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Saturday 02/08/08

8 messages
English ttsts - last answer from Papagali, Saturday 02/08/2008, 21:03.
I have


for trade and am looking for


Any offers pm me. Dont reply if you cant private sale. Thanks.
10 messages
English Potts - subject is closed
Cards wanted:

Candy Jack(C)

Please i am a beganier and would like some of this cards for a cheap price. I will pm you if i like the offer. Dont be shy
3 messages
English TDDP - last answer from James-LoA, Saturday 02/08/2008, 19:29.
Any offer will be welcome!
please be srerious...the price of clintz is 85k but i prefer cards
offer your best and please NO STUPID OFFER!
you can write here or send a private message.
1 message
I have 2k i have most of the monatna's and Piranas, like rhed and Rosa
2 messages
English Rageux-Dary - last answer from 0UM_Phoenix, Saturday 02/08/2008, 19:21.
I sell this card for approximately 1M8 because in the market the price is 2M , i want 1M clintz and the sun cards
1 message
I buy Nightmare cards by a 10% discount
3 messages
English ExXima - subject is closed
I am selling a 0xp tanereva/tanireva.

i am selling him for 20k obo(or best offer)
19 messages
English 0 Rapsky - last answer from 0 Rapsky, Saturday 02/08/2008, 16:14.
Post here offers thx
2 messages
English Pride of Pitt - subject is closed
I am trading my Tanaereva and Vickie + 5,000 clintz for a Lamar Cr

If this is not enough clintz just say how much more you would like but this is all the clintz i have at the time. I will update as i get more clintz
5 messages
English Potts - last answer from Potts, Saturday 02/08/2008, 15:14.
I would like some cards and i would like 2-3 stars already on the please.
Candy Jack
and Mario

1 message
I'm trading away my 5* Vickie for Crs. Send me a PM with what you have to offer, or post your offers here.
2 messages
English darkAngel89 - last answer from gaara5106, Saturday 02/08/2008, 14:50.
I need some cards and fast so i don't care what cards are ther are i just need some cards plz
4 messages
English elo_dragon - last answer from gaara5106, Saturday 02/08/2008, 14:46.
Ill trade Zatman or jackie for any good cards
2 messages
English kobeisgod24 - last answer from LOA_Rannoch, Saturday 02/08/2008, 14:44.
Am selling alot of Ulu Watu and Rescue cards do not have really high priced one like cr s but i have Buck Elvira cards like that
4 messages
English AC DarkStar - last answer from gaara5106, Saturday 02/08/2008, 14:42.
I need a Graff
i can trade for Jeeves
1 message
I want BodenPowder for 2200
2 messages
English RollUpTG - subject is closed
PM Me. Selling Bloodh (Maxed) only 7000 clintz
Pm Me.
5 messages
English Whitethorne - last answer from Vule 0, Saturday 02/08/2008, 14:17.
Looking for Fi pang, La Junta, or Pussycats
1 message
Need a marco. any offers??
7 messages
English OTV_jinhazama - last answer from Papagali, Saturday 02/08/2008, 11:24.
Trade your special and uncommon cards like Aktara

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