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Saturday 23/08/08

4 messages
English 3L Janissary - last answer from Shadow_na, Saturday 23/08/2008, 00:12.
Any offer??
2 messages
English Collecter Cr - last answer from Shadow_na, Saturday 23/08/2008, 00:12.
I want to trade my Lv4 Kati for a Striker
Friday 22/08/08

2 messages
English justin123194 - last answer from justin123194, Friday 22/08/2008, 22:38.
Ill buy him just send me message for deal
5 messages
English Metal Freak - last answer from LOA_Rannoch, Friday 22/08/2008, 21:54.
1 message
Please could someone pm me cos ill buy for 5.5k
2 messages
English BooyahMaster - last answer from resident dogy, Friday 22/08/2008, 18:02.
I'm hoping to buy Leviatonn for around 7k, and Toro for 2k, but I'll negociate if you don't like the price...
3 messages
English Football Star - last answer from godhatesus, Friday 22/08/2008, 17:45.
I need a Banger card
3 messages
English - 409 - - last answer from - 409 -, Friday 22/08/2008, 17:36.
Buying jane ramba Saddy Graff
below market price
5 messages
English ERming - subject is closed
Selling Casssandra

Startin at:6000
Instant buy;10000
8 messages
English 0-Mystogan - subject is closed
Hi i am selling these cards please dont post offers like can i have kerozin cr for 50clintz and etc
Fang pi clan
Kerozinn Cr
Splata Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Tessa Cr
Ulu Watu
Wee Lee
5 messages
English godhatesus - last answer from godhatesus, Friday 22/08/2008, 16:28.
Im looking for mainly Lennox but any of the Bangers would help
5 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from Shadow_na, Friday 22/08/2008, 16:24.
I am looking for a good deck that could get over 300 points just post the present or wat cards are in that deck. I have. All cards must be leveled up and it should be type 1. No elo is fine with me.
3 messages
English parvez111 - subject is closed
I'll giv u any of the one's below 4 a good price:
Rebecca,Luis,Carlos,Dayton,Amy,Klaus,Josh and oh yeh there all max

p.s. send me the reply of the price u would giv me 4 any of the cards above.
27 messages
English Gumbo123 - subject is closed
Clintz only, sorry...

Start price: 200 000
Reserve: 600 000 (only a safety net)
Instant buy: 700 000

End date; For a common time, the end of next week's Elo (when kate sends her message)
7 messages
English LoA CickNason - last answer from scar-ak, Friday 22/08/2008, 14:43.
Pm me or bid if you want i dont care
1 message
Need Cassandra for cheap price i only have 3000 clintz so around 2600
9 messages
English CRAZY_G_CWG - last answer from WindtheGreat, Friday 22/08/2008, 14:03.
I have a Jim Cr maxed that i am putting up for sell the sell when end by the 15 of September so put up your best offers!!!!!
1 message
I'll take any uncommon,rare i dont mind any good common either and remmember hav to b Sentinel or no deal n giv me them cheap or atleast cheaper than they ar in the market. thanks... if u giv me a card n reply to my call.
1 message
Im buying 0xp Kluwn, pm me for your price..

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