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Business men and women talk here.
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Monday 04/08/08

3 messages
English Blind Site - last answer from Blind Site, Monday 04/08/2008, 15:32.
Post offers here and i will consider them looking to buy below market price
9 messages
Español 87Belfast - last answer from 87Belfast, Monday 04/08/2008, 11:46.
Im selling a group of Uppers (10cards)

Bob Joby
Frankie Hi
Mo DiFalco

Starting Bid: 2500
Auction lasts 1-2 days unless i get a really good offer
1 message
Pls post your offers.
6 messages
English matt5888 - subject is closed
Will buy Bloodh and will trade Timber for him
3 messages
English Rocket Raccon - last answer from Grav-Rs, Monday 04/08/2008, 09:17.
Im lookin for All Max Out
Dr Saw
Z3r0 D34d
Give Me an offer And ill tell You if ill buy
1 message
If anyone can sell me one for at least 1.5k that would be great
just message me
11 messages
English Nocontent - last answer from WuBanger LOA, Monday 04/08/2008, 01:10.
I have a few la juntas if any body wants to buy them cheap pm me if intrested
Amiral py
all offers accepted so pm me
5 messages
English Narutoavenger - last answer from Sobe_Pre-full, Monday 04/08/2008, 00:46.
Im sellin Timber(max) for just 750

dont need and lookin for some money
10 messages
English JokeKing - last answer from TheFreshAsian, Monday 04/08/2008, 00:28.
1 message
I have been looking for a good price on William from the sentinal for a long long time.
I will buy him for 1300 clintz no higher.
If you want to sell him put a message here or pm me.
4 messages
English abdudey - subject is closed
Selling Kerozinn Cr
offer here
Sunday 03/08/08

1 message
Im poor and in need of cards
1 message
Is there anyone from that i can buy or change Ambre?please ansewr me
1 message
Anyone have dalthi
1 message
For 100 clints!
3 messages
English agentX - subject is closed
Any one want a Chad Bread Cr? selling for 8-9000
42 messages
English Vithzerai - last answer from A7X Skylit, Sunday 03/08/2008, 17:47.
2 messages
English -Knight-EVO - subject is closed
I would like to buy those cards for 10 k please offesr
13 messages
English The_Supremist - subject is closed
Selling Bryan La Junta
leviation G.H.E.I.S.T
methan G.H.E.I.S.T.
XU52 G.H.E.I.S.T.
PM me with offer dont do stupid offers!

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