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Business men and women talk here.
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Tuesday 05/08/08

20 messages
English Shadow_na - subject is closed
I am selling wat i have in my pubic sales 10% of market price so pm me before the cards are gone
13 messages
English JolliRoger - last answer from woodspoon, Tuesday 05/08/2008, 14:54.
Any offers?
2 messages
Unknown Sinow - last answer from Papagali, Tuesday 05/08/2008, 14:26.
My Tanaereva for a vickie

Pm me offers
1 message

pm ur offer for the whole set before Sunday
looking for for whole set
1 message
I need Katan As Much As Possible a cheap price...
1 message
Im buying cheap Sting... plz pm me for d price... thx...
3 messages
English CDG213 - subject is closed
Im looking too trade my Kerozinn Cr for all the Rescue and some other cards from any clan totaling up to 3k

Or i will sell her for 44k
5 messages
English shadow power - subject is closed
Im buying good fang pi cards below the market price
2 messages
English Jedesh - last answer from mihalll7_UM, Tuesday 05/08/2008, 10:31.
Im selling him for only 300 clintz.....Thats all
16 messages
English SekiSeki - last answer from mihalll7_UM, Tuesday 05/08/2008, 10:20.
Selling list includes: Erika, Bloodh, Spycee, Aktara, Giovanni, Rico, Wakai.

Erika: 580 clintz
Bloodh: 4000 clintz
Spycee: 300 clintz
Aktara:200 clintz
Giovanni:200 clintz
Wakai:1500 clintz
2 messages
English DarkVortexXx - last answer from DarkVortexXx, Tuesday 05/08/2008, 10:16.
Looking to buy Gary for CHEAPER than 500 Clintz. PM me if you are selling
3 messages
English xExtacyx - subject is closed
11 messages
English The_Supremist - last answer from Blankhead, Tuesday 05/08/2008, 09:53.
Message me ur offer
bellow are the 1s im selling

Caciope (C)
Tatane (C)
Yusuke (U)
Kimberley (C)
Kharl (C)
Zoltan (C)
Brutox (C)
Vryer (C)
Winifred (C)
Ashigaru (R)
Vansaar (R)
Timber (R)
Rhed (R)
Ninja Nyne (C)
noon stevens
Miken Moose (C)
Venus (C)
Rass (R)

that is all
1 message
Buy Gyro 200 clintz
1 message
Buying any banger card for under maerket price
pm me the prices
1 message
Hello everyone!
i posted a post on that i want many smokeys but t seems to not work well....
so i will buy saperately, in private sells so if someone has a smokey and can sell it to me for 800 clintz i will be thankful
except from that- if someone has a lot of smokeys he can talk with me in private message for a trade....
i have many cards to trade like Toro, Olga, Swidz Cr, Cassio Cr, Yayoi and more....
just PM me or PS me....
1 message
Buying: Nightmare


only the cheapest pm me
1 message
Message me
ill pay like 600 for him
1 message
If any one wants to trade me Rass from Ulu Watu (1 star with 0exp) for Leo (c), Mario (u), and Windy Mor (u) all 1 star 0 exp that would be cool.

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