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Business men and women talk here.
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Thursday 17/07/08

3 messages
English UC-stephenUR - last answer from lilbebo89, Thursday 17/07/2008, 18:26.
I have an Ashigaru 4 sale and im tryin 2 build an type 2 deck
3 messages
English pl4y f4st plz - last answer from pl4y f4st plz, Thursday 17/07/2008, 18:17.
Elling him for 850 clintz!!!!!!!!
8 messages
Español XxxODiNxxX - last answer from Dubliner-Girl, Thursday 17/07/2008, 17:56.
1 message
Pino (max)
Meyen (max)
Wanda (max)
Z3r0 D34d (max)

Only fair offers, stupid offers will be ignored.
1 message
Ill trade a Nanook and a common for Tyd

ill buy smokey for 5 or 600.

3 messages
Português MiggyMigz17 - last answer from MiggyMigz17, Thursday 17/07/2008, 16:22.
Ill buy any of dem three i dont trade ^____^
1 message
I want Sentinels
Copper,Miss Chloe or Chloe
Toro,Methane any of these plz thnx
2 messages
English Turtlez-HoA - last answer from James-LoA, Thursday 17/07/2008, 12:00.
Ineed copper Havok William Josh Coby Luis Miranda Chloe Miss Chloe and for ghiest i need Nina Methane Toro Rolph XU52 Z3r0 D34d and Leviatonn i need them bad
1 message
I buy Morphun for 5000 clints
5 messages
English Nocontent - last answer from Sandman-SD, Thursday 17/07/2008, 07:55.
Methane 2850
Rhed 1250
Corrina 1050

pm me if you want any
21 messages
English AxelSteam - subject is closed
2 messages
English DBWizards - subject is closed
Pm me with your best offer.. i'm buying cheap Shakra PM or post your best offer
1 message
PM me offers under market price. If it's not under market price I will not reply.
Wednesday 16/07/08

1 message
Any body can do me a deal nt a great deal of clintz but c wat we can arrange im looking for Ambre Jeeves Kolos copper vicky Dr Saw anything good wont buy crap msg asap k
3 messages
English WindtheGreat - last answer from the jr mlg, Wednesday 16/07/2008, 23:27.
Pm me offers
7 messages
English 9 dragons - subject is closed
Buy Alice and smokey for 1,000clintz
8 messages
English the jr mlg - last answer from gizmo_ult, Wednesday 16/07/2008, 21:28.
Z3r0 D34d

pm me offers

i only trade for Bangers

2 messages
English ZexionVI - last answer from gizmo_ult, Wednesday 16/07/2008, 21:25.
Lvl 31, soon to be lvl 32 and active. looking for a strong and active guild

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