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Thursday 14/08/08

8 messages
English orange rocket - last answer from orange rocket, Thursday 14/08/2008, 08:41.
If you have any montana's i will buy them of u from 250 +
4 messages
English The_Supremist - last answer from The_Supremist, Thursday 14/08/2008, 07:36.
What are the new cr's going to be and when?
2 messages
English KNIGHT RIDER - last answer from WAHHH, Thursday 14/08/2008, 06:20.
Contact me if u have the card
4 messages
English F L I P - last answer from _Nic_, Thursday 14/08/2008, 04:41.
Same as title.. if u got one kindly private msg me the price..

3 messages
English justin123194 - subject is closed
If anyone can get me a deal just message me
thank you
11 messages
English resident dogy - last answer from GENERALSURGE, Thursday 14/08/2008, 02:58.
I have 8 cards that i already own and if you want any of them just put in your bid 3 maxed Klaus ,maxed Brutox ,maxed Akiko,maxed Andsom,maxed Katan and maxed Spycee . NO BIDS UNDER 500 ARE ACEPTED
3 messages
English kizzlipz23 - subject is closed
nid one of them? pm me so i can send you my price for them
Wednesday 13/08/08

3 messages
English Rocket Raccon - last answer from LoA CickNason, Wednesday 13/08/2008, 22:52.
3 messages
English fincho - last answer from LOA-Warhawk, Wednesday 13/08/2008, 22:02.
5 messages
English Halo3Legend - subject is closed
No stupid offers
22 messages
English Manciolo - last answer from resident dogy, Wednesday 13/08/2008, 18:19.
I'm want to sell , sell in block, or change this card:
Bangers: Lennox (U), MC Decay (C) , Tunned (C)
Freaks: Esmeralda (U), Miss Ming (U) , Titus (C)
GHEIST: Gheistling (C)
junks: Peeler (U)
La Junta: Amiral Py (U), Tank (U), Uxoh (R)
Pussycats: Ninja Nyne (C)
Rescue: Frida (C), Lea (U), Slyde (C), Tanner (U)
Roots: Yookie (C)
Sakrohm: GraksmxxT (R) , SkrumxxT (R) , Thomson (C)
Sentinel:Klaus (C)
Ulu Watu: Razor (C) , Mac Hen (C) , Jeff (C)
Uppers: Beetenka (U), Colin (C), Jeeves (U), Mo DiFalco (C)
1 message
I'm Buying Kolos for 16k. I will go up at most 1k (17k)
1 message
For 12k please
thats all i got
1 message
Selling Rolph (level 3) for 2800 and Anita (maxed) for 1375. also sellin Mort Bax (maxed) for just 280
7 messages
English Black23Mamba - last answer from Joe J Cool, Wednesday 13/08/2008, 15:21.
6k .. post the half deck you wish to sell.
6 messages
English LilKing - last answer from LilKing, Wednesday 13/08/2008, 13:48.
I'm selling Uranus pm me with your offers
4 messages
English defiler666 - last answer from Gryazzie, Wednesday 13/08/2008, 12:48.
Im buying Freaks put your offers up and i may buy
4 messages
English resident dogy - last answer from resident dogy, Wednesday 13/08/2008, 12:09.
Im a collector and i need Zdrone to complete my setenial so make the price fair please!!!!!

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