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Monday 28/07/08

2 messages
English Dr_lord - last answer from esvetlicinii, Monday 28/07/2008, 07:18.
I want Methane For 2200 Thnx send a message with offer
1 message
I'm buying Blaaster and Juicy Lord for less than 3444 don't care what level
2 messages
English Zz_Roy_zZ - last answer from Mdott33, Monday 28/07/2008, 02:40.
Anybody sellin for 94 clintz
3 messages
English lvnt - last answer from WanderingRyu, Monday 28/07/2008, 00:03.
i decided to make a new deck.
and now i am selling 3 Freaks:
Miss Ming 2 lvl
Nanastasia 3 lvl
Zoltan 3 lvl
Sunday 27/07/08

3 messages
English mx666 - last answer from WanderingRyu, Sunday 27/07/2008, 23:40.
Estalt 600
Timmy 900
Eadh 1300
Sheitane 1800
Ielena 2000
Nistarok 2500

PM me if u got any of them, also i can offer few cards in exchange
1 message
Looking for good Sakhrom and Uppers. Possibly Nightmare. PM if interested
5 messages
English AC DarkStar - last answer from matt5888, Sunday 27/07/2008, 22:55.
Im buying a Timber for 600 clintz
send me in private sale if yes
i will also buy Timber at max lvl for 620
2 messages
English IM_Nem8 - last answer from IM_Nem8, Sunday 27/07/2008, 22:15.
Im looking for


looking for GraksmxxT too. ill trade Yayoi for him. ill trade Baby Q for Uranus also.

i guess ill buy the other 2. below market price please. pm me for faster replies
4 messages
English elfayra - last answer from Darkshooter 1, Sunday 27/07/2008, 21:40.
Selling or trading Kerozinn Cr 0xp. Pm me to work out a trade.
15 messages
English ttsts - last answer from Darkshooter 1, Sunday 27/07/2008, 21:35.
Any body interested then just let me know. Not going cheap though as i know how good it is. Cheers
1 message
Would any1 swap me Ninja Nyne or Gwen for my Noon Steevens thnx
13 messages
English tsquared - last answer from Darkshooter 1, Sunday 27/07/2008, 21:30.
Im selling all of my Piranas

there all maxed

give me a offer on any

10 messages
English Darkshooter 1 - last answer from Darkshooter 1, Sunday 27/07/2008, 21:29.
For 14,500 clintz.

if u wanta buy. PM meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tnxs!!!
4 messages
English Ninja-zero - last answer from robomonke7, Sunday 27/07/2008, 20:41.
Ok put any crap card like Frida or whatever on my ps for 100 clintz put any card at all on my ps for 100 clitnz I don't care what card it is just please put it there any card for 100 clitnz is much appreciated
6 messages
English shootinstar1 - last answer from robomonke7, Sunday 27/07/2008, 20:35.
Will buy any Junkz or all starz
1 message
I'want Page Cr if you have it send to me a private message
3 messages
English TDDP - subject is closed
I amlloking for all the Rescue clan...i want all of their cards but 0xp...if you have some- contact me and i may trade with you...
i have those cards for trade:
Swidz Cr
Seldnor Cr
Wee Lee and more
just write to me privately or publicly...sorry for my english
if you have any questions i am here...
2 messages
English CDG213 - subject is closed
I'm looking for

Juicy Lord
Vermyn N
Syd Noze

and im trading


only serious offers please.

You can pm or post here i would rather you pm tho because it take ages too show up here.

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