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Wednesday 30/07/08

4 messages
English UF0 - last answer from Froztee ICe, Wednesday 30/07/2008, 10:47.
I am buying a cheap
miss chole
Hawkins and
Bloodh annd
i am willing to trade
3 messages
English JokeKing - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Wednesday 30/07/2008, 10:42.
I am willing to trade
Baby Q
for a Kluwn
16 messages
Unknown Sinow - last answer from FIVE-O, Wednesday 30/07/2008, 10:32.
Im looking for
Z3r0 D34d
Toro or Methane
Dacha Macha

tanaereva max
Nanook max
Gaia level 2
Lulabee level 4
2 Warren in level 1
Gabrielle max
Hikiyousan max

Windy Mor max
Yusuke max
2 messages
English AC DarkStar - last answer from AC DarkStar, Wednesday 30/07/2008, 07:34.
IM gona trade my Jeeves for a BB Cool G, Syd Nose and Gyro
1 message
Im looking for Striker card, if you have 1 and willing to sell it a little lower than the usual price, pls message me, thanks alot.
7 messages
English Mr shorty - last answer from Capn Clintz, Wednesday 30/07/2008, 06:53.
I just started playing so if u have any advice for me or cards can u tell me.
15 messages
English TNT VAMP - subject is closed
Post you offers cards are accpeted or auction them here
1 message
I want Kolos so ill give my edd and Prince Jr + 12000clintz for Kolos pm me if interested
3 messages
English UC-stephenUR - subject is closed
I have a Zatman 6400
1 message
I would like to buy Gheistling for 100 to 150 price range thanks
6 messages
English dont_mess - last answer from matt5888, Wednesday 30/07/2008, 01:02.

just send me a message if interested
5 messages
English ttsts - last answer from joeshmeo, Wednesday 30/07/2008, 00:54.

Looking to build up either a new freak deck or Sentinel deck. pm me with offers plz.
1 message
Hi im buying XU52 for 6700 clints please someone sell it to me
4 messages
English jaackson20 - last answer from jqmoney14, Wednesday 30/07/2008, 00:31.
Trying to trade away a Don
1 message
Im giving max Vansaar and 200 clintz for Don
Tuesday 29/07/08

1 message
I am buying William of the sentinal.
I'v been trying to get him for about a month now.
I will buy him for 1300 clintz.
make an offer here or pm me.
1 message
Plz offer a reasonable price.
2 messages
English _LOA_MasterAd - last answer from VampireFred, Tuesday 29/07/2008, 22:54.
Cards Selling:

Lino Borsa

All are 180 clintz each

Mail me if you are interested
7 messages
English IM_Nem8 - last answer from The Dark Lord7, Tuesday 29/07/2008, 22:06.
Looks like ima have to sell my collection to get these cards lol i hope they are worth it.

im selling

Yayoi is still up for sell (trading for GraksmxxT too)
Baby Q (if i get this trade, she will be replced for Bryan up for sell)

thats all for now. im selling them for a min of 100 under market price. i need as much clints as i can get
1 message
Looking 2 buy her for 2k or less

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