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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Thursday 29/07/10

15 messages
English BritRivalry - last answer from DrTravelerLoA, Thursday 29/07/2010, 19:33.
Ghumbo, Caelus, Copper, Morphun, Eyrik, Shakra

Marina, Striker, Hugo, Uranus, Hugo, Toro, Oshitsune, Sytlh

Expect to see All Stars, GHEIST and Jungo. Possibly Nightmare with Oshitsune available.
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Hello Elo players!
Wanda, Gwen, Yayoi and Charlie go out from Elo. Striker, Marina and Jessie too.

But we have another variant


Rate and comment.
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English Snowman LoA - last answer from Snowman LoA, Thursday 29/07/2010, 15:10.
I seem stuck around 1130 in elo and i cant figurw out what type of decks the best and what cards to use
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English 6-Kiarash-6 - subject is closed
I everyone,
i just wanted to start playing elo and i need deck advice

my Junkz: nearly got all of the good ones except Rowdy and Gil

Ulu Watu: i have Gabrielle, hikiousan, loulabee, Wee Lee, Nanook, Gaia, Taigo, Zack, Janice and Stanly

plz help me build a good ELO deck
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English UM_AaaBattery - last answer from -Glacier-, Thursday 29/07/2010, 07:22.
Loads of people are saying that with the new ban list mono GHEIST will be unusable but i have made a deck to prove them wrong and here it is. Gheist are getting ready (ELO).
4 messages
English Snowman LoA - subject is closed
Is it better to play random or non random in elo mode
Wednesday 28/07/10

6 messages
English WretchedShiro - last answer from Rh0ki, Wednesday 28/07/2010, 23:06.
People are saying that the GHEIST are going to go downhill without Rolph, Toro, Bristone, and Leviatonn, this is simply not true. they still have some powerhouses. this is the deck i'm using right now (yes. right now.) and i'm in the 1200's right now... and i'm going up. http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1412364
tell me what u think, the ghiest are not down yet!
6 messages
English DudeToCool - last answer from Agito_King, Wednesday 28/07/2010, 12:17.
Hi im a bit new to this so i would like some help. Anyway ive been skimmin thru the message board for a answer but i couldn't find one.The only 2 questions i have are:

1.i would appreciate a list for which clan has certain ablities and bonuses, (i.e Sentinel for attack)is it a better clan either as a mono deck or dual deck, and best for evo s1 or s2
2.any foundation cards, or must haves for a clan (i.e. B Ball for Bangers)

any answers or help will be grateful
12 messages
ελληνικά St3f - last answer from neo_08ms, Wednesday 28/07/2010, 10:39.
Question above, please share your opinions here
5 messages
English Hogget - last answer from Hogget, Wednesday 28/07/2010, 09:44.

with my recently created ELO-Deck based on Skeelz I'm not really successfull. I get defeat after defeat, especially in ELO. With other clans (FangPi, Nightmare, GHEIST) have not so much problems. Have anyone hints, ideas, tactics for the use of this Deck:


THX in advance
1 message

Can you help me suggest anything else for my new ELO deck?

~ Blueberryfun
43 messages
English HoA - Zero - last answer from HoA - Zero, Wednesday 28/07/2010, 00:58.
What card is the best in elo , WITHOUT ITS BONUS . I have enough clints to buy any non cr card in the game and i want to put in a random card in elo. Please just state the card and why you think its good. Thank you.
So Far i think Sigma or Uranus are great without a bonus. Are there any more great ones out there ?
Tuesday 27/07/10

Monday 26/07/10

71 messages
English UmExcuseMe - subject is closed
...is the 5th most popular ELO card in the last 5 days. Does that strike anybody else as completely out of whack? ELO is supposed to be the most current format in the game, yet here's a CR costing over 27K clintz in the top 5.

Most people would agree that he's a staple in any Piranas deck, or even half deck. But he's a CR, so you can't get him in a pack. If you're a new player, you have to pay more than for any non-CR card in the game to get him on the market.

What this means is that Piranas, one of the strongest ELO clans, is now a lot less attractive to new players. That can't be good for UR.

-- signed, a wannabe Piranas player who registered after Smokey became CR
4 messages
English M-Bison - last answer from HellaBluhd, Monday 26/07/2010, 08:35.

Sunday 25/07/10

1 message
I wanted to post my new Pussycats deck, The price of beauty!
please rate and comment, there are a lot of options that can change it but i took what i could make
so please dont say to many changes lol

Saturday 24/07/10

6 messages
English Greschler1 - last answer from FastNaija-WMD, Saturday 24/07/2010, 20:53.
Prince Jr.

is the deck. Before buying out on this expensive deck (not too expensive, but still), I'd like to confirm that there are no better choices to have made with it. Also, if you want to express to me your experience and recommend a two clan deck, feel free to do so. Just have to drop out Oscar and a few others.

Things I was thinking of:
-Fabio seems to be a good card in T2, but in Elo, Enzo should take the lead. With poison on their heads round one, getting them down to 5 and 2HKOing from there is best.
-Rosa's ability is also nice because it allows Mona to raise a 2HKO without fury, reserving pillz to get that poison in.
-My concern is that when Rosa and Enzo aren't drawn, there isn't enough damage to pull the KO. But is this concern unwarranted? I'm a T2 player, and typically the only way you get the win is through KOs, so that's my concern.

Also, if you think Montana is the wrong path and want to tell me to play a different clan, feel free. Notes that I don't like playing: Freaks, All Stars, Jungo, Junkz, Roots, Uppers. And pretty much everything is banned. EVERYTHING this week. Seriously, the most expensive card not banned is Charlie. All the leaders, all the clan leaders of a few clans (and Ghumbo...seriously UR? Honestly, give us a break)....just ridiculous. Can't play anything anymore cuz it has 7/8 power and a good ability from a good clan.
2 messages
English Salgy - subject is closed
I was in the elo tourny room, non random wins and i attacked with Doran with a attack of 64 and he blocked with a guy from pirhna with a 45 attack and some how beat my Doran winning him the match

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