hello the goal of this event is to exchange Oyoh by a letter from a level slightly higher but with a condition can only be changed by 5 persons of the same country is 5 French say whether any change can do more french having what is the country that More changes and the most supportive.
Sunday 23/03/08

15 messages
English Ninja-zero - last answer from Ninja-zero, Sunday 23/03/2008, 21:56.
I'm holding a lottery for Marina
one ticket costs 500 clintz and you can buy as many as you'd like I'll be contacting a admin or mod to have them choose who gets the card if you're afraid of biased opinions and I need at least 12 tickets to be bought for me to begin
44 messages
English UP_LilKiller - last answer from UP_LilKiller, Sunday 23/03/2008, 20:05.
The tourney will be held on March
25 messages
Deutsch 0UC-DarkEagle - subject is closed
This will be an elimination round to decide the winners. You'll fight your opponent in a best out of 3, the winner continues, the loser drops out.

You CAN submit a new deck for this round. But the same rules still apply:
OLD playing style ( = no pillz, played in danger zone)
25 star count
No Uppers, Sakrohm, Rescue, Junkz or Sentinel
No doubles
No Hugo (R) (R)
ELO Banned cards are allowed

if you are using a new deck you will need to send it to me again

Here are your first matchups
1. 0_caULIFLOWER vs Raynos
2. Vanpaia Naito vs Lenottibianche
3. 1f - KV Raven vs 0LET_QJON
4. 0dags vs 0uc_chrisll

send me your results or post them here I will find them anyways

Well Good luck too you eight
and may the best OLD guy win

Saturday 22/03/08

31 messages
English soliuz - subject is closed
Ok i been doing so much test and other junk srry but now im more organize so now i can host it i need well my niece deleted on my messages so those 8 can u send me ur decks again and i need 8 more ppl then this will fully start prizes are Cassio Cr and forgot the last one lol so Morphun. rules doubles are allowed first come first serve no entry fee no banned clans only clans allowed are Nightmare Roots lajunta fangpi and pussy cat once i get more members i will start by pairing u up all fights are in non random i think i cover everything and if u have sned me ur deck and ur not on here tell me fast

Dam gark u did it again
oet dragon i think?
Thursday 20/03/08

73 messages
English StormWhisper - last answer from 7-Redge-7, Thursday 20/03/2008, 22:50.
The top four for each event has been decided. All of these people will of course go on to the World Championship.

Congratz to all our winners!


1st: Vanter - 74000 Clintz and an A Award Cr.
2nd: Daexen WMD - 14,400 Clintz and a Jim Cr.
3rd: LargeMarge LoA - 9,600 and a Beltran Cr.
4th: Phyllyp LoA

US Monoclan

1st: Littletk WMD - 71,000 and an A Award Cr.
2nd: Vanter - 12,600 and a Jim Cr
3rd: 0ET-Jade - 8,400 and a Beltran Cr
4th: RG365 LoA

US Dailies

1st: OUC_Pein - 74000 and an A Award Cr
2nd: LargeMarge LoA - 14,400 and a Jim Cr
3rd: Packerfan 007 - 9600 and a Beltran Cr
4th: Vanter

1st: 1-Pandaman - 62000 and an A Award Cr
2nd: Cheese_14 - 7200 and a Jim Cr
3rd: 1VT-DarkEagle - 4800 and a Beltran Cr
4th: CBP-Fojtik

UK Monoclan

1st: 1VT-DarkEagle - 62000 and an A Award Cr
2nd: Raynos - 7200 and a Jim Cr
3rd: CBP-Fojtik - 4800 and a Beltran Cr
4th: 1f-Vt-Raven

UK Dailies

1st: 1f-KV-Raven - 68000 and a A Award Cr
2nd: Tanto89 - 10800 and a Jim Cr
3rd: Gogalis - 7200 and a Beltran Cr
4th: CBP-Fojtik

And there we have our winners. Anyone who hasn't yet claimed their Clintz Prize sell me a card for the appropriate amount (+50 if you want your card back).

If you won a CR and I haven't issued it yet, please contact me (through my ingame mailbox).

And that's it for me. Until World Championships, all our winners get a break.

47 messages
Română Nefram - last answer from krazy-rex, Thursday 20/03/2008, 11:40.
The fights from Clint City become more bloodiest .Sentinel and Rescue barely can face the battles against G.H.E.I.S.T. ,Nightmare and others villains teams even they have powerful allies.But from nowhere,over the night,
no one knowing from were they come,a new team appeared.They are the Fantastic Team!!!!

I hope you liked the intro of Fantastic Team but they are not real.fantastic Team is a series of 10 Urban Rivals custom cards made by me using characters from Fantastic Four.

You can see them at this link http://s214.photobucket.com/albums/cc20/nefram/Fantastic%20Team/
and if you want you can use them as avatar.
I hope is not a problem if i made and post them but this is just fan art.
Critics and opinions are welcome and i hope you like my custom cards and the Fantastic Team
Wednesday 19/03/08

33 messages
English The-Girl-eVo - last answer from Gryazzie, Wednesday 19/03/2008, 09:42.
This could be fun.
See everyone makes tournament "strongest win"
But now weakest win.
No deck limit, nothing just 3 battles who lose 2 that win
humm.. winner will get 5 melluzines
2 place 3 mel.
3 place - 1
starting at 30 players
Monday 17/03/08

30 messages
English Drain WMD - last answer from LOA_PuppyChow, Monday 17/03/2008, 11:26.
Me And Soliuz Are making an event together.
You will answer these questions and the first 2 people who can answer them correctly will win one of the following

Soliuz Questions
1. whose leroy jenkins the original

2. In fresh prince of bel air who was the guess star of I, whoops, there it is first name starts with a d last starts with c

3. What was Bill cosby's favorite treat in the Bill cosby show

My Questions
4 Which Character Has the same name as a nintendo character?

5Whos Stats are 3/4 in the final Evolotion?

6 What card can beat a dj korr with his bonus and no pills
and its final stats are 7/5?

Why we made this we were bored
Sunday 16/03/08

33 messages
English esvetlicinii - last answer from Hobbitusz, Sunday 16/03/2008, 22:48.
Here's everyone:

Smitke08 - Bodenpower (lvl 5)
LoA_Mighty - Samantha (lvl 2)
dredre2010 - Gina Glitt (lvl 3)
bozzy LoA - Noodile (lvl 2)

waiting for:

Waiting for these people to send me cards so we can begin the tourney.Meanwhile, whoever wants to join, feel free to do so.

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