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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Sunday 04/07/10

2 messages
English SirElric - last answer from 0- JP, Sunday 04/07/2010, 13:05.
I need a good t1 elo deck. Though I don't have Striker, Lamar Cr and Terry Cr(ew). Anyway, I need your ideas for an AS deck.
Saturday 03/07/10

1 message
Suppose I have a Morphun, Vortex deck. I play my Vortex card with 3 pills and lose, with Morphun's ability, I should have 9 (pills that I have left) + 2 (Vortex bonus) + 1 (Morphun's ability) = 12 Pills, but it won't be 12, it will be just 11. I think when Vortex loses a round, Morphun's ability is not taken into consideration. But when Vortex wins, I have noticed, all is fine. Why?
4 messages
English Jungo SR_OC - last answer from SoPunny-Zack, Saturday 03/07/2010, 20:25.
Once a Common Rare
plz rate and comment
next version of uncommon biology
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English BritRivalry - subject is closed
14:52 Elo you lost against inek88, Vecchi Veterani&Giovani Capitani (1-6): 1102 ELO
14:48 Elo you were annihilated by Mr_Lawrence (0-12): 1115 ELO
14:44 Elo you lost against matsu_tenku, Flowteam (0-5): 1129 ELO
14:41 Elo you beat DaerioInStereo (7-2): 1142 ELO
14:37 Elo you lost against marco8521, Work in Progress (2-7): 1128 ELO
14:31 Elo you lost against ES-M-Mikail, l'esprit du sable (1-6): 1140 ELO
14:27 Elo you were annihilated by juancito 45 (1-15): 1152 ELO
13:49 Elo you were annihilated by Chufol, TXAKO Guild (0-12): 1168 ELO
13:45 Elo you drew with punxer, S4viors Accademy (3-3): 1183 ELO
13:40 Elo you lost against - -CeeCii- - (0-5): 1181 ELO
13:36 Elo you lost against Issler_, legends of hk (4-10): 1190 ELO
13:31 Elo you narrowly escaped from hellfish94 (10-7): 1202 ELO

Yes I did reach 1200 but needed one more win to stay safe AND IT'S NOT BLOODY WORKING!!!

I've so far used these:
Rescue, Uppers, Sarkhom and Ghiest.

8 messages
English FusionEsq - last answer from subclavianHoA, Saturday 03/07/2010, 14:28.
Please give me some feedback for this one guys.

2 messages
English CL_ErteteAlex - last answer from getamac, Saturday 03/07/2010, 14:14.
rescue novato that's good for mi level, when i reach level 15 i'll use that
12 messages
Z4KALW3 - last answer from Z4KALW3, Saturday 03/07/2010, 13:31.


Built with Caelus's release in mind. Lots of Skeelz and All Stars running amok. SoB will take care of All Stars nasty -2, while All Stars can handle caelus and his pupils.

I'm trying to build my decks so the weakest hand retains a blanket of active bonuses. Here, the weakest draw is:

Smokey Cr/Tyd

Still very formidable and both bonuses are active. Some of the hands here are /very/ nasty.
Friday 02/07/10

2 messages
English TheDarkOrc10 - last answer from Lunien, Friday 02/07/2010, 21:04.
HI is it right that if your against some one with 1 or 2 cards with the stop + attack/power that if you have an soa ability or a split deck with Roots/anything other than GHEIST, that you should only use your soa cards on the second turn and not first? If you think its a case of your stop card being used at the end against their stop + xpower card should you save pills (cause your opponent had more options than u and had cards which did not suit your deck) ?
2 messages
English Copycater - last answer from TheDarkOrc10, Friday 02/07/2010, 19:15.
1 message
Well this is what I have so far...

Hey!!! No fighting in class!!

I was going to 1* Windy Mor if it was a good idea and change something else.
Any suggestions are welcome.
2 messages
English KillerRick222 - last answer from BOSANSKI ZMAJ, Friday 02/07/2010, 00:09.
Thursday 01/07/10

4 messages
English TheDarkOrc10 - last answer from arcueid_14, Thursday 01/07/2010, 16:52.
I had a link to a preset and it now says deleted is this the actuall preset or the link that has been deleted and if so why are the presets we save just deleted?
5 messages
English yugirival - last answer from rejoin, Thursday 01/07/2010, 15:17.
I have Eklore in this deck since Morphun is ELO banned. And I'm wondering if I should replace Tyd with Gil from the Junkz. (PS: This is a Piranas Deck). Or maybe I can replace either Ulrich or Taljion.
this Pillz deck contains: Tula, Hawkins, Eklore, Scubb, Smokey Cr, Tyd, Ulrich, and Taljion.
tell me which to rid of and what to replace it.
13 messages
English googoo4gaga - last answer from Z4KALW3, Thursday 01/07/2010, 10:34.
I got him in my pack, pretty lucky.... but should I sell him so I can make an ELO deck or should I keep him because he wont always be ELO banned... or will he? Let me know what you think I should do, and what I should possibly spend the clinkz on
Wednesday 30/06/10

3 messages
English Soul_Katana - last answer from Brusque, Wednesday 30/06/2010, 21:05.
if this does not show find help i
have 23 stars and i (deciding) which i (shoud) take Mario and Cesare out

(sorry for the spilling)
15 messages
English LoA-Heitah - last answer from PhaserhawkLoA, Wednesday 30/06/2010, 20:35.
Caelus has to be the surprise of this week, coming back after only such a short time period of being banned. This week will be a repeat of the week when All Stars and Skeelz split decks dominated.

Banned this week are: Hugo, Shakra, Ghumbo, Sylth, and Eklore (WTF?).

Morphun's vote was undecided at time of this posting.

That means you can play Cealus, Oshitsune, Marina, Toro, Striker.
3 messages
English LOA_MR-D - last answer from LOA_MR-D, Wednesday 30/06/2010, 20:26.
Somethin I been testin for a lil bit, i know sylth's banned this week but let me know what you guys think!! http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1364348
4 messages
English TheDarkOrc10 - last answer from TheDarkOrc10, Wednesday 30/06/2010, 19:45.
I scored 1077 a new pb so far!!! A few more purchases and tweeks and experimentation and we may be even better Folk are telling me to go for edd, Spiaghi possible pr junior and also Dreen ( I have but she was replaced by veeneyle) Mona (a good card will probably get in time) but Fabio has made a big difference! I want him in my deck advice how to further improve it would be good!

1 message
When I'm Gone!

Please check this out, comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.
4 messages
English xdwarrior - last answer from KillerRick222, Wednesday 30/06/2010, 05:37.
I just sold all my allstars and right now i have 9000 clintz clans i dont want to buy: Uppers-own ,piranhas-own

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