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Wednesday 16/07/08

7 messages
English jcm123 - last answer from AC DarkStar, Wednesday 16/07/2008, 07:49.
Hi guys im selling these cards and im up 4 trades 2
Bloodh (R)
B Ball (C)
Cyan (C)
Yookie (C)
Stanford (C)
Cell (C)
Tank (U)
1 message
I wanna sell or change for cr´s 1000 Lilly, 900 full xp and 100 0 xp

Please send me for mp
3 messages
English cikki121 - last answer from 0 Rapsky, Wednesday 16/07/2008, 05:21.
I selling Baby Q 5 star in market 2100 clintz
1 message
Who is willing to sell me these cards for a cheap price Methane Z3r0 D34d Wolfgang Leviatonn and Toro
1 message
Does anyone have a Yookie (C), Noodile (C), Shakra (U), Ratanah (U) that i could get for cheaper prices?
10 messages
English killer-A - last answer from WindtheGreat, Wednesday 16/07/2008, 03:13.
10 messages
English death knightx - last answer from waldoj, Wednesday 16/07/2008, 00:34.
I am selling the whold clan but for trades only (p.s. i dont have the cr and i just sold jane ramba)
11 messages
English Nocontent - last answer from waldoj, Wednesday 16/07/2008, 00:06.
Ive you are wanting to buy or trade any cards private message me here are this months selecting
La Junta
Amiral Py (u) All Stars Fang Pi Clan GHEIST Rescue Piranas Sentinals
Diego (c) Katsuhkay (c) Endo (c) Luba Pam Spycee Miranda
Masamu (c) Kimberley (c) Otome (c)
Phython (R) Kinjo (u)

so if you want any from this selection Private message me And il tell you a price dont like the price il lower it
if there is any certain card you want and next month i have it il private message you and its yours so dont for get
for the cards you want ask NOCONTENT
Tuesday 15/07/08

2 messages
English death knightx - last answer from waldoj, Tuesday 15/07/2008, 23:57.
Trading all la junta's for either Piranas or Pussycats i have all the la juntas except jane ramba and the crs
3 messages
English nick mo bo - last answer from waldoj, Tuesday 15/07/2008, 23:53.
If u give me a GHEIST card any GHEIST card u get to pick my name and pick my guild for me. if u have ur own guild then u will get antoher good player and if u r starting a guild u have a good player cuz i know how hard it is trying to get players to come to ur guild that all

thank you
1 message
Pm me if you have one for sale and plz give a GOOD price.
4 messages
English devilboyhell - last answer from FRAK -HC-, Tuesday 15/07/2008, 21:26.
Im selling Mort Bax now because i have better cards hes at max,has 7 active fury and 4 attack the starting price is 250
1 message
Pm me with a GOOD price
18 messages
English Simple0313 - last answer from IF_Ratchet, Tuesday 15/07/2008, 21:21.
I am looking
I do not have these cards these are part of a wishlist


These are cards that I am putting up for trade

I have Nightmares
K Cube


Frankie Hi
Mickey T


I am willing to trade/sell for reasonable prices
(I prefer tradings so I will take trades before sales)
1 message
Dalhia, Charlie, Morphun, Kolos, Bloodh, Kenny, Tanaraeva, Thaumaturge Cr, Miss Twice Cr, Kerozinn Cr, Selsya Cr..

MSG me if your interested..

Give discounts pls..

3 messages
English Ninja-zero - last answer from Ninja-zero, Tuesday 15/07/2008, 20:53.
Anybody selling a Vickie out there? I've saved up a lot of clintz so if you have a spare or want to sell yours give me a pm any level is acceptable
1 message
I am looking for a card that 6/7 that is cheap...If this card exists please tell me about it.
1 message
Pm me the price and plz give a good price.
12 messages
English hakdude - last answer from The_Manly_Man, Tuesday 15/07/2008, 20:09.
Selling these cards:

Amelia 100 or more
Eyrton 1000 or more
Hammer 2000 or more
Bodenpower 3000 or more
Fiffty 1000 or more
Lennox 700 or more
Luba 100 or more
Vladimir 700 or more
Amiral py 700 or more
Burger 1000 or more
Myke 200 or more
Don 1000 or more
Giovanni 500 or more
Charlie 10,000 or more
Clara 2000 or more
Elly Mae 2000 or more
Noodile 900 or more
Jeeves 1000 or more
Sydney 600 or more

Choose the top 10 and buy them all for 20,000
10 messages
English Dritan - subject is closed
I have an Eklore to trade and i wam open to offers no stupid offer like 172 clitz please

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