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Business men and women talk here.
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Wednesday 23/07/08

1 message
English mikee616 - subject is closed
I will buy any crappy card for 50 clintz under market price if you have one just put it in my private sales
17 messages
English James-LoA - last answer from LOA-Warhawk, Wednesday 23/07/2008, 20:18.
Ice Jim-234
and Giovanni for 500

auction for theese cards, will end wenever i feal like it.
3 messages
English 42--Lukaz--42 - last answer from Spazdude, Wednesday 23/07/2008, 19:15.
Highest bid gets Kolos post your prices or cards for trade

nothing stupid please
8 messages
English Dubliner-Girl - last answer from 8H D-Sparky, Wednesday 23/07/2008, 18:23.
Wanda (U)
Timber (R)
Venus (C)

There all MAX, please give good price.
3 messages
English Antonss9 - last answer from not playing3, Wednesday 23/07/2008, 17:50.
I want somebody to sell me Kolos because i need it.
1 message
Anyone have leviaton please sale to me.
for 6500.
3 messages
English King Trex Cr - subject is closed
Pm me if you are interested.
1 message
I buy 5 Chad Bread Crs or 4 Swidz Crs
for 50000.
If anyone wants to sell in bulk, please look for me.
4 messages
English pimpachu31_COV - last answer from Mekstrom, Wednesday 23/07/2008, 16:16.
Buying pretty much anything
but specifically Rescue or Freaks
1 message
Looking for Rhed, Katan and Tyd. Hopefuly 3.5k for all but we can work it out. Thanks.
1 message
For My Levithonn
Either of the two
1 message
For Levithonn and Methane msg me if interested
Or any other trades out there
1 message
Just PM...

Please make it cheaper
3 messages
English someone evil - last answer from ExXima, Wednesday 23/07/2008, 10:14.
I am buying lelena for 2.1k or more try not exit 3k
1 message
I got could cards for sell like robb,winnifred,Otakool,Eadh,Goldie,Hax if u intrst in any swnd me a message and we could trade it for good card
2 messages
English kill4fun4 - subject is closed
I am selling Kawan level 3 if anyone want to buy.

2 messages
English y2jacob - last answer from 0 Rapsky, Wednesday 23/07/2008, 05:06.
Bryan 3200 Myke 200 admiaral pry 350 pirate deck rhed 1100 dead eye 900 smocky 630 Cyan 210 x2 Gran Vista Uppers dorain 4200 micky t 170 Stanford 200 Samantha 250 Janice 260 frankie 350 zantler 370 bethika 660 or best offers also selling alec
10 messages
English cikki121 - last answer from 0 Rapsky, Wednesday 23/07/2008, 05:03.
Im selling sentenials for the cheapest price fullyed lvled in the market
5 messages
English Pride of Pitt - subject is closed
I am looking for Kerry Hax Elvira or Ghoub. Just make your offers
4 messages
English DBWizards - subject is closed
Buying jane Ramba cheaper than market price

Give me your best offers

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