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Business men and women talk here.
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Monday 21/07/08

9 messages
English Gusterda - last answer from Darkshooter 1, Monday 21/07/2008, 17:54.
Selling Timber 0xp 700 c
4 messages
English SB_COMMANDER - last answer from Darkshooter 1, Monday 21/07/2008, 17:53.
Selling at 9-10k
5 messages
Español (((-))) - subject is closed
I have all but the collectors, anyone interested please write back to me. all my cards are all leveled up....
34 messages
English SM_TopNotch - subject is closed
STARTING PRICE-1 000 clintz

RESERVE PRICE-6 500 clintz

BUYOUT PRICE-10 000 clintz

the buyout price is only there for someone that really wants this card!


if you really want this card just post BUYOUT and i will sell to you for 10 000 clintz!
3 messages
English trembline - subject is closed
ILL BUY Kerozinn Cr

for 30k

pm me
2 messages
English Csaba - subject is closed
Or best offer.
2 messages
English TSH_Abyss - subject is closed
Yes if anyone has an extra Kolos that they can sell me for 10k-12k
message me that u r sellin it to me and put on for me thanx
3 messages
English shadow power - last answer from shadow power, Monday 21/07/2008, 11:50.
I need

Murray-1000 clintz
Wakai-2000 clintz

Ill pay that much if you sell it to me
2 messages
English PL_WILSON - subject is closed
Im selling my Ambrose Cr for 87k...and im willing to accept trade with a good offer...
post your offer here or just pm me
2 messages
English Vithzerai - subject is closed
Exchanging my 5 star Maxxed level Bloodh for a 0xp one.
anyone interested, PM ME ONLY!!
first come, first serve
3 messages
Unknown Sinow - subject is closed
Kerozinn Cr
starting bid = 30 000 clintz
reserve bid = 39 000 clintz
Buyout Price =40 000clintz

Post Bid to Bid
Pm BuyOut to buy it for 40k

End Date : july 30 12:00 afternoon (phil time)
1 message
Looking for a reasonable price, i have about 40k and cards
6 messages
English KNIGHT RIDER - last answer from naty9809, Monday 21/07/2008, 05:10.
Does any one want to buy Uranus
1 message
More specificly, Gabrielle and Hikiyousan

im low on clints right now, so i am willing to trade Bryan and Clara for them.
13 messages
English Waffle God - subject is closed
TIme before i take the highest offer: 2 weeks

starting bid: 15,000

reserve bid: 25,000

sell out bid: 33,000
5 messages
English Narutopoke - last answer from Raisinbman, Monday 21/07/2008, 00:26.
I just bought a whole crap load of cards from the shop.

I got w whole lot of cards,

And I am looking to get Marco from Rescue, as well as generally every card from the other clans I said.
Sunday 20/07/08

1 message
I will trade Bryan, Linda, and Clara for Hawkins, Sting, and Katan..
2 messages
English Sensitive - last answer from Fiat Lux, Sunday 20/07/2008, 22:26.
I really need a Uxoh so if anyone is interested in selling one feel free to post ur offers here and i'll be sure to get back to you....Thnx
1 message
I need them pm me with offers
28 messages
English Anger_HM - last answer from nezinams, Sunday 20/07/2008, 21:54.
Fang Pi Clang
Linda (R)
Macumba (R)
Kati (U)
Kinjo (U)
Lost Hog (C)

Boris (R)
Maciej (R)
Crassus (U)
Eve (U)
Wolfgang (U)
Erpeto (C)
Soushee (C)

Leviatonn (R)
Methane (R)
Toro (U)
XU52 (R)
Dr Saw (C)

Berserkgirl (R)
Dash (R)
DJ Korr Cr (Cr)(like i have the clints/card to buy him)
Perle (R)
Rowdy (R)
Malmoth (U)
Onik (U)
Gibson (C)
Keanew (C)
Veenyle (C)

Ashigaru (R)
Bridget (R)
Eyrik (R)
Morphun (R)
Timber (R)

Enzo (R)
Filomena (U)

Ielena (R)
Kenny (R)
Kolos (R)
Nistarok (R)
Timmy (R)
Estalt (U)
Glorg (U)
Sheitane (U)
Dieter (C)
Hel (C)

Baby Q (R)
Clara (R)
Elly Mae (R)
Meg (R)
Dolores Boss (C)
Emma (C)

Marco (R)
Hax (U)
Kerry (R)
Lobo (U)

Armand (R)
Shakra (U)
Kiki (R)
Ratanah (U)
Noodile (C)

Uranus (U)
GraksmxxT (R)
SkrumxxT (R)

Chloe (R)
Havok (R)
Miss Chloe (R)
Coby (U)
Copper (U)
Miranda (U)
Zdrone (U)
Dayton (C)
Skiner (C)
William (C)

Jackie (R)
Jeeves (U)

for above 70k of transaction,i will trade with you a high value cr(more than 40k worth EACH)
pm me..and if CAN i want ONE person to trade with me all of this card( so that i have an easier time to trade the cr)

pm me or post offer here

Anger_HM is waiting for your offer

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