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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Monday 08/09/14

4 messages
English ForlornTurtle - last answer from TheOPG, Monday 08/09, 02:14.
What's the ideal mono Skeelz deck for ELO, without Caelus since he's so frequently banned?
Sunday 07/09/14

22 messages
English troll4663 - last answer from troll4663, Sunday 07/09, 17:47.
There's Spaighi and all of those great 4*. But what else? I came into a lot of money recently, but don't suggest over 100000 k >.>
Sunday 31/08/14

5 messages
English 412rayray - last answer from 0 RoyalDeath, Sunday 31/08, 00:34.
Huracan/Ulu Watu

El Gascarro
Derby Queen
El Magistrado
Wonder Lana


Built in wall capability, life gain, decent life gapping, 2 forks, some atk manip and dmg red.

All around deck, hit me up with any ideas/improvements you can think of
Tuesday 26/08/14

6 messages
Português Rd Soulz - last answer from Soiuku, Tuesday 26/08, 23:55.
Is this a trend in ELO, to just play mono-Nightmare, or there isn't anything else worth playing? rofl
4 messages
English troll4663 - last answer from Lucks7ven LoA, Tuesday 26/08, 15:08.
What should I run? Suggestions and possible deck skeletons?
11 messages
English CB Gab TD - last answer from CB Gab TD, Tuesday 26/08, 04:31.
So my current record is 1160.. I get to 1100 every week.. The problem is I REALLY wan't reach 1200, but it feels so hard to me when I pass 1100.. Like I win one, then I lose one, and so it goes.. What should I do.. I like to use halfs with Jungo/FPC/Frozn/Pussycats/Freaks + Uppers/Junkz/All Stars/Nightmare.. What clans combination should I try?
This weekend I used Jungo + FPC: Ongh ; James ; Jean ; Bridge ; Kusuri ; Fei ; Shifou ; Zhu Tang.. Is it worthy to go with this combination next week? What changes should I do?
Monday 25/08/14

8 messages
English OTK-Demon - last answer from ((TinyGlitch)), Monday 25/08, 11:56.
So far I am using a Roots/Berserk deck. It is made up of:
Kawamashi Cr
Any edits would be appreciated.
Sunday 24/08/14

10 messages
English AGPrinz - last answer from addiction08, Sunday 24/08, 17:36.
To ban some allstars? At least ban Saki...

Also Nabrissa is completely overpowered as well. To be honest the card is better than Diana by a lot. Unless you are going mono pussy, you wont pill very hard if u get SOA with Diana. With Nabrissa, you need to deal both her ability and her bonus, and her low star count. She is truly one of the best 2*s in the game right now and needs to be perma banned.

Who here agrees?
5 messages
English Snowman LoA - last answer from TheOPG, Sunday 24/08, 06:56.
What are the clans where mono is okay to use for elo?
Thursday 21/08/14

17 messages
English Soiuku - last answer from Soiuku, Thursday 21/08, 02:53.
I've been pondering this one while working on Freaks Decks.
But what I've noticed is quite interesting.

In the 2* Department :

Esmerelda is simply not good enough anymore, that attack manip alone doesn't cut it .
Shazam seems to make the cut, even getting player banned often enough.
Bertha is subpar, I have to say it, 7 / 2 with +1 / +1 is meh in my book.
Magda might be an option, able to take on Power Manipulators and is still equivalent to 8 Power essentially.

The other 2*'s? Well . . not much going on for them.

In the 3* Department :

Olga is banned, which is a terrible shame, but a necessary evil. Good card, but banned.

Akendram is not only overpriced, but the only reason to consider him nowadays is because Olga , Bogdan and Grudj are banned in the 3 spot ; and to boot, Olga Noel performs better after 2 Pills!

Olga Noel is ok, but she's just that to be honest, ok, not special or great.

Quasichoco almost never sees use, but seems to be the only other useable 3 Star Freaks, though his -2 DR is off putting as I'd much rather have a card who can win the round if my R1 Poison / Heal doesn't go through.

In the 4* Department :

Bogdan is banned after a long deserved ban, but before him :

Grudj was banned! And Grudj is just as bad / annoying as Bogdan.

Liona is a solid card, but doesn't strike me as a staple. Also, I feel -12 would have been better than -10 , since Freaks have lost their SOA , Power Manip , and SOA .

Madelone is another option, but is not a round win.
Tuesday 19/08/14

6 messages
English Lucks7ven LoA - last answer from bOCneehog, Tuesday 19/08, 17:04.
Hi guys for this week in elo i have decided to use my own combo of FPC and the Roots. So far so good, climbing to 1200s now, any advice can be given please? I use:

Zhu Tang
2 messages
English Hikariman - last answer from Lucks7ven LoA, Tuesday 19/08, 16:43.
Just in case people were unaware Marina and Saki were unbanned in elo so remember to appropriately counter them with your decks hopefully they will be banned next week
7 messages
English 412rayray - last answer from 412rayray, Tuesday 19/08, 10:57.
I feel the deck is solid in theory but I need a lil help. I appreciate any ideas.

The deck so far:
Dr Van Wessel Ld
T Gaank
Thursday 14/08/14

5 messages
English Lucks7ven LoA - subject is closed
I'm trying to use a Freaks/Pussycats deck here and i really need you guys to give some help and advice please! Right now im using
10 messages
English OTK-Demon - last answer from OTK-Demon, Thursday 14/08, 09:56.
I'm going to be straightforward guys, I SUCK at Elo, so I thought why not change that!? The best I have done is like 1100. Can anyone give me advice or a deck that works well with elo?
Tuesday 12/08/14

3 messages
English (RAP) - last answer from {Titan}, Tuesday 12/08, 09:25.
I know people dont like Chiro but i like Chiro cause its 8 damage and 8 power is great
3 messages
English hdubc - last answer from (RAP), Tuesday 12/08, 07:27.
Trying to make a competitive half deck with these two clans. Right now I'm using Marlysa Cr, Zhu Tang, Shifou, and Fei. Lucy, Charlie, Nabrissa, and Diana. Any help would be much appreciated!
1 message
I have the CRs for FPC, and Blaaster for the Bangers. I'm trying to make something competitive for T1. I've been using Blaaster, Graf, Randle, Bodenpower, Marlysa, Fei, Kusuri, and Shifou. Any edits from or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Monday 11/08/14

2 messages
English -X-Toxic-X- - last answer from qwaiker, Monday 11/08, 15:36.
So I haven't been active for 3-4 years now, just hopping on for a day or two and having a play, but now I'm looking into starting properly again. Loving mono Vortex in elo but wanting something different to add, what clans go well with them? I know it depends on the strategy, but any suggestions help

Thanks in advance!

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