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Business men and women talk here.
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Monday 18/08/08

8 messages
English Mayh3m - last answer from slick_back, Monday 18/08/2008, 04:37.
Im selling alec marco Kerry and Hax i am willing to trade for All Stars please do not make dumb offers like ill trade you marco for Alexei please pm me with offers
4 messages
English kizzlipz23 - subject is closed
I have Mayhem in the pirate clan.. if your interested just pm me ill say my price.
1 message
Wee Lee

ill buy lower than market price pls... thanks
1 message
I've got 16.8k right now,

post whatever ur selling,

if it interests me i might buy them

specifically cheaper prices than the market.
5 messages
English fincho - last answer from Simple0313, Monday 18/08/2008, 00:51.
3 messages
English ARMADA_3 - last answer from ARMADA_3, Monday 18/08/2008, 00:48.
Trading loads of cards 110 robbs 150 Rico 4 Coby 60 Filomena 50 Pam and a LOT more
5 messages
English jaackson20 - last answer from DTKC, Monday 18/08/2008, 00:30.
Sunday 17/08/08

9 messages
English Dennis1012 - subject is closed

strating bid 8.5k
reserve 10k
ends next monday or tommorow
4 messages
English Rocket Raccon - last answer from Wario 786, Sunday 17/08/2008, 21:42.
Give Me an Offer And ill tell u if ill buy
2 messages
English sianta - last answer from Wario 786, Sunday 17/08/2008, 21:36.
Im looking for someone to sell me a cheap banger
(not chikko Jenny Kevin Lennox MC Decay or Tunned)
6 messages
English Sifrus - last answer from Wario 786, Sunday 17/08/2008, 21:35.
I need this cards

Gaia---->level 1----->4500 Clintz
Gabrielle----->level 1----->4500 Clintz
5 messages
English BlindLight - last answer from Wario 786, Sunday 17/08/2008, 21:34.
I only have a few clintz but im playing lots of tournaments and this is what im looking 4

5 messages
English PrsPirate - last answer from PrsPirate, Sunday 17/08/2008, 19:11.
Hey guys, I don't know that it would be enough, but I figure I would ask anyway. I'm offering 20 cards from the Nightmare deck (all of them minus the 4 cr's in the deck) for Marlysa Cr. I know it doesn't cover the price, but I thought I'd see if anyone would be willing to make this trade anyway. Thanks.
6 messages
English UM_TrpleDoubl - last answer from UM_TrpleDoubl, Sunday 17/08/2008, 16:53.
Hello, i'm trying to make a pirana half-deck, and was wondering what cards are good. also, if you have pirana cards to sell, please pm me offers.
1 message
Leviatonn : I can pay up to 8000 clintz.
Toro : I can pay up to 3000 clintz.
No Nam : I can pay up to 2500 clintz.
Bruce : I can pay up to 1500 clintz,
Wardog : I can pay up to 3500 clintz.

I'm purchating the cards and not buying them witch means that I simply buy it from you if your offer is lower than everyone elses in a spesific card.
I send you a private message if I want to buy your card.
4 messages
English LoA JuNtA - last answer from LoA JuNtA, Sunday 17/08/2008, 16:28.
I am selling 3 of the jeenas at 0xp 2 stars for 1100
this means that you get EXCTALY what you want out of a Jeena 2 star, 1500 xp.
the other one is at 35xp (less than one loss worth) and I will sell it at 100 cheaper then the rest
2 messages
English poe3880 - last answer from Vorpal Scarab, Sunday 17/08/2008, 15:21.
Looking to buy a cheap Lobo and Tanner
8 messages
English Montanus - subject is closed
Starting Price: 300 Clitz
Sell Price: 800 Clitz
End Date: 8/18/08-6:00 P.M. Central USA

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