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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Saturday 21/08/10

2 messages
English Signomi - last answer from yk-lyss, Saturday 21/08/2010, 08:01.
2 messages
English Jungo SR_OC - last answer from yk-lyss, Saturday 21/08/2010, 07:47.
plz rate and comment
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English Sk44rl0ck-AC - last answer from yk-lyss, Saturday 21/08/2010, 07:30.
ELO 16-22/08/2010

plz rate and comment
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English Yurieu HoA - last answer from bulbulita, Saturday 21/08/2010, 05:22.
I have the following clans
Ulu Watu

Key cards that i have :
Piranas-Selma and Dalhia
Ulu Watu-all
Jungo-naehma,bragg,sylth,Askai and more

anyone got a advice for a beast in elo with clans like this?

i dont have Smokey Cr or Tyd

help me make a winning deck
8 messages
Português MiggyMigz17 - last answer from All-GioYNWA, Saturday 21/08/2010.
Well as the title states i need to know what the best freak deck (mono or half deck) is for Elo
Friday 20/08/10

1 message
IDK how you feel about the way they are doing the new ELO banns but if you hate it as much as I do take a look at this deck and BE SURE TO READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION, and please add your input!
2 messages
Deutsch tpu_Renji - last answer from Prof Necros, Friday 20/08/2010, 04:19.
3 messages
English Atrimis - last answer from SilwterAdasko, Friday 20/08/2010, 01:27.
I currently have an elo deck that is half Bangers, half Junkz.


I'm wondering which cards could be changed out, and/or if either of these clans pair better with a different clan. Any help would be appreciated. Although I will question some decisions, it won't be because I'm being rude; eventually I'd like to be the person helping others, and I can only get to that point by learning.
Thursday 19/08/10

1 message
This deck for poor players like starters
comment it pls
8 messages
English Signomi - last answer from lordorgg, Thursday 19/08/2010, 17:54.
Me:...Depends. I actually beat someone in one minute. I still treasure that moment....

What about you? Do you need certain cards to make a quick 2HKO?
11 messages
English HaNaGiS - subject is closed
Y would Elvira be Banned? Is it because she is a 3 star with SOA???
If so. Then Y isn't Onyx???
He's Exactly The Same.
2 messages
Español Lord Crepe - last answer from yk-lyss, Thursday 19/08/2010, 05:24.
Hi UR!

Here's the deck I'm using in elo this week:


It's a fun and satisfying deck to use but I'm having a much harder time winning with it than when I used a Skeelz deck ( can't use it anymore because of the Chiara ban) or a GHEIST/All Stars. Is it just a bad deck? Or do I need more practice with it?

I've been thinking of switching Baldovino for Wolfgang and Ashley for an All Stars 3* , probably Davina, is that a good idea? Or is there something better I could do? Can't afford Olga right now, I'm working on it and I'll add her as soon as I can

Please help me, I really like these 2 clans and I'd like to make a great deck with them if at all possible

Thanks for reading
4 messages
English n0elle0n - last answer from Lord Crepe, Thursday 19/08/2010, 02:06.
My first ELO deck


Any comments?
Thinking of replacing Corvus with Greem as the poison dmg seems more appealing to +3 pillz
Wednesday 18/08/10

1 message
Ummm I'm kinda sorta REALLY strapped for cash but any suggestions for a Pirana Elo deck would be appreciated
2 messages
English URHunter - last answer from all41n14all, Wednesday 18/08/2010, 17:44.
I am out of budget, so I am only using what I have. I have too many cards to list them all, so you just have to name a few options.

Half deck - Stacey, Jessie, Kang, Randy. I need the other 1/2. It is for ELO.
1 message
I have 3 new decks


since i'm almost complete my Montana mission, i want to start doing my other mission, from all my card in the collection, i'm able to build 3 decks for mission. So i want to see which deck is the cheapest to fixs so i can begin doing mission while playing Elo.

2 messages
English Chainsawhead - last answer from TnT_Mathwiz, Wednesday 18/08/2010, 07:11.
A, in my opinion, very stable Bangers/Nightmare deck. Cemetery Party
Is it as solid as I think it is? You be the judge.

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