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Thursday 24/07/08

4 messages
English JAVIER2O - last answer from ExXima, Thursday 24/07/2008, 23:06.
4 messages
English JM(TR) - last answer from Oyarsa, Thursday 24/07/2008, 22:20.

Dr Saw
Z3r0 D34d

All bids must be 20K+
No stupid bids
Send me PM with Bid
Highest Bid wins, or if you offer good price ill sell it to you!

2 messages
English winner mon - last answer from CaptainAids, Thursday 24/07/2008, 21:43.
Juicy Lord=5000
and all for 14267
please sell me
3 messages
English Dr_lord - last answer from 42--Lukaz--42, Thursday 24/07/2008, 21:30.
I really need a Copper for 1000 or 1200 Thnx
2 messages
English D0UBL3D - last answer from SB_COMMANDER, Thursday 24/07/2008, 21:29.
Who wants to buy 38 Sheitane (U) buy from me?
Their prices are 110000 clintz.
2895/piece, the average price for Sheitane over the last 30 days has been 2895(www.clintz.info)
3 messages
English Dr_lord - last answer from WAHHH, Thursday 24/07/2008, 21:27.
I want Copper for 2000 plz thnx
4 messages
English Dan_sj - last answer from 42--Lukaz--42, Thursday 24/07/2008, 21:24.
If you have Kolos i can trade for it or buy it,
2 messages
English Simple0313 - last answer from 42--Lukaz--42, Thursday 24/07/2008, 21:23.
Looking for a Jackie, please pm me an offer
1 message
Hey, as the title says im lookin for a CHEAP Zatman. i dont have very many clintz at the moment. just like 2k or so and was just wondering if there are any of you out there generous enough to help me out. thanks a million.
1 message
Hi, i am looking for a Bree, if anyone has one, preferrably lvl1 i will buy it from u for 630 clintz, i know it isnt market price but its all i have
2 messages
English half_spent - last answer from Spazdude, Thursday 24/07/2008, 18:15.
I need a Zoltan card
anyone wanna sell me one
for cheap
8 messages
Español The_Godfather_ - last answer from artax32, Thursday 24/07/2008, 16:37.
I need a Don or Murphy an ill give u anything
2 messages
English Xeltos - last answer from LOA-Warhawk, Thursday 24/07/2008, 13:17.
Was wondering how much it would cost to buy all Piranas at their lowest lvls..
7 messages
English TDDP - last answer from robomonke7, Thursday 24/07/2008, 13:02.
I want some crap cards...those tht you don't use....basicly worth 1k or less...
*I WILL DO WITH YOU A DEAL ONLY-----> IF IT IS 0XP!!! more then 0xp won't be taken unless it is in the package deal.
i will do just package deals (i don't want to buy them one one...cause there are 147 cards that i am looking for!)so those are the cards i have for trade:
Wee Lee
Swidz Cr
Seldnor Cr
and more...
you can talk with me privately...and please- no stupid offers!
i have a lot of time to hear any fair deal so come on people- offer!!!
think about it- you give me some crap cards- and i give you good card/s!
if you will ask for clintz i will think about it just if it is a package deal not one one!
8 messages
English hibees - last answer from 0-Mystogan, Thursday 24/07/2008, 12:36.
1 message
I'll trade 4k and a Toro for Yayoi
2 messages
English hanzdaryle - last answer from 443, Thursday 24/07/2008, 12:08.
Please PM me...

Make it CHEAP

2 messages
English UF0 - last answer from TDDP, Thursday 24/07/2008, 10:39.
For 45k
pm me with real offers

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