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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Monday 19/07/10

1 message
I just got my Tessa Cr, so i was wondering what goes well with them out of the following decks:
Sports Authority

Please rate and comment on these presets. good or bad
1 message
I just got my Tessa Cr, so i was wondering what goes well with them out of the following decks:
Sports Authority

Please rate and comment on these presets. good or bad
2 messages
English LetheanTears - last answer from LOA Zeus, Monday 19/07/2010, 17:55.
Tier wise. I can get 1300 extremely easily with Skeelz and can do it with most anything with Skeelz too. I never really tried to go past 1300 so I'm not too sure if I just know most strategies and tacts from 1300 and below or if I'm just good with them.

So here I am, what do you think of Skeelz in ELO?

P.S. - I'm mostly looking for opinions on them WITHOUT Caelus, it's obvious he makes them top tier.
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English calvin_0 - last answer from calvin_0, Monday 19/07/2010, 10:06.
So to tell the truth, i'm still quite new to UR, i didnt play much because i cant play most of the time, i find UR quite fun.

this is my deck.

Lv. 5 Avola
Lv. 4 Rosa
Lv. 3 Mona
Lv. 3 Sharon
Lv. 3 Ottavia
Lv. 3 Oscar
Lv. 2 Prince Jr
Lv. 2 Spiaghi

to tell the truth, i dont really know what my deck are capable, i just put them together because i just like some of the art (Avola, Rosa, Mona, Sharon and Ottavia). the rest are what people told me are "good" cards (Prince Jr, Spiaghi and Oscar).

the problem i always have is i have no idea what to do in round 1, i offen use Rosa with one pill, it work great in 15-20 rooms, people always put thier SOA or large amount of pill, but it doesnt work in Elo (maybe i'm facing better player?)

i also often let 2 rounds pass, work great with room 15-20, but its doesnt work in Elo because i always open myself to 2hit-ok, i learn that the hard way.

so can anyone give me some advice in opening (round 1 and 2) and bluffing (i have no idea what other potential bluff card that i can use other then Rosa), i know i can learn that by playing, but i just want some pointer to get started, I also have trouble facing other Montana, Upper, Sakrohm and Pill manipulation deck.


PS: i have Don and Edd in case i really have to do what most people told me too, swap Avola and Rosa for Don and Edd.
3 messages
English Jungo SR_OC - last answer from HoA - Zero, Monday 19/07/2010, 09:44.
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English Shakz_95 - last answer from owButtacup Ld, Monday 19/07/2010, 03:27.
Can anyone tell me how to use this deck properly deleted

1 message
Lol any suggestions?


My friend helped me on this one. I wanna see if i can find any space for more improvements.
Sunday 18/07/10

1 message
Ocean Vortex

I've wanted to find a deck that allows both Selma and Dalhia for some time now, but I've never found a half that either has the lower star card power and/or the synergy to make the deck an overall success.

With the new Vortex cards I've finally found just that.

4 x 2* may seem far too imba at first, but /look/ at those cards. If all are drawn the hand is still very powerful:

Hawkins, Tula, Cyb Lia, C Wing.

And then look at the most powerful:

Dalhia, Selma, Deea, Dagg.

Everything in between is extremely playable. And it'll be rare you don't draw one of the decks more powerful cards.
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Deutsch JeryBee - last answer from SoPunny-Zack, Sunday 18/07/2010, 22:11.

Elo is fun. either u draw Ghumbo or u dont. Ban him !

3 messages
English jojotehhead - last answer from Z4KALW3, Sunday 18/07/2010, 17:49.
With the new Vortex cards you can get a pretty supportive half deck for about 9-10 stars.
Cyb Lhia
C Wing
Any Level 3 or 4, with your best options being Deea, Sunder, or Dagg.
This leaves you with 15-16 to work with. If you pair it up with Piranas you could run something like this:
Just a thought...
2 messages
English Aimerd - last answer from all41n14all, Sunday 18/07/2010, 15:57.
Hi this is my first week doing elo and i consider myself a beginner in skill.

I hoverd aroun 1240-1280 for a while this week for around 30 games.

finally i got a small win streak going and got to 1305 i believe.
Should i push for 1400 to try and get a collector card or
should i just be happy with 10 credits from 1305 that im afraid i can lose by going under

is going to 1400 from 1300 really hard?
3 messages
English dada450 - last answer from LetheanTears, Sunday 18/07/2010, 09:20.
4 messages
English ExtremeDemon - last answer from GsomZoom, Sunday 18/07/2010, 06:31.
rate up and comment
Saturday 17/07/10

2 messages
English LetheanTears - last answer from LetheanTears, Saturday 17/07/2010, 21:58.
I be trolling.

Leave your opinion. Tell me how Skeelz and/or Vortex aren't actually troll clans.
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English Wezleh - LW - last answer from deathbychips, Saturday 17/07/2010, 18:46.
Sup peeps
I'm level 15 right now and I just seriously suck. Up until now I've been randomly putting cards from different clans into my deck. So... I'm selling all my cards and starting fresh. Can you guys please suggest decks, clans, and characters to put into a elo deck without crossing the 25k point??
Thank you!
2 messages
English LOA_MR-D - last answer from LOA_MR-D, Saturday 17/07/2010, 18:40.
4 messages
English CB-SirElric - last answer from -Xins, Saturday 17/07/2010, 15:24.
I need advices for this deck, Reduction/Poison/Power Hell. I can't afford any high powered Skeelz card yet and Eyrik is banned so please help.

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