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Monday 25/08/08

1 message
Only need marco please pm me with the price and ill see thanks
2 messages
Česky K_Buriag - last answer from kaneholt10, Monday 25/08/2008, 17:25.
Looking for reasonable offers, accepting trades with multiple CRs with clintz etc.
1 message
I'm looking for someone willing to sell me the ff cards for this much (prices of course are below ave. market value):

Marina: 4k
Liu: 2.5k
Loma Noju:1.8k

Edd: 1.2k
Mona: 2.5k

Rolph: 2k
Ludmilla: 2k
Methane: 2.25k
Toro: 2.25k

Just send me a message if you are interested in selling me one of these. Thanks for browsing.
9 messages
English LOA_Rannoch - last answer from -Brook-O_C, Monday 25/08/2008, 15:50.
I'm looking to buy a few of the following cards. I PM the best dealer.


All Star:
Loma Noju


La Junta:
Amiral Py

Ulu Watu:
1 message
Buying RHED for 1000
1 message
Looking for Rubie for about 2.5k-2.7k. PM me or post your offers here
1 message
I want to sell my page as quick as i can...i want that Hawk and 1.5k with it...we can discuss on the clintz added....anyway please someone and it have to be fast...
1 message
English CDG213 - subject is closed
Pm me offers
1 message
Is there anyone who can sell me Methane for 2.5K? Thank you.
3 messages
English Kukugna - last answer from kaneholt10, Monday 25/08/2008, 12:26.
0xp or Full for 6.400
27 messages
English Stryker -_- - last answer from kaneholt10, Monday 25/08/2008, 12:25.
Here are my cards for trade or sale

Lewis x2, Platoona x2, Lost Hog, Endo, Natrang, Vasili, Nanastasia, Dacha Macha, Graziella, Meyen, Igniss, Tank, Niki, Mort Bax x2, Aldo, Angelina, Lino Borsa, Gary, Nahi x3, Ingsthra, Klaus x2, Aurelia x2, Luis, Carlos x2, Zdrone, Hikiyousan, Coraille, Nanook, Samantha, Zatman, Mo DiFalco

pm or msg me ur trade or price for them
2 messages
English jerromy - last answer from kaneholt10, Monday 25/08/2008, 12:21.
I have a
5 star
fang pi clan card
Hattori for sell start the sell at 4100 offer if you wont it highter then 4100 its maxed out
2 messages
English kaneholt10 - last answer from kaneholt10, Monday 25/08/2008, 12:20.
6k ok 6k or make an offer
3 messages
English The Giver - last answer from kaneholt10, Monday 25/08/2008, 12:16.
Ill trade two marcos 0xp for 1Nistarok and 1Cassandra and the difference of clintz or a card to fill the difference
3 messages
English godhatesus - last answer from _rogeryen_, Monday 25/08/2008, 11:51.
Just check out the profile
5 messages
English Vorpal Scarab - subject is closed
Starting price-6900

Reserve price-7450

Instant Buy-7600

The First Person To Personal MEssage Me With Instant Buy Gets The Instant Buy!!!!!

Have Fun auctioning!!!!!!!!!
17 messages
English bob81 - last answer from bob81, Monday 25/08/2008, 10:39.
Hi guys! i0m auctioning
6 Wanda 0xp certified
startind prize: 12000 in clintz ( or 13500 in cards)

the auction will end in an hour

2 messages
English FAST IS FUN - last answer from kaneholt10, Monday 25/08/2008, 10:30.
Both full XP. Flavio Cr for 475k in clintz and/or cards. Dragan for 185k in clintz/cards.

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