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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Monday 25/10/10

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English HHMAkuriMitsu - subject is closed
I hafta buy that collecter 2 star just to fill my deck T_T
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English Zee Deveel - last answer from Zee Deveel, Monday 25/10/2010, 04:01.
In the upcoming weeks Zero Dead and Phyllis are going to be staff banned. What the hell makes them overpowered? Zero is weak against SoA bonuses and Phyllis has 4 min which makes her useless towards the end. And unlike the understandably banned virtual 2* 7/4's (Jessie, Hawkins*, Gil*) their base damage is ONE. meaning without Zero's ability or when Phyllis' gets to her minimum, they only get through with one damage point. Zero Dead seems to be a victim of the desperate (and stupid) attempts to eradicate GHEIST from elo but Phyllis is a whole new line of stupid.
*pill manip is as good as damage.
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So I played ELO for the first time yesterday and my score fluctuated between 941 and 1091 and i ended the night at 1062. the next day, today, i did a daily tournament in elo but my score didn't change at all which i thought was weird but i ignored it. After the tournament i played a few more games to try and move my score but it stayed at 1062. I lost 4 battles and won 2 but there was no score change at all. and even at the end of a game is showed no addition or subtraction. could someone please explain. I don't know if my game is messed up or this is something that has to do with taking in the scores, or maybe my game is being laggy. please help
Sunday 24/10/10

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English LegacyUKnown - last answer from abardam, Sunday 24/10/2010, 22:27.
I've started to really hate the amount of people using Montana mono's, Montana/Uppers and to a somewhat lesser extent Uppers mono.

They might be overpowered bonuses but it gets really boring when you find your playing against Montana in Elo EVERY other game. Whats more is that the UR community and mods seem really reluctant to ban many of the top Montana cards for Elo but fine to nerf other clans.

The only Elo banned Montana cards now are the two Cr's. I mean why on earth should say Bristone be banned when Mona, a vastly superior 3* in my opinion (and I'd say most people's) is hardly ever banned.

Hell I'd also say the same for Spiaghi. When you see people using him in other clan's mono or split decks thats gotta be a sign that he should be Elo banned

I'ts been going on since when I first started UR and I hope it will change at some point like Rescue did. Although because its such a powerfull clan, many people use it and invest in the cards so are therefore unlikely to want the best cards out of Elo - a vicious circle

Your welcome to disagree with me if you want but don't put unusefull comments down like "my Montana deck will pwn you in Elo everytime so what you gonna do about it?"

I took Montana as the example because going on about Uppers as well would have gotten too long and boring.
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English awry - subject is closed
Hi, I'm quite new and I was wondering, what time GMT does the elo tourney end on monday? Thanks.
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Português marilisaBR - last answer from marilisaBR, Sunday 24/10/2010, 19:12.
http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1565074 hi take a look at my delo deck..any suggestions? tnkx!
7 messages
English IM_Disizrey - last answer from KitsuneKatsumi, Sunday 24/10/2010, 11:09.

Im trying to get good ELO scores
Any changes I should make?
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English Crazy Gorilla - last answer from Crazy Gorilla, Sunday 24/10/2010, 10:45.

Change Jerry to Rico when he is unbanned
And Gertjan to Noodile...or keep if you want the nice attack manipulation
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English BogaManPH - last answer from Inonomas, Sunday 24/10/2010, 09:34.
Ei guys newbie here

can I just ask if what time or day the ELO tournament particularly started??

im in phillipines so im in GMT+8

guys pls help me.. I want to test my skills in ELO tourny
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advices are welcome about cards and how to use the deck
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English markson - last answer from markson, Sunday 24/10/2010, 07:28.
Well, I'm fairly new so sorry if this has been posted before but I read in the elo rules that the highest attack ALWAYS wins. I have played slot of elo this week and quite a few of my games I have lost when I had more attack which made me lose the game. So I'm just wondering why this is. I'm played on a iPhone if that makes a differece.
Saturday 23/10/10

1 message
I just started playing yesterday and built this deck bc when I bought my first booster which had Willy in it so I ended up making this deck. I can bluff with 2 people, Willy and Shann and other guys support pretty well. Tell me what you guys think and how I can improve.
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Português All-GioYNWA - last answer from Wispy, Saturday 23/10/2010, 05:46.
I was wondering how the game system unties when two players have the same amount of points. I didn't care about it since last week, when this happened:

Hello GioYNWA,

You took part in the latest ELO tournament. Here are your results:
You finished 101st out of 14084 players with ELO 1414.
Everafter from guild -TasT- won Chikko Cr. (1414 elo)

So...pretty much one guy got top 100 and a Cr, while I didn't even get an extra star (and I lost 2 points after ELO had already closed on top of that ). Why's that?
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PLs comment/rate/suggest

PS: i like Nimestiec, so he isnt goin to Wakai..he forces the opp to pill makin it easier for my otha cards to beast through
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English (Faust) - last answer from NitroBobby, Saturday 23/10/2010, 01:11.

You can check it here: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1565158

This deck is balanced one. We have a lot of High-power cards, one Powerful DR, one-woman-army Tula, and two great - lifer that pretty good against DR-s ^.^ And it has great abillity protection, SoB of Piranias, and PrA of Skellz works great against Roots, are GHEIST. AND is cheap. 30.000 is not sow much? Yup?
1 message

Any changes Please rate and comment!

~ Use Robb over Davina when he gets Unbanned
~ Use Marina over Loma Noju if you can afford her
Friday 22/10/10

5 messages
English soldja slim - last answer from soldja slim, Friday 22/10/2010, 20:46.
Ive got the base clan of Nightmare with Glorg 4*, Mawpin 2*, Pan 3*, and Dieter 3* which adds to 12 stars but need help with the next half deck clan
Ive got some options that ive come up but i need some advice... theres
Jungo- Nahema 5*, Scopica 3*, Odile 3* and Pegh 2*
Ulu Watu- Buck 4*, Gabrielle 2*, Lucia 4* and Kirk 3*
Sakrohm- Jautya 4*, Na Boh 2*, Uranus 3* and Slopsh 4*
or Junkz- Fuzz 5*, Dash 2*, Berserkgirl 3* and Tremorh 3*
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English Lunien - last answer from jd105l, Friday 22/10/2010, 20:01.
This week (from today at 18:00 to Saturday 23/10, 18:00)
Characters temporarily banned by the players’ votes
Marina Sledg Dagg Bodenpower Lou Emeth Copper Yayoi Dorian

Characters temporarily banned by the staff
Robb Leviatonn Gil Hawkins Noodile Lehane Blaaster Methane Rowdy Elvira Rico Hikiyousan Vermyn N Rolph Oshitsune Kerry Uranus Nanook Bristone Toro Dalhia Arno Havok

Copper remains on the banlist, with Havok and Lehane joining him. SoA pretty hard hit, but definitely still playable, says a lot about the strength of GHEIST and Roots. Yookie's available, so look to see more Roots this week. Rescue still cut down with Sledg, Elvira, Kerry out. Hawkins is on a 2 week ban streak.

Biggest surprise would have to be our first Vortex ban (iirc), Dagg has been player banned, we'll see if that changes anything.

Nothing much else, still the same couple of big cards being banned.

TLDR: Usual bans, Yookie's back, Dagg is out.

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