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Business men and women talk here.
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Thursday 26/06/08

5 messages
English ur_cute - last answer from ur_cute, Thursday 26/06/2008, 06:44.
Post ur price

pm me

3 messages
English ur_cute - subject is closed
5 messages
English EEBurritoLOA - last answer from MegaGobbler, Thursday 26/06/2008, 01:58.
Will trade Junkz
make me an offer
1 message
Looking for Dahlia, only Piranas I need now. Anyone selling let me know a price.
41 messages
English BF_DaPwner123 - last answer from Cravin, Thursday 26/06/2008, 01:19.
I am getting sick of my Zdrone and i dont want it so who ever is willing to give the best offer gets the Zdrone
1 message
Any offer post here or pm me
2 messages
English Toas - last answer from Dennis1012, Thursday 26/06/2008, 00:20.
Sheitane - 2000 Clintz
Glorg - 1700 Clintz

Both - 3500 Clintz
PM me.
3 messages
English Dennis1012 - subject is closed
Bristone, Dr Saw, Z3r0 D34d, Rolph, Vladimir, Methane, Leviatonn,Nina
will trade all of them for
both kenny and Kolos
Wednesday 25/06/08

75 messages
English LawLessChaoz - subject is closed
Guess the Card and win it.

First person to guess it wins.

Clue 1: It is an Uncommon.
1 message
English jd4lyfe46 - subject is closed
I'll trade a Timber for a Vholt
3 messages
English DAFT Cr - subject is closed
Im selling an Estalt (max xp) from Nightmare clan if anyone is interested only for 725 clints
send me a message if you want it..
4 messages
English Inactive - last answer from Chain Devil, Wednesday 25/06/2008, 22:17.
Looking to buy Svethlana and Gwen both 1* and not for 1k like it is on Market, it's just ridiculous.
4 messages
English El Guap0 - last answer from --Steeze--, Wednesday 25/06/2008, 21:50.
I need a level one Chiro
i have 315+ clintz and a bunch of max level cards
-el guap0 (the 0 is a zero)
9 messages
English Travooo - last answer from shinorocks, Wednesday 25/06/2008, 19:55.
Any offers?
3 messages
English Pillow9 - last answer from UM-Pinstripe, Wednesday 25/06/2008, 19:41.
I have the following cards to exchange or sell. PM me with offer

Ombre Cr
3 messages
English JACCS - last answer from JACCS, Wednesday 25/06/2008, 19:11.
Hi! I change my Lyse Teria Cr 0xp into another Lyse full + Small Complement,
to being possible in Clintzs or Crs.PM.tnx!!
8 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from Shadow_na, Wednesday 25/06/2008, 15:58.
1 message
I'm buying Splata Cr is anyone selling it for a bit under the market price
3 messages
English ARMADA_3 - subject is closed
Any offers?

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